48 Seconds to Transform Your Dog’s Training ✨ #dogtraining #puppytraining #dogtrainer #dogs

The best dog trainers were teachers of Dogs have one thing in common and it's Probably not what you think I'm Zach George I train dogs I can follow for More being emotionally intelligent and Understanding our dog's emotions is Really what sets the best teachers apart From the wannabes dogs experience a wide Range of emotions like Joy fear and even Empathy recognizing and respecting those Emotions is crucial for building trust And strengthening your bonds by Observing your dog's body language Listening to their vocalizations and Understanding their needs you'll connect With them at a deeper level have you Guys found this to be true with your own Dogs how important do you think Understanding our dog's emotional state Is if this Insight resonated with you Don't forget to like comment and share With fellow dog lovers let's encourage a Deeper understanding of our dogs and Their emotions so we can advance how People think about training dogs

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