7 Things You Should NEVER Do With Your Cat

Hey guys my name is Samantha Randall With Top Dog tips and today I am here to Talk to you about seven things that you Should never do with your cat over the Past 10 years our family has raised many Cats we've taken in rescues adopted Kittens and provided a home for Strings These cats have all had their own unique Issues and they have taught me a lot About what not to do with a cat don't Feel bad if you do do some of these Things they're all common activities That a lot of pet owners do with their Cats I have had bad experiences with Some of these myself and for the rest I've known a friend or a family member That's had first hand bad experiences With all of the things on this list These activities aren't things that we Would necessarily think of as dangerous But they do pose serious health risks For our pets so it's definitely Something that we need to be aware of First and this one is a huge cliche Don't let your cat play with yarn or String you see cats playing with yarn on TV in photographs and means all over the Internet it's adorable when a cat's all Wrapped up in string sadly yarn and String are actually very dangerous for Your cat when ingested the cat's Intestines become knotted as they Attempt to pass the yarn this results in The death of sections of the intestines

That have to be surgically removed so The very dangerous to let your cat play With string or yarn because of ingestion But also if it gets wrapped around their Neck or any of their limbs it can cause Serious problems loss of blood flow and Restrict your cat's range of motion so You really shouldn't let your cat play With yarn or string at all even when You're there supervising second and Another big one on my list is that you Shouldn't actually free feed your cat I Know most pet owners just leave food out For their cats because most cats don't Tend to overeat but cats will overeat Which will lead to obesity so you have To pay close attention to the serving Size guidelines on the food that you Feed your cat and discuss feeding Options and recommendations with your Veterinarian obesity is one of the Biggest health problems in the United States it's an epidemic in both human Health and Pet Health that obesity is so Preventable but it's also so prevalent It's important to keep your cat fit for His overall health and well-being being Overweight can lead to serious health Problems including diabetes heart Disease and in the long run it's going To end up shortening your cat's life Which none of us want if you aren't able To be home for regular feedings you

Should consider getting a an automatic Pet food dispenser with a timer on it so You don't have to worry about having Somebody come to your home to feed your Pet at different times and those Dispensers only dispense the serving the One serving of food so if your cat's not Hungry at the time that it dispenses it It'll be sitting there all afternoon Until he's ready to eat so you don't Have to worry about him not getting into Bed either another big cliche is that Milk is good for cats did you know that Most cats are actually lactose Intolerant they don't have the same Enzymes in their intestines as humans so Cow's milk is actually not good for cats Their bodies can't digest it the same Way that ours do so feeding your cat Milk could lead to stomach upset Diarrhea or other health problems so you Want to stay away from milk for your cat Number four you don't want to give your Cat too much attention this is really Hard for a lot of us because we want to Snuggle and love our cats all the time Cats tend to like their own space more Than their canine counterparts you Should never Force attention on your cat If your cat doesn't want to be pet Snuggled or held then Don't Force It on Them forcing attention could actually Make him dislike the attention even more And become more solitary so it's

Actually going to do the opposite of What you want it to do a lot of pen Owners also make the mistake of sharing Human food with their cats you should Not ever share human food with your cat Most pet owners think that giving their Cat a human food treat will make them Happy while that might be true there are Lots of other ways to make your cat Happy fatty unhealthy human foods Processed human foods which are almost All the food that you buy on the market Nowadays they will lead to obesity and Other health problems in cats a lot of Processed foods are really high in salt And sugars so we want to keep away from Sharing human food with our cats obesity Is an epidemic in this country like I Said and it can lead to a lot of serious Health problems so you want to stay away From human food for your cats instead Use positive reinforcement toys reward Your cat with some praise and some love And affection do it in a way that is Positive without the food as a reward Attention and love is going to make your Cat happier than any tree ever would Number six don't underestimate your Cat's emotions a lot of people think That cats are just kind of blah animals That don't really care but cats do have Feelings lots of research has been done On this you can click the link below for Some of that research to see that cats

Actually do have emotions if you yell at Your cat or throw him off the counter It's gonna make him sad or scared cats Can get depressed when they're left Alone for a long time if the environment Changes if you lose a family member a Furry or human family member that Impacts your cat and his emotions cats Can suffer from Stress and Anxiety Paying attention to your cat's emotions Is extremely important and if you notice Any major Behavior changes and you think Your cat is struggling emotionally reach Out to your veterinarian and ask for a Consultation they can help walk you Through what might have happened what Might be causing this figure out the Cause try to fix that and if it can't be Fixed say you move to a new home your Veterinarian can help guide you in ways To bring your cat out of that depression And acclimate them to the new Environment or whatever it is that's Going on that you can't change they can Help you with that and so you can bring Your cat out of that depression and Finally my last thing to never never do With your cat don't smoke smoke around Him so many people don't realize that Secondhand smoke affects our pets as Much as it does humans if you wouldn't Smoke around a small child why are you Smoking around your pets Never Smoke Around your cat in this day and age

Everybody knows the dangers of smoking If you choose to subject yourself to Those dangers then that's your choice if You smoke around your cat he doesn't get A choice a cat sense of smell is Extremely powerful your cat hates the Smell of smoke and doesn't want to be Around it but he doesn't have a choice If you're blowing secondhand smoke Around your house or in an area where Your cat frequents cats that are exposed To secondhand smoke have more eye Infections allergies respiratory issues Than other calves and they're even more Likely to suffer from certain kinds of Cancer including lymphoma again there's A research that's been done on that so Click the link below the video and Educate yourself if you've been smoking Around your cat it needs to stop Immediately

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