A Revolutionary Way How to Throw a Frisbee to your Dog

Today, I’m gonna show you how to throw a frisbee to your dog. Now, if you already have a dog that likes to play fetch with a ball or something like that, you’re a step ahead of the game. There are a lot of good reasons to teach our dogs frisbee.

Reasons To Teach Your Dogs Frisbee

  • Number one, it keeps them in good shape.
  • Secondly, it’s fun to play. They enjoy better.
  • Third, it just looks cool.

There’re also three things to remember: when throwing a frisbee, your grip, the rotation of the frisbee and the release point. I’m going to show you how to do all those things real quick right now.

Just remember to be patient when doing this: you’re not going to do it overnight, but if you practice at it you’ll be throwing a frisbee like a pro. In no time, I’m gonna show you how to throw just a basic backhand frisbee, throw right now with the proper grip.

How To Throw A Frisbee To Your Dog

Now I’ll tell you right off of that. I have two major grips that I like to use when doing a basic backhand. This is how probably 99% of people, at least on the frisbee dog world, throw a basic backhand, and it’s good. It’s it’s not a bad way to throw. I’m holding it like this. I am NOT holding it like this.

Do you see that I’ve got my index finger here? This is not the way to do. A really common mistake. Just putting your index finger right there on the inner edge will help you a great deal. The reason is, it gives the frisbee a point to launch off of your index finger, so it spins a bit more. They’re being so good. Look at them they’re all waiting very patiently to play frisbee. We’re going to play in just a little bit, but right now I need you guys to stay alright, you’re being very good.

So what I do, though, since I’ve, you know kind of mastered throwing a frisbee pretty well, and I got to tell you straight up right now. Just about everyone in the world will say you never throw a frisbee that way it’s wrong, but I’m gonna explain why I like throwing it.

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This is the grip that I use to throw it far. I mean I just I grab the thing like this, but remember that’s because I’ve got the perfect release point internalised memorized, but the reason this helps is that when you throw it and you release it off all four fingers, you probably get 30 % more rotation.

The faster this thing is spinning the farther it’s going to go. We’ve got the grip down. We know we want to rotate a lot now. Let’s talk about the release point in the angle of the frisbee, the natural tendency if you haven’t thrown before, is to release it flat. You know, in other words, just to kind of throw it straight, but remember it’s fairly light compared to the wind and everything.

So, ideally, if you can release it at an angle right there, what that’s going to do is that’s gonna at first make it curve. That’s what we’re trying to get the frisbee to do in our heads and the reason that is you’ll find that once you start snapping it once you start getting that release point perfect! It’s rotating!

It’s gonna straighten out beautifully and go perfectly straight. If you start getting really good at releasing it perfectly and you’re, throwing it horizontal, it’s just gonna be off to the right that don’t feel like you’ve got to throw to your dog every time that you want to practice.

Frisbee just get a stack of frisbees and throw them if you’re wondering by the way these are Nylabone frisbees. You can get them at your local pet supply store. I like working with them. They have a nice weight to them, they’re hard to puncture so check about made by Nylabone good frisbees. So that’s just a quick lesson on how you throw a frisbee.

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