9 Husky Mix Breeds | Siberian Husky Cross Breeds

The Siberian Husky is one of the most popular breeds in the world, Russia and the United States. This is an energetic and loyal dog with fabulous eyes, fluffy hair and amazing color. However, a purebred husky is an extremely mobile and active dog: without proper physical activity, such a dog becomes naughty, capricious and utterly stubborn.

If you like the appearance and character of the “Siberian”, but would like to get a calmer dog, pay attention to the hybrid of a husky with representatives of other breeds. Further are the most beautiful and amazing “mixes”.

Husky and corgi mix breed

Horgi (korgski, seborgi) is a dog with a husky muzzle and a corgi body. It is a medium-sized pet with short legs, beautiful “Siberian” hair and expressive eyes. If you live in a small apartment where the husky will be cramped, the horgi will feel completely comfortable there.

The Corgi is a herding breed and the Husky is a sled breed. This means that their “mix” will be simultaneously active, energetic and alert, alert. The intelligence of such a hybrid is rated above average. Dogs express natural devotion to the owner, with proper education they become exemplary family pets – they get along well with kids and are friendly with guests.

Husky and akita mix breed

The Huskita is one of the popular husky hybrids, a strong and large dog. The pet is very independent which makes it seem that it is somewhat detached from its owners. But this is a deceptive impression – the Huskitas are wholeheartedly devoted to their family.

By its nature, such a mestizo is a hunter and a defender at the same time. Huskita is the choice of experienced owners who know how not to let the dog dominate themselves, are able to build consistent and competent education and training.

By its very nature, the Mix is a playful, active and loving family member. Aggressiveness is alien to the big dog, but with proper socialization, he regularly performs guard functions: the main thing is to teach the dog to distinguish intruders from his own guests.

Husky and German shepherd

“Gerber Shepsky” (Siberian Shepherd Dog) is a husky hybrid, the second parent of which is a German shepherd. This is a muscular, slender and very beautiful animal. Without knowing its origin, you can first decide that this is a real wolf.

From both parents, the Siberian Shepherd is passed on high intelligence and hard work: such dogs are important not only physical, but also mental training. This hybrid breed is characterized by dominance not only among animals, but also among people.

Therefore, the owner must be a strong-willed person, an experienced dog breeder who will not allow the dog to become an “alpha”. When properly trained, the Gerber Shepsky is an incredibly loving and devoted companion.

Husky and boxer

The Boxsky is a large, strong and active dog with a great deal of stubbornness. This is not the best choice for novice owners: such hybrids are indicated for a master with leadership qualities, who has experience in consistent parenting and training of dogs. It’s great if he is a physically developed, strong person.

Boxsky is not an indoor pet. A country house with a spacious yard is more suitable for such a dog. Mix breed is shown intense physical activity, long walks. With the right upbringing, a husky boxer will grow into a loving and devoted four-legged friend.

Husky and golden retriever crossbreed

Goberian is a dog of amazing beauty and incredible friendliness, one of whose parents is a Golden Retriever, and the other is a husky, Siberian Laika. The hybrid is also appreciated for its versatility: natural agility, quick-wittedness, obedience contribute to training as rescuers, search engines, sled dogs and service dogs.

Goberian amazes with its strength and endurance – the dog can be either medium or large. This affectionate, kind and cheerful pet seeks to please its owner in everything. Obedient, he becomes an excellent family dog, shows great success in training.

“Goberians” have a double undercoat. It allows them to feel comfortable even in harsh climatic conditions. In addition, this hairline is inherently dirt-repellent.

Husky and Pomeranian

The Pomsky went viral back in 2011 thanks to a viral article on BuzzFeed. Despite the fact that one of the parents of the hybrid is a small Pomeranian, the cross grows into a medium-sized dog.

Pomsky are friendly and playful pets who love to be the center of attention. They cannot be denied some stubbornness and self-will, which is why the cute doggies are shown consistent and strict upbringing. This is not the most suitable pet for an apartment – the dog is prone to loud barking, which will not please the neighbors.

Husky and mastiff

The Maskif is a very large and active breed. This dog needs a place to “roam”: not an option for small apartments. Like mastiffs, their crosses are “gentle giants”. Surprisingly, such a huge dog can even be somewhat shy. At the same time, he is a devoted protector, able to protect his family from all threats.

Despite the affectionate and meek disposition, “Maskifs” are not suitable for novice owners – it’s all about their great strength, size and stubborn character. Such hybrids are prone to dominance: if the dog manages to take the role of “alpha”, it can become uncontrollable. When properly trained, the mix proves to be a wonderful companion for adults and a caring loyal friend for children.

Husky and poodle

The Huskydoodle is a lively, energetic hybrid breed that loves its family. It is important to socialize its representatives correctly and in time so that their distrust of strangers does not acquire aggressive shades. In addition, such a dog is not a choice for a family with small children: the dog can sharply express its dissatisfaction with the unpleasant actions of the baby.

However, with proper education and training, the Siberian poodle is an affectionate and playful creature. This is a medium-sized dog with a double undercoat. Please note that such a coat needs careful care.

Husky and rottweiler

“Rottski” (“Huskweiler”) is another versatile hybrid: both an affectionate friend and a strict watchman. In order for him to get along well with children and animals, it is important to socialize him at an early age.

“Huskweilers” amaze with their amazing appearance – as if fluffy Rottweilers. They can have wonderful blue husky eyes, and some have heterochromia.

The size of the cross is difficult to predict – there are dogs of both medium and large sizes. Keep in mind that this is a very energetic animal: a person who adheres to an active lifestyle will become his best friend.


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