7 Winter Safety Tips for Pet Owners

[Music] Foreign S to Winter I always start to worry About pets who are left Outdoors for Long periods of time in the cold weather So I wanted to share my seven winter Safety tips for pet owners it's really Important to pay attention to the Weather Outdoors not just the cold Weather but the elements as well the Wind the rain and protect your pets from That my first tip is to keep your pets Indoors when possible when the Temperatures drop really low and I'm Talking places I live here in Maine so I'm talking places like this where the Temperatures get below freezing even Below zero you want to keep your pet Indoors when possible when the Temperatures drop that low Don't leave them outside for long Periods of time and when you do have to Leave them outside make sure that they Have a proper shelter that is built for The weather conditions in your area so If you get a lot of snow if you've got a Lot of wind if you get freezing cold Below zero temperatures make sure that The shelter is suitable for those Conditions so we're talking weather Tight elevated off the ground at least a Few inches especially when the ground Freezes you want to make sure the Shelter is up off the ground it should

Be large enough for your pet to be able To move and be comfortable in but also Small enough to retain some of that body Heat that they're throwing off insulate The shelter if at all possible that Helps to keep the cold out and the Warmth in so make sure if possible You're able to insulate it you want it To be facing away from winds and have The entrance covered with a heavy flap That's going to keep those elements out The shelter isn't going to do your dog Any good if the wind or the snow is able To blow right in the door so have a nice Heavy flap that's able to keep that out You also want to make sure if your pets Outdoors that they have access to fresh Water in that shelter and some food in That shelter as when your pet's cold if They're shivering especially their Body's burning more calories to stay Warm so you're going to want to make Sure that they have more food than they Normally would if they were indoors for The entire day and you also want to make Sure they have access to fresh water so You can put heated bowls in there there Are heated dog houses and heated Shelters that you can use and if you're Unable to provide any sort of heat out There or heated Bowl to keep the water Fresh make sure that you're going out There and changing it and checking it to Ensure that they have access to that

Fresh water so shelter is really Important and make sure there's fresh Water and food in the shelter as well my Second tip is to care for their paws a Lot of people don't realize that winter Elements first of all and second of all The ice melting chemicals that we see Everywhere in the wintertime are really Detrimental to your dog's Paws so after They've been outside if you've gone for A walk or gone to dog park or something Like that white salt and other ice Melting chemicals off of their paws with Grooming wipes or warm water and you Also want to wipe up the legs and their Belly because as they walk sometimes Their paws spread that those chemicals Around to their underbelly and their you Know parts of their legs so wipe down The paws the legs and the underbelly Really well with either warm water or Grooming wipes are really easy to use And cheap to have on hand at all times You also want to equip your pet with Boots if possible I know not everybody Can afford boots and I know not every Pet will wear boots willingly so if Possible equip them with boots that's The easiest way to protect their paws And check their paws regularly for signs Of severe cold or irritation from the Chemicals if you notice the paw pads Chemicals will actually leave chemical Burns and they may be just getting

Cracked and peeling from the cold Conditions there are paw bombs that you Can use if you click the link below this Video there's information to all of the Things that I'm noting in here from the Heated water bowls and shelters to the Paw bombs and boots there's all of that Information in the link below so check That out if any of the products that I'm Talking about are of interest to you you Can find out some more information and Some of our recommendations from Top Dog Tips if you just click the link below The video So a second tip care for their paws Third tip do not shave your pet in the Winter months I see a lot of dogs who Typically have shaved coats shorter Coats breeds that you see shaved a lot Pet owners continue to do that through The winter to keep that kind of normal Look on the breed but you don't want to Do that in the winter you can trim their Coat but leave it longer for warmth when In doubt if you think a haircut might be Too short if you give your dog haircuts On your own consult a professional Groomer if you take your dog to a Professional groomer they will tell you When it starts to get cold they'll start Talking about leaving the hair a little Bit longer for warmth but if you do do It on your own just make sure that you Either leave it longer or consult a

Groomer if you have some questions about The right length for your pup we live on A river we live very close to a river so This fourth tip is really important for Me and it's something that I felt like I Should share with other pet owners too You want to always keep your pet on a Leash if you're around any body of water Ice is something that's just really Dangerous you never know if it's too Thin sometimes there's Um here on the river there'll be a Coating of snow just a really thin layer Of ice and then a coating of snow and You can't tell we do know people sadly Who who live in our area here on the River and they have lost dogs under the Eyes and it is just a tragic situation So make sure that whether it's moving Water like a river or it's a pond a lake Keep your Pat on a leash at all times When you're around any sort of hot water Or water that you believe to be Frozen It's a really better safe than sorry Fifth do not leave your pet in the car This is something that can be kind of a Year-round to happy because in the Summertime it gets so hot but a lot of People don't think about leaving them in The car you don't want to leave them in The car either when it's too cold if you Leave your car on a lot of pet parents Think I'll just leave the heat running Well then it can actually get too hot in

The car it's much safer to just leave Your pet at home in the winter months During the Spring and the fall when the Temperatures are moderate you know take Your pup for a ride then if you're going For a quick trip to the store and you're Going to be in the car at all times you Know you can do that but leaving them in The car if you're going grocery shopping Running errands going to a doctor's Appointment be sure to just leave your Pet at home that's the safest bet Number six check your vehicle before Starting it um along with car rides that Made me think of vehicle safety and a Lot of people don't realize that stray Animals are animals that are just um you Know maybe temporarily lost if you live In a neighborhood they weren't able to Quite make it back home for the night They will find a warm spot naturally They will look for a warm shelter to Sleep the night and a lot of times that Can be Vehicles they'll climb up they'll Get underneath they'll get in the Hood Um you know in the motor area sometimes Especially if you come home and you shut Your car off everything in there is Still warm so sometimes animals will Climb up in there and you want to just Be really careful you know knock on the Hood double check just before you start Your car make sure none of your animals Are in there and none of the

Neighborhood animals are in there either And then finally my seventh tip be Careful when filling your vehicle with Antifreeze antifreeze is something we Use all year long but you see it a lot More in winter time people are filling Their vehicles more frequently they're Storing it in garages or sheds Antifreeze is toxic to your pets so be Sure that if you're filling your car and You spill some you take care of that and Clean that up appropriately make sure That if you're storing it you keep it in A garage or a shed put it somewhere Where your dog or your cat cannot get Into it at all don't leave it down where They can get into it don't put it on a Shelf where it might get knocked over Make sure that somewhere really safe and Secure now antifreeze is toxic to pets So you want to make sure that that is Something that they have zero access to Foreign [Music]

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