A Lesson She’ll Never Forget. What I Did When My Dog Almost Didn’t Come When Called!

In just the next few minutes we'll Reveal how to effortlessly integrate Your dog's skills into daily life today We'll Master the art of attentive stays Tackle real world distractions and Unravel the mystery of this unknown Animal all while keeping our training Super fun super engaging and super Positive so that your dog will pay Attention to you no matter what if you Want to know how to get your dog to Listen with modern Humane methods Subscribe to my channel I'm thrilled That Nom Nom is the sponsor of this Video we've been waiting for this the Way that we train our dogs isn't the Only thing that goes into how they're Feeling when they're being trained Completely Frozen they arrive like this So you put them in your freezer here's Two legit reasons that using fresh food Can possibly make your training more Successful and easier one high quality Fresh Foods tend to have more complex Carbohydrates those help maintain steady Blood sugar levels throughout the day Two Fresh Foods usually have higher Levels of that really good stuff the Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids which help Produce serotonin and dopamine those are Excellent dog training brain chemicals To have have presents those Neurotransmitters help regulate your Dog's mood their happiness and

Relaxation and Nom Nom makes this fresh Food that's optimized specifically for Your dog it's all pre-portioned and Ready to go and even if you don't want To commit to feeding it full time you Can integrate it into your dog's regular Diet so that they get some fresh food Nom Nom is going to give you half off a Two-week trial so that you can really Try this food and see if it's for your Dog you have to use my special link Trinom.com Zach I'll have a link in the Description we've been steadily seeing Veronica improve more and more on Frisbee one of the great things that I Love about frisbee is that it's a good Way to get them thinking in different Ways so I'm hoping today to teach her Something that we call multiples I like this energy right here multiple Segment as they call it in the sport of Dog frisbee is where you rapidly deliver One frisbee after the other and your dog Catches it let's go catches it let's go And hopefully catches it again I have a Feeling that she's ready for this but Let me get her a little warmed up first Just Get her in the mood to play get those Brain chemicals working get it get it I Like that the first thing is with Multiples is that you want to be able to Throw a frisbee in place kind of like That

Good hey I'm trying to show them and There's probably more than one way to Throw this but you know I mean you could Just deliver it like that as well Right the point is that multiples are Generally very close and they happen Fast so in general with multiples you're Throwing them in Rapid succession Quickly and you're doing it at close Range so there's not a lot of decision Time for your dog see this chomping Right here she can't fixate on a frisbee Like this during a multiple segment or She'll miss the next throw so I I want To start real slow and make this easy For her Yes Yes That might even be an easier way rather Than going straight to the throw so Catch it let go catch it let go Catch it let go but I'm trying to keep It less boring by throwing those rollers In there like this giving her a chance To run and chase something she really Finds value in that she loves doing that Like a lot of frisbee dogs do so Hopefully that's the light bulb starting To go off So here stay catch it let go Let her figure it out Inside out let her think yes catch it Let go yes good girl even though she Missed the last one you can see she's

Starting to get it right catch it let go Yes catch it let go Catch it yeah a good girl man she's a Natural at this isn't she Let's go good ready this one catch it Let go I'm gonna let her reason it out I don't like that chomping yes catch it Yes catch it very good did you notice How in the second one she chomped on it A lot less catch it let go catch it let Go catch it yeah Good but this is another good way to Teach your dog how to think how to use Their brain how to problem solve which We'll cross over into so many other Areas of your communication now stay With me Bree video logged her training Session with Veronica we're gonna work On come and stay with distractions on The California coast why don't we all Judge her together and see what we like And what we might have done differently Stay I love how Bree is warming up Veronica with this really easy stay at Close range that really starts off the Training session perfectly because Veronica is succeeding and the way that You stretch before you work out this is What you do when you start a training Session like this and she continues to Go farther and farther away with each Rep after that and this is a Well-established training drill for

These two but the aim here is to Rehearse something that Veronica knows Stay but in a completely different place This is the most effective way that I'm Aware of to build a reliable stay Everywhere I'm trying not to say yes till I'm Really close because I'm afraid she's Jump up and run to me I do want to know How to run to me though Veronica Give me stay Okay now I know a lot of dog trainers Don't like the idea of calling your dog From a stay like this and I think There's a lot of validity to that Particularly in the beginning when You're trading this skill come Yes Come for a frisbee But as time goes on You want your dog to come to you under a Variety of different circumstances Whether they're in a stay at distance or Not so it's still good to practice both Stay I love how brie is mixing it up here She's using the power of play to teach Veronica oh no off the cliff it's a Pretty good example of an emergency stay My frisbee just went off the cliff so I Had to use my emergency long lead Frisbee retrieved stay The goal of doing silly things like this Is to make sure our dogs will listen

When we're not acting in that Traditional role of I'm a dog trainer Teaching you right now Yes come good girl you did it on a scale Of one to ten how reliable is your dog Stay 10 being super reliable and as Bree Continued to walk on with Veronica oh a Kitty cat oh boy we get to see some of That real world training in action There's a cat right there on the side of The road Veronica notices The Cat In This case Brie Ops to try to keep Veronica moving because they're on a Busy road and she doesn't want her to Get too distracted and she is successful In getting her attention on her so that They can keep moving Good girl keep going keep going Keep going good good good good good good Good good good good good yes Yes You go good girl now keep in mind that Under different circumstances it might Be more appropriate to allow your dog to Sit and evaluate the cat to make sense Of the cats so they don't have so many Lingering questions in their mind about The cats there's value in giving your Dog experiences rather than saying stop This or stop that does that make sense What would your dog do on a walk if they Encountered a cat would they pay Attention to you or would they get Fixated on the cats both of our dogs are

Pretty energetic dogs Veronica's Learning some of inertia's habits I see We're down here for about 20 minutes on The beach playing you could go to a park Your backyard or whatever well really Prioritize a polished game of batch Getting the mechanics right of that Rather than taking shortcuts really have To show them how to play the game I have Just found that it is a total Lifesaver Particularly when you're busy this is What I have found over the years to Really just be the closest thing to a Magic answer give them exercise early in The day then go focus on your work let Them recover and then you know if you're Feeling it give us some exercise at the End of the day give them love attention To me this is one of the least Understood things about training dogs as Far as the general public is concerned Give them outlets to do things that they Find natural but in acceptable and Productive ways our dogs like to dig on The beach that's fun they like to run Around they like to chase balls and Frisbees they love playing fetch that Gives them an acceptable Outlet to run After something chase it grab it bite it Bring it back to you play tug of war Whatever they like doing these are Things that appear to make them happy And fulfill I found this trail of weird Tracks these experiences might seem

Insignificant to you at first but this Allows your dog to start piecing the World together in ways that make sense To them hopefully whatever made those Tracks overnight has already moved on And to see Veronica Zone in on them and Really use her nose figure out what Happened on the beach overnight while we Were gone but it doesn't really look Like a dog compared to all these other Dog tracks out here and as soon as Veronica sniffed it she got so Interested things that obviously smell Amazing I think Veronica is actually becoming a Frisbee dog oh Work the rollers are a guaranteed way to Get her to run she goes after a roller Every time she can't resist them and Sometimes she refuses a throw I don't Want to rack up those refusals Bree Makes an excellent point about the Refusals we really want to condition our Dogs to play with us when their mood is Aligned with what we want to do in other Words we don't want our dogs to just Play fetch if they don't want to I find A dog's desire to play fetch increases Over time the more they play it and Rolling those discs still gives Veronica The chance to run and chase and bite Stuff one of the reasons I teach heal on Both sides is that I want inertia to be Able to stay between me

And the road and not pull anything crazy Because she gets startled by a car I Used right heel coming here and I'll be Using left heel going back you can see a Car way in the distance approaching you Don't have room to pull over if your dog Starts freaking out because a car passes At kind of close range that's not what We want it almost kind of reminds me of Stand By Me when they had to get across The room Road Track bridge this is a Really good application of heel that's Where they stay to one side of you I've Taught inertia both a left heel and a Right heel it really pays off that we've Been working on heel at various speeds As well that way I could minimize our Time being vulnerable on the bridge Bridges are certainly an oddity to many Dogs So encountering them is unusual it would Seem tell me if you're interested in a Video that focuses on the overview of How to train a good heel to your dog Anything that could affect training dogs I want to be aware of at least that's What the dog trainer inside of me says She's shown such interest in snipping These Mounds around here I'm not sure I Really don't know I've got to do some Research here I'm at a true conundrum Here I think we need to bring in the Scientific method here and continue to Observe I've trained inertia around so

Many different things at this point and So many types of animals and Bree said She discovered three new ones overnight See the these are the Mounds that popped Up overnight so I imagine as the dirt Gets churned up there's fresher smells There there might be some type of Nighttime animal and inertia has been Really even more than normal Fascinated by the sense that are Associated with whatever is creating Those Mounds here I have the world's Perfect Camp spot overlooking the Pacific Ocean with my own front row Private lawn and flat area to play Frisbee on with my dog this is just too Good to be true there's only one catch I Have to work in this area knowing that There are animals centimeters below the Surface so I have her on lead just in Case something catches our attention and Starts running across the ground really Fast that long lead behind her is going To make it a lot easier to get to her if I need to there are some vulnerabilities In this environment even if you have a Trained dog I don't know that an Off-lease dog isn't going to come Running up here I want to make sure that I can easily get control of my dog Should that happen any number of things Could happen there's no fences around Here we've encountered a lot of these Types of situations as we travel

Especially new types of animals and new Things I've just found that giving her An opportunity to explore it really has Been beneficial in a lot of cases more Than is Mole Hills Oh mole Hills Make a mountain out of a mole hill I Just called them mole Hills because it Was a small pile of dirt you know that's A molehill you don't want to make a Mountain out of a tiny molehill that is That's got to be what they are after Some research by a science officer Brie I believe we were dealing with an animal Like this that's pretty interesting at Least the dogs now have an understanding Of what animals like this might smell Like and that might help them if they Encounter them in the future so it's not Quite as novel this is a question I'm Dying to know what is the most Unexpected distraction you've ever Encountered with your dog in public or What about the most unexpected animal You look good out there San vase oh what A mess look what you've done now Just when I thought she couldn't get any Dirtier are you serious okay ready go Wow how did she get so so quick maybe Another throw will get her cleaner go All right let's see what the verdict is Wow all right self-cleaning dog we were Giving the dogs another round of

Exercise and I threw the ball pretty far And noticed that inertia was pretty much Dead center between me and her mom and She started to look at Mom and Veronica As if to say I think I'll go over there With them but that would be a conflict Because we've worked very hard at a Developed game of fetch where there are Structured rules I want to know that She's going to be reliable and not Distracted even if by her own family Slightly confusing situation there I Wouldn't want inertia in this Uncontrolled environment like this to go Running after them even though that's Her mom let's try that again just to Make sure that inertia understands Coming to me is what I want even when Her mom's way down there okay So you can see Bree in the cup She gives her a look so I do need to Remind her So it's a little I'd like to improve That throw it again Come Just give her a look every time this Time I'm not gonna call her go So does she look at her mom She gave her a glance but came right Back so I think that'll go a long way in the Future if she encounters that again We'll see All right she wants to take a break now

Let's take the temperature of the Audience what do you guys want to see in Upcoming videos tell me below like us on Instagram Tick Tock and Facebook links Below subscribe to my channel get my Best-selling dog training book on Amazon Go to my special link trinom.com Zach to Get half off a two-week trial of Nom Noms expertly crafted fresh food we'll See you next time Thank you

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