3 Easy Things to Teach your NEW PUPPY!


So, you’ve gotten a new puppy. Today I’m going to go over some things you need to know plus two things you can start teaching against.

When you first bring your new puppy or dog home, don’t throw too much on them at one time; in other words, many dogs need some time to adjust, since a strong relationship with your dog is essential. Prioritize growing your bond with your dog, as everything will be built on top of this. Whatever your dog’s circumstances, try to understand things from their perspective. Your new dog needs some serious patience and understanding.

It’s gonna take months for your dog to take in this world, learn our language and understand how we expect them to behave. Keep that at the front of your mind during that first year of training.
One of the first things you’ll want to do is teach your new dog their name, so that they can begin to understand that it’s their attention we want when we call them by their name. It’s not working yet so the first thing you want to do is just get your dog’s attention on you, maybe by making a little bit of a sound like – yes, good job; right there.

Reward your puppy simply because he acknowledges you. But obviously you don’t want to have to name him. You have to be very deliberate when teaching your dog a new word, a new phrase or something like their name. Make sure that you offer him something amazing like turkey in order to make an impactful memorable experience for him.

You’ll have lots of opportunities to reward them for giving you their attention voluntarily or when you call their name. So it’s important to practice these things before you expect them to associate these behaviors in general everyday life.

If you’ve gotten a new puppy, you’re, probably going to want to teach them how to sit pretty early. On many dogs will do this pretty instinctively, but the idea is that you can teach them how to sit specifically. When ask them to do so, sit is so important, because you’re gonna ask them to do this time and time again. So it’s worth putting in the time right now to get looking really good.

It’s easiest to teach your dog sit by luring them into position. You really want to use that nose and a really good currency like real turkey or real chicken to your advantage, but think of your dog’s nose and the treat that you’re using as two separate magnets. At first that magnetic attraction between their nose and the tree is kind of loose, if you keep the treat really close to his nose and it’s much more likely to keep his attention,

If you haven’t done this before, most people tend to go too fast like this, but really what you want to do is go super slow. Introduce the word sit to him as he sits. Most dogs are gonna pick up on this really fast, so you should be able to start phasing out the lure pretty quickly on something like sit anyway.

Let’s go for some bonus content now and see if we can teach our dog how to lie down. We’re gonna do the same exact thing and we’re gonna go nice and slow. I’m gonna reward there simply because he moved his front foot forward.

I’m not going to insist that he does a complete lie down immediately. I’m rewarding for progress, that’s the most important thing, don’t be so greedy when you’re introducing new behaviors. This might take a few days, other dogs, it might take a few minutes.

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