6 Tips for Litter Training A Cat

[Music] Today I want to share some tips on Litter training a cat it is Springtime About to be hidden season as a lot of The shelters call it so I wanted to Share some tips for a litter training Cat a lot of people think it's kind of a Natural thing for cats and it's really Easy but it can be a struggle depending On the cats adult cats will naturally Look for a Sandy kind of granular place To use the bathroom it's their natural Instinct to use an area like that so They can cover their urine or feces when They're done but kittens can begin to be Litter box trained around the age of Four weeks old and they don't always Take to it naturally right away some Kittens do but if you find yourself Struggling to litter train your kittens Or a new cat that you've adopted who's Not litter trained yet these are my six Tips for litter training so the first is To choose the best size of litter box a Lot of people don't really think the Size Matters adult cats and older Kittens can use a standard size litter Box but really young kittens could be Intimidated by a larger your litter box Especially if it has higher sides or a Cover on it so if you're litter training A small kitten I would recommend getting A litter box that's no bigger than a Three by nine cake pan so if you have a

3×9 cake pan something like that is About the same size as what you should Be using for a litter box for older Kittens and adult cats you should choose A litter box about one and a half times The length of the cat so um that would Depend you know obviously on the cat Number two I I touched on this briefly Uncovered boxes are the best especially To start with it's not natural for a cat To climb in a covered area to use the Bathroom in the wild this would make Them really vulnerable if they did Something like that they would be easily You know something could easily sneak up On them if they were in a small covered Area so that's really not natural to Them and they they don't really feel Comfortable like that I recommend using An uncovered litter box all the time but If you do need to use a covered box for Example to keep other animals like dogs Out the litter box I definitely would Recommend starting with the uncovered Box and then transitioning your cat to The covered box once they have the hang Of using cat litter all the time on Number three this kind of goes along the Same lines don't hide the litter boxes Some Pat owners want to put the litter Box in like a bathroom or a small closet Just to kind of keep it out of sight Um this goes along with the covered Versus uncovered thing that I just

Talked about cats don't want to feel Trapped or cornered when using the Bathroom so placing the Box in a hidden Area can cause your cat to avoid using It so you want to make sure that it's Out somewhere in an open area where they Have full access to it from every side Number four is to be consistent your cat Is going to need to be placed in the Litter box frequently when they're Learning to use it so place them in the Box every 30 minutes until he goes for The first few days of training you might Place them in the box within 20 minutes Of eating or drinking as well and he'll Naturally begin to Paw around in the Litter even if he doesn't actually go You might see him walk around and kind Of move some of the litter bit around a Bit and sort of get the feel for that Sandy grainy texture and he'll he's Noticing that because his Natural Instincts are to use the bathroom in a Place like that eventually he's going to Realize that this is a safe place to use The bathroom and it shouldn't take very Long for him to pick up on that at Number five keep the Box clean this is An issue for cats especially cats that Are very finicky they don't want to use A dirty litter box so you'll need to Scoop the box at least once every day And you should also dump out all the Litter and wash the litter box and

Refill it with fresh litter at least Once every two weeks if you're is Especially finicky you may need to even Do it more than that but typically That's about the right timing for Generally most cats and finally my last One is to change the type of glitter if Your cat isn't using it so this isn't Something that people think about a lot They they get sort of frustrated with The process and they're wondering why Their cat isn't using the litter box Like they should be because most cats do Pick it up quite naturally but it could Be an issue with the type of litter if Your cat isn't using litter box within a Day or two on a regular schedule by Himself it could be because he doesn't Like the litter that you chose most cats Prefer A fine grain litter your cat Might not like clumping litter or could Have an issue with the clay litters that Are Um you know kind of they get kind of Mushy and sticky once they've been used Those clay litters also when they're dry Produce a lot of dust so that might Bother your cat as he's flying around he Doesn't like the dust try a different Type of litter you might even need to Try multiple types before you find one That your cat approves of if he's Especially [Music]

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