🔥These are the EXCERCISES that I do with my dog EVERY DAY🐕

My challenge here would be to get her to Stay in that position as long as I am Doing something so why is it that some Dogs were well behaved and some other Dogs are a bit challenging to get the Results that you want so one of the Reasons is because there are certain Things that you're not doing or doing That is causing that to happen so as a Dog trainer there are things that I do Every day with my dogs that probably you Don't do it so I wanted to share with You what are those things that I do Every day with my dog So one of the things that I do is Actually I practice the steak man with My dog my challenge here would be to get Her to stay in that position as long as I'm doing something and I'm working on Something the idea here is to get her to Pay attention to the Command that I've given and this is not To Make her to feel that I'm a dictator or Anything like that but it is to get her To mentally and physically Get stimulated and get better at this Command Now most dogs in my opinion Nope Most dogs in my opinion are Working breed of dogs so for her to be In this position as a stay position it Becomes a work it becomes a task that

She's doing so I want her to practice This stake man as long as she can So the more she stays the more she works Many dog owners wonder what can I do to Stimulate my dog this is one of the Activities that you can do to get your Dog to be more Stimulated mentally physically and the Idea here is to stay as long as she can So the stay is something that we're Practicing as in obedience but I am Practicing it as something that Stimulating and it makes her to become a Better dog Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] Now the other thing that I do with Danny Is Annie come here honey sit Stay is the calm or recall command and He come Good girl I start really really getting Excited about her coming to me and I Start with smaller distances or shorter Distances sit Stay I'll start like over here come good Come on and I'll make it a little bit More challenging Gonna Come Sit Stay Now I'm gonna call her to come Can you come [Music]

Now the other command that I kind of Practice every day with my dog is the Heel command the heel command is good to Practice because first of all you're Getting your dog to pay attention to you And also you can help your dog to have a Better walk When you're actually walking with your Dog Wherever You Are now I practice this In the house and also in the Parks [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] So maybe that's what you're not doing Every day with your dog you know you're Not challenging your dog you're not Emphasizing on certain things that your Dog can do and learn better and become a Little bit more connected to you and if You say that Well I don't have the time or the Patience or I don't have the knowledge Then those are the excuses you know if You are saying those then you what You're saying or in reality is that you Don't care about your dog right or you Don't care about your life Right and I think as dog owners we have to be more Connected to our dogs and be more aware That we have a living being around us Living with us and we need to do our Part

And we need to put more importance in Having them and being with them and Just investing as much as time that we Can To teach them practice with them and be With them just like you give importance To the water that you drink the food That you eat coffee that you drink The games that you play or the work that You do you need to give importance to Your dog as well and be more involved With your dog on daily basis They don't ask much And they don't require much yes I know In the beginning it's hard To have a dog dance Comes to your life and you're seeing Them overwhelmed but then If you do your part it'll get easier and Easier now before you go I want to Invite you to my free masterclass video Lesson that you can learn a lot about How to build a foundation how your dog Learns and learn some Basics that I'm Never sure anywhere else I want you to Come and join and be involved with this Lesson and be involved with your dog a Little bit more and I'm gonna link to This masterclass video Lesson in the Description that you can go ahead and Register for it you can get access to it Right away And this is something that I don't do Often but I'm sharing this information

With you because I want you to join the Community and become part of the Community of solidar training and start Learning how to get the same result that I as a dog owner as a dog trainer get With my dogs I want you to get the same Way so head into my description area of This video Register for the class and I'll see you In there

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