1 Easy Way to Teach Your Dog HEEL! This is What I Do #dogtrainer #dogtraining #puppytraining #dogs

One way to teach your dog heels to start With really good treats make sure you're Doing it in a distraction free Environment like your house or if your Dog is receptive even your front yard or Backyard or nearby acknowledge one two Three steps at a time don't look for a Perfect heel yes every three steps yes Yes and then we worked up to One you know one two three four five six Seven you can see the bike there eight Nine ten eleven twelve thirteen we'll Stay there you get them used to changing Directions here I'm gonna still keep her On the left side Good job She's not looking at the Frisbee leave It She's not looking at any treats even Though we use those in the beginning she Understands the concept and she Understands it in various environments No matter what I do she's staying by my Side until I say okay all done then We'll go on our walk

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