3 Quick Fixes to Stop Jumping Instantly! #dogtraining #dogtrainer #dogtraining101 #puppytraining

If you're really struggling to get Through to your dog because they're Overly excited when guests arrive it Might be best to keep them in a separate Room initially once your guests are Settled and you can focus on your dog Then you can bring your dog out on leash To meet everyone the reason for the Leash is because during these transition Periods where they go from being in a Room to really excited to interact with Guests the leash allows you to prevent The jumping altogether by having Reasonable control of your dog when our Dogs are super excited it's best to let That pass and manage them and then when They settle down only then can we really Get through to them so with your guest Present consider giving your dog a toy That they value in that moment or if That doesn't work you might want to Scatter some high value treats in the General area but maybe away from your Guests with every moment that they Remain grounded even if they're Initially assisted by something like Scattering a few treats on the floor Your dog is gaining practical experience In appropriate behavior in the presence Of guests

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