38 Paw Dog DNA and Health Test Review: What’s Your Dog’s Story?

38 Paw Dog DNA and Health Test Review

After doing some research, taking interviews we can confidently say that 38 Paw Dog DNA Test is one of the best Dog DNA Tests on the market which makes it possible to find out what’s your dog’s story. Besides, it is also a dog health test.

Dog DNA tests have been used for quite some time but they have become extremely popular just recently among many dog owners around the world. We can find a lot of people sharing their dogs’ stories found out using dog DNA tests on YouTube.

If you have a pure breed dog, then you most likely didn’t think a lot about checking your dog DNA. But if you have a mixed breed dog, mutt, mongrel, pavement special, or rescue dog then you can just guess what’s your dog’s story and what dog breed it belongs to.

But thanks to DNA tests the situation has changed. They show you what health conditions you should pay attention to and allow you to take care of your pet in the best possible way.

If you know your dog’s roots and can trace the family tree then it gives you an opportunity to learn about dog genetic markers, parentage, etc.

You can have a small dog like Pembroke Welsh Corgi but it can look like a German Shepherd. For these purposes DNA tests were created. Using them there is no need for guessing what history your dog has. You can surely say what breeds were in the puppy’s family tree at least in 3 generations.

gratisography 400H free stockBest Dog DNA Test: How To Determine Your Dog’s Type?

1) What type or breed mix is my puppy?
Those who have purebred dogs have an opportunity to learn everything about them on the Internet.

You can find out about the size of the dog, what energy level it has, what training methods are good. You can even learn what part of the world your dog originated from.

But what to do if your puppy looks strange and resembles several breeds?

Here comes a dog DNA test which will help to understand what other types make your dog.

2) What health conditions is it necessary to pay attention to?

Initially, dog DNA tests could only show what breed or breeds make your dog. But now the situation is completely different.

Now best DNA tests can show not only what breed your dog is but also show what health conditions it is necessary to pay attention to of a particular breed. So, if your pooch will have, for example, join pain, you should not be in wonder why. You can get all the information about genetic profile using a dog DNA test.

38 Paw Dog DNA Test Review

There are a lot of tests on the market. But as mentioned earlier we think the 38 Paw Dog DNA Test is the best DNA test on the market. There are several reasons why:

  1. It will help to accurately find out about your dog’s family tree.
  2. It is the leading company in terms of health screening.
  3. It can accurately reveal up to 284 hereditary illnesses and show 25 hereditary traits.
  4. It has most complete database of dog breeds. 38 Paw mixed-breed DNA test allows to compare your dog’s DNA to about 350 other types which are collected in the fullest database of dog breeds.

What Does 38 Paw Dog DNA Test Include?

  1. It contains three things:
  2. Three sterile swabs for collecting DNA;
  3. Step-by-step instructions in a special packet with information;
  4. A special envelope with an already filled address where you should send the collected DNA. It is also pre-paid (including Canada).

After the results of the check are ready, you’ll have access to an online report which can be updated or shown to your vet. It includes a detailed list of all DNA tests.

You will also get a special plan which is made specifically for your dog on the results of the tests which will help you support dog’s health and happiness.

Besides, the company will be sending you useful information about the nutrition of your dog and also some health care tips. It will help you keep your puppy in good health conditions in peak periods.

How Does 38 Paw DNA Test Work?

There are just three easy steps:

  1. swab;
  2. send;
  3. review the results.

The 38 Paw DNA Test kit includes all necessary items. Using them it is very easy to take and send the DNA of your friend for the analysis by best geneticists. You will have access to a special interactive portal where you can see the results. You can update them and share with a vet.
So, now it is very easy to learn your dog’s story thanks to 38 Paw Dog DNA and Health Test.

Best Dog DNA Tests Comparison

Best DNA Test – How To Take It

The process of taking your dog’s DNA is very similar for all tests:

  1. You should take 2 sample brushes from the kit. But don’t touch the ends.
  2. Put them in the mouth of your dog between the gum and the cheek. Squeeze the cheek around the brush and roll them for about 10 seconds to make sure you get a good sample.
  3. Put these brushes into a glass or a cup and keep them there for about 10-15 minutes.
  4. Now get the third brush and repeat the procedure but now on the other side of your puppy’s mouth.
  5. Put all dried brushed back into the packet and seal it. Send the tests to the company and wait for results.

How Much Does 38 Paw Dog DNA and Health Test Cost?

38 Paw Dog DNA test kit costs from $84 up to $153 (after applying the coupon code). Below you can see all the price range.

38 dna test


How Long Does It Take to Receive Results?

The company usually delivers the results in 2-3 weeks because it does everything to give the most accurate information. If after 3 weeks you get no results, you can always contact the customer support.

Is There A Discount?

Sure, if you buy 2 more kits, your discount will be automatically applied.

What Breeds Can Be Determined By The Test?

There are over 350 breeds in the database. The test identifies ancestry back to 3 generations.

Best Dog DNA Test: What Factors Influence the Accuracy

There are usually several factors that influence the results of a dog DNA test. They are the quality of the sample, the size of breeds database and the number of genetic markers that are tested.

One of the main factors is the number of dog breeds the database includes. Some databases have only 95 breeds other much more. For example, 38 Paw Dog has 350 breeds to test against. Usually, if a panel includes a lot of breeds, it costs more. But 38 Paw Dog DNA Test is not so expensive.

Using a good database you can find out about the genes of even heavily mixed breeds. It means that mixed breeds are born by mixed breed parents. And the parents are also come from mixed breed dogs.

So, our recommendation is 38 Paw Dog DNA and Health Test, even if you just want to find out about your dog breed traits out of curiosity or you want to learn about potential health problems with your dog.

In any way, best DNA tests will give you detailed information about the breeds that are in the family tree of your puppy.

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