Adopting A Dog: Best Practices

Do you know all the options available to you if you’ve been thinking about adopting a dog? It is obvious that people go to a specialized dog breeder when they are looking for a new dog. Breeders who specialise in dogs will typically be able to sell you puppies that have been checked for genetic problems, diseases, etc. and will be able to offer you a high quality pedigree dog free of the problems that plague a lot of dogs.

adopting a dog

Adopting a Dog: How To Do It Right

Many people would find this ideal, but it will cost a lot of money. Another option is to adopt a puppy or an adult dog.

The humane societies and animal shelters have a lot of dogs without homes. The animals are usually victims of unfortunate circumstances. There is either a death in the family, or an aged owner cannot cope any longer.

Sadly, they have ended up homeless for no fault of their own. One of the best ways to offer one of these dogs a loving home is by adopting them.

Many people are worried that getting a dog from a shelter will result in an unhealthy dog or an aggressive dog. In most animal shelters, dogs are checked for health and temperament, so you’ll know if they have any problems. In addition, many shelters provide in-house training so that dogs can find new homes. Everyone wins!

You should visit your nearest animal shelter if you’re interested in adopting a dog. Inform the staff there about the kind of dog you and your family would like. It may not be the best idea to get a large dog if you have very small children.

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For those living in apartments, maybe consider a small dog that does not require much exercise. Finding the right dog for you will be easier with a little forethought before you arrive.

Try to imagine what your new dog is thinking when you bring her home. Your new dog has probably been through a lot in the past so bringing her to yet another new home may well be overwhelming.

The best thing to do is keep her on a leash at first, and gradually introduce her to your home letting her sniff each room until she has got a feel for her new surroundings. Also take her to relieve her bladder outside if she has been on a long car journey with you.

Once she has settled down, allow her to walk freely off the leash inside your home (not outside off the leash yet). This will give her a chance to find ‘her’ spot. By this I mean her favorite place. We all have a favorite spot where we like to go, dogs are no different.

If you have bought a new dog bed or blanket for your new arrival, this may be the place to put it. She will naturally go to that spot so having a comfy new bed there will help her settle in.

Your new dog may be very quiet for the first few days but don’t worry, this is part of the settling in process. After a short while your dog will be a fully settled in new member of the family.

Adopting from an animal shelter is a great way to get a new companion and a great way to make a new and happy future for your dog.

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