2 Reasons This Could Actually Make Your Dog’s Training Easier! #dogtraining #freshfood #dogs

There's so much that goes into this but The way that we train our dogs isn't the Only thing that goes into how they're Feeling when they're being trained Here's two legit reasons that using Fresh food can possibly make your Training more successful and easier one High quality Fresh Foods tend to have More complex carbohydrates those help Maintain steady blood sugar levels Throughout the day two Fresh Foods Usually have higher levels of that Really good stuff the omega-3 and six Fatty acids which help produce serotonin And dopamine those are excellent dog Training brain chemicals to have Presence those neurotransmitters help Regulate your dog's mood their happiness And relaxation and Nom Nom makes this Fresh food that's optimized specifically For your dog it's all pre-portioned and Ready to go Nom Nom is going to give you Half off a two-week trial so that you Can really try this food and see if it's For your dog you have to use my special Link trinom.com Zach I'll have a link in The description

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