8 Things You Should NEVER Do With Your Dog

[Music] Over the past two decades our family has Raised many dogs we've taken rescues Adopted puppies and provided a home for Streets these dogs have all had their Own unique issues and they've all taught Me a lot about things you should never Do with your dog don't feel bad if you Do some of these things with your pet They are all common activities that a Lot of pet owners do with their pups I've had bad experiences with all of These activities or first-hand Experience knowing someone whose dog has Had a really bad time doing some of These things these activities aren't Things that we would necessarily think Of as dangerous but they do pose serious Health risks for our dogs The first one and I know it seems pretty Harmless is do not let your dog run with A stick in their mouth as a matter of Fact you really shouldn't even throw a Stick for your dog and I know that seems Probably foolish to some of you but just Hear me out hundreds of dogs are treated Every year for stick impalements we Don't let children run around with Lollipops in their mouth for a reason And the same should be the same care Should be taken with your dog running With things in his mouth that could Potentially stick into his throat or his Mouth if your dog has a stick in his

Mouth and he stumbles or trips it could Be a fatal accident likewise if you Throw a stick for your dog and it sticks Into the ground and your dog's running To get it he could impale himself on That stick I actually had a friend whose Dog did that and it impaled him through His chest and thankfully there were no Severe injuries and it didn't puncture Any of his organs but there were there Was a surgery involved anesthesia the Dog had to be stitched up it was a Really big ordeal a very scary Experience for both dog and owner and Also very expensive so the best thing to Do best rule of thumb just use something Else a ball a rope something like that To play with your dog Second is do not walk your dog on a Retractable leash when they were first Introduced the Leisure seemed like a Great idea people went crazy for them The pet industry exploded with all these Different options available when there Is open space your dog can have extra Room to walk and sniff but always Restrained by a leash so it seemed like A really great idea but pet owners and Veterinarians soon realize the dangers That these products carry according to Consumer reports in 2007 there were 16 564 hospital-related injuries associated With leashes and that could be anything From grabbing a leash and getting burned

If you grab the leash and it continues To pull people have lost fingers there's No serious lacerations and even the loss Of fingers because of that so if you Want to see that research just click the Link below the video and that I can that Will take you to Consumer Reports study That was done on that and some of those Statistics that show that leashes these Kinds of leashes are extremely dangerous Dogs and humans can become Tangled in These leashes really easily if you try To grab the leash as I said you can get Burned those severe lacerations and Those leashes are known for Malfunctioning so um you think you're Going to be able to stop your dog but You don't he takes off at a full run Ends up grabbing you pulling you down People have dislocated shoulders because Dogs have yanked on leashes like that so There's a lot that can go wrong with a Retractable leash your best bet is to Just stick with our traditional regular Lead number three Um speaking of leashes don't pull back On your dog's leash a lot of people make This mistake many pet owners Instinctively pull back on the leash When their dog pulls or if their dog's Trying to go one way and the owner wants To go the other they'll just Yank on the Leash to get their dog to turn and go The way that they want them to if you

Found yourself doing this you need to Stop immediately most people don't Realize this but dogs have hybrid bones That hold their tongues and larynx in Place yanking on the leash could Fracture or break those bones it could Even fracture your dog's neck not to Mention it's just really uncomfortable And even if you don't do any major Damage it pulls on your dog's throat and Causes him a lot of pain and discomfort Number four and a lot of pet owners do This I can say that I was guilty of this For a very long time do not neglect your Dog's Dental Health it's not something That we think about all the time but It's really something that we all need To take into consideration don't neglect Your dog's Dental Health only about two Percent of Pat owners take care of their Dog's teeth every day periodontal Disease is one of the most common health Conditions seen by veterinarians and It's sadly also one of the most Preventable so what that means is it's Seen all the time and it's so easy to Stop at so all you have to do is pay Attention to your dog's Dental Health Again the link below this video has tons Of resources if you're wondering how to Brush your dog's teeth what supplies are Out there Um there are different things you can Add into their water there are chews

That you can use to help clean their Teeth there's a lot of things you can do To help with your dog's dental health so Don't skimp on that anymore poor dental Hygiene in dogs can lead to destruction And loss of the gum tissue and the bone Around the teeth fist which are holes Leading from your your dog's mouth Cavity up into their nasal cavity bone Infections bacteria entering the Bloodstream through the mouth which Could damage your dog's heart liver Kidneys it's actually a really serious Thing that needs to be taken into Consideration every day for your dog's Overall health and well-being number Five and I'm gonna try to stick to my Script on this one and not go off on a Tangent if you follow my videos and my Articles on Top Dog tips you know that One of my biggest talking points one of The things I'm really passionate about Is overweight dogs and over feeding your Pets so number five on my list do not Over feed your dog many pet owners make The mistake of over feeding most dogs Are naturally gluttonous and they'll eat Just about anything you feed them many Pet owners also think that feeding their Dog makes them happy it makes me happy To give my dog a treat and see him happy You think it makes your dog happy to Have the food and it it might do that But there are lots of other ways to make

Your dog happy overfeeding your dog will Lead to obesity people thing you know It's just a treat here and there it's Just an extra snack here and there it's Not it will lead to obesity over time if You're over feeding by a lot it's not Going to take very long if you're just Over feeding a little bit those extra Calories will add up and your dog will Gain unnecessary weight over time again Obesity is one of the most commonly seen Issues by veterinarians it is an Epidemic in the United States overweight Pets veterinarians experts in the Industry preach about this all the time It's seen all the time and it's so Easily preventable it is important to Keep your dog fit and trim for his Overall well-being being overweight can Lead to serious health problems Including diabetes heart disease it can End up shortening your pet's lifespan it Will end up shortening your pet's Lifespan no matter what being obese is Directly linked to a shorter lifespan so Pay close attention to the serving size Is on your dog's food and treats use Positive reinforcements and toys to make Your dogs happy and reward them for good Behavior if you're training your dog use Praise use toys don't over feed your Pets attention and love is going to make Your dog happier than your any tree Would any day of the week so give your

Dog a lot of praise and affection Instead of overfeeding number six on my List is do not underestimate your dog's Emotions I hear that all the time dogs Don't have feelings dogs do have Feelings research has been done Studies Have proven that dogs have feelings so Again if you don't believe me click the Link below the video and that research Is there lots of research has been done On this topic if you yell at your dog it Will make him sad and scared dogs can Get depressed when they're left alone When there's a change in their Environment if they lose a family member Furry or human dogs can suffer from Stress and Anxiety paying attention to Your dog's emotions is extremely Important if you notice any Behavior Your changes or you think your dog's Struggling emotionally reach out to your Back and ask for a consultation they can Help you think of some things that might Have changed what might be causing the Issue and help you guide you in a way so That you can help your dog feel better Emotionally because emotional and mental Health is just as important as your Dog's physical well-being okay this next One is a big one that I see this time of Year do not overdress your dogs dogs Would not dress up if they had the Choice we all know that some clothing Helps dogs deal with weather elements

Like boots or jackets but overdressing Them can cause them to be uncomfortable Overheat or could even cause pain Certain breeds that have thick warm Coats may not even need to wear clothing At all boots are usually a good idea for Most breeds but not for every dog so Know your dog know what they need talk To a professional groomer or your Veterinarian if you have questions even If you think your dog looks cute if your Dog isn't comfortable then you should Not dress him in clothes I hear that all The time but he's so cute when you can Tell the dog is miserable dressed in a Certain outfit If you do decide that clothing is a good Choice for your pet measure your dog Properly and buy clothing that fits well Clothing that's too loose could get Wrapped around your pet's Limbs and it Could cut off circulation or cause Chafing and lacerations clothing that's Too tight can do the same thing it can Cause chafing it can cause lacerations It can cause discomfort and it's going To restrict your pet's range of motion In their shoulder areas and around their Legs so be sure that you're measuring Properly and you're fitting your dog With clothing that is designed for their Body type and that also is the proper Size for them and finally this one seems Like a no-brainer but yet people do it

All the time do not smoke around your Dog a lot of people I hear it all the Time and I tell people that they Shouldn't smoke around their dog dogs Are like children if you wouldn't smoke With a small child around you why would You smoke with a dog around you Secondhand smoke isn't just bad for Humans it's detrimental to a dog's Health too in this day and age everyone Knows the dangers of smoking if you Choose to subject yourself to those Danger that's your choice but if you Smoke around your dog he has no choice He has no way to get away from it a Dog's sense of smell is extremely Powerful ten thousand times more Powerful than a human smell so your dog Probably hates the smell of smoke it's Probably extremely bothersome to him Where his sense of smell is so powerful But again if you're blowing out Secondhand smoke around your dog whether It's in a vehicle or in your house your Dog doesn't have a choice he can't get Away from that he has to live in a house With secondhand smoke or ride a vehicle With secondhand smoke dogs exposed to Secondhand smoke have more eye Infections allergies or respiratory Issues than other dogs they're also more Likely to suffer from certain kinds of Cancer including lung cancer and nasal Cancer so it's a really imperative if

You smoke don't smoke around your dog Don't smoke indoors where your dog has To live because even if your dog's not Inside while you're smoking that smoke Is sinking into Furniture walls Carpeting and that secondhand smoke and All those dangers are still present [Music] Foreign [Music]

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