Afghan Hound Dog Breed Information

The Afghan Hound dog breed is a very beautiful type of hunting dogs. Some breeders mistakenly attribute watchdog and shepherd qualities to it. In fact, in an extreme environment, such a dog is completely useless as a bodyguard. This dog is chosen for grace, elegance and, of course, for good hunting skills. According to one of the ancient legends, it found refuge on the ark of Noah.

Afghan Hound Dog Breed Description

Many centuries ago, the Afghan Hound dog breed was exploited to catch animals of different sizes and weights. There is a lot of false information on the Internet that allegedly its representatives have protective qualities.

As a watchdog such a dog is ineffective. It is also impractical to use it as a shepherd. It lacks a natural sense of responsibility, so it will not be vigilant about the herd that grazes on the lawn.
By nature, greyhounds are a bit cowardly. They often lack self-confidence. They tend to rely on the owner, and in any situation. These are very fast animals! In 1 hour they are able to run at least 65 km. For comparison, the normal speed of a driving car is 60 km per hour.

They also do not take endurance. These animals are able to track down and drive into a trap even a large forest animal, for example, a deer or a gazelle. Also, Afghan hounds are often used to bait wolves or jackals. One individual will not be able to defeat a ferocious predator, so it will surely team up with a brother for pair hunting.

Afghan Hound dog breed is great for catching not only large, but also small animals. It has no equal in catching a hare, squirrel or roe deer. It never shows cowardice on the hunt. It trusts the person with the gun because it knows that he is responsible.

Modern representatives of the breed are often used for shows, they also take part in dog competitions. Sport is an area in which the Afghan Hound has no equal in terms of speed and agility.

Most family members in which such a pet lives do not use it as a forest beater or show animal. Such a dog is, first of all, a devoted friend and companion. With it you can go jogging, ride a bike, swim in the river and just walk for a long time.

Interestingly, it can also be kept in the apartment as a gentle indoor dog. It turns out that the representatives of this breed are universal.

Breed StandardAfghan Hound Dog Breed Standard

The Afghan hound in the photo looks pampered and sophisticated. But this is a false external impression.

In fact, it is a sturdy and well-built dog with excellent stamina. It has a lean body and long legs, which allows it to move gracefully.
The belly of the greyhound is sunken. The ribs protrude well, but behind the long fur they are not at all visible. The shape of the case is rectangular. The hind legs are muscular, the front legs are slightly shorter and weaker. The elbow joints are well defined. The paw pads are hard.

The head of the dog is small, with an elongated muzzle, at the tip of which there is a large black nose. The eyes are larger, close to each other. The jaw is very strong, with a good correct bite.
A feature of the breed is a long, straight neck. Not every greyhound hunter can boast of such an exterior feature. Nature has awarded the “Afghan” with it for a reason. The fact is that the elongated neck allows the dog to better view the terrain. The tail is low on the loin, drooping down.

A strong heart is hidden behind a wide strong sternum, which perfectly pumps blood during the rapid movement of the animal. According to the standard, the color of the eye iris of an Afghan Hound should be dark. Acceptable nose colors are brown and brown. The dog’s ears are hanging.
The peculiarity of the breed is its silky long coat. It falls down, does not curl up. Slight waviness is allowed. It is very pleasant to touch the fur of an Afghan hound. But not in all parts of its body it is long, for example, only short bristles are present on the muzzle.

According to the standard, the fur of such a dog cannot be snow-white. That is, the presence of light white and beige spots on the body is unacceptable. But dark and reddish specks, on the contrary, are welcome.

In general, the shade of the fur of an Afghan hound can be any. Long silky coat does not prevent the dog from running quickly and making long jumps. It has a truly aristocratic appearance, sophisticated habits and a shrewd look.

Afghan Hound Dog Breed Character

It is difficult to call such a beast simple and easy in terms of education. He is quite smart, but reluctant to make contact. For a successful pair hunt, it needs a responsible and strong owner who will lead and tell you what to do. Trust is the main character trait of the Afghan Hound.

This beast looks closely at a specific person for a long time, analyzing his actions and manner of communication. He does this in order to determine whether he can be trusted. The second character trait of the dog is stubbornness.

It is not easy to make him obey, for example, to execute a command. There are a number of factors that negatively affect a dog’s mood: the weather, food, toys, people, etc. If she is saddened by something, then nothing in the world, not even the authority of the owner, will force her to obey.
With children, such dogs get along badly. Babies screaming, laughing, or any loud noises annoy them. If the animal is upset about something and the child violates his personal space, he can bite. Shame is unknown to him.

Also, it should be noted that the proud hunter does not favor the owner’s other pets. He treats cats and some small vertebrate animals with disdain. Conflicts in a pack of dogs, which will include a representative of this breed, are inevitable.

Yes, they are wayward animals. Growing up, they can change their character several times. The mood of such dogs depends on a number of factors, the main of which is the mood of the owner. If he is benevolent, the beast will become obedient and malleable, but if not – rude and detached.
Experts say that the psyche of the Afghan hound is unstable. The animal is difficult to socialize, prone to conflict behavior, sometimes aggressively. However, this behavior and attitude often becomes his defensive reaction.

The dog is rather shy and careful, but not on the hunt. In a forest environment, she does not take courage. That is why it is not recommended to acquire such a dog in the presence of rats, mice and squirrels in the house. When interacting with such animals, a bloodthirsty instinct can awaken in him.

To household members is often affectionate. Needs kind and caring attitude. Moderately curious, fearful, careful. He approaches strangers in the house only if they are friendly with him, smile and speak quietly.

Loud sounds (except for a shot) cause fear in the Afghan, so he shuns the people who make them. But, regardless of the attitude towards a specific person, when interacting with him, they always retain their self-esteem and arrogance.

takinkg careKeeping and Taking Care

It is quite difficult to live with a nature-loving dog in an apartment. She needs a lot of space, attention and care. An ideal option for an Afghan hound is to live in a private area, with a large spacious aviary, but without a booth and a chain around the neck.

Important! Hunting dogs must not be put on a chain and provoked their aggression against people who have come to the house. Firstly, as a watchman, they are not effective, and secondly, such a fate for a thoroughbred animal is destructive.

In the yard in which the dog lives, there should be sticks or other objects that the owner will throw for joint play. The animal must understand that he has personal belongings that he can hide in the aviary.

The booth of the Afghan hound is insulated with cotton wool so that the animal does not freeze in winter. But, in severe frosts, it is still better to let it into a heated room, that is, into a house. This does not mean that you have to let your dog sit in your beds. Place a rug by the front door for her to sit on to wait out the cold night.

Now about leaving. The first thing the owner of such a pet should look at is its long hair. Since it is gentle, it is prone to confusion. The Afghani will have to comb the silky fur every day throughout his life.

Some owners of such dogs prefer to cut them in the summer, but after shortening their main visual dignity, they lose their charm. Some valuable tips for caring for such an animal:

  1. Examine his ears for contamination or infection.
  2. Remove tartar / plaque in a timely manner.
  3. Trim your nails.
  4. Give medicines for worms and fleas.
  5. Treat any disease in time.

Pets that are looked after live a long time – this is a fact. Take care of your four-legged pet.

Afghan Hound Dog Breed: Food

The ideal nutritious product for an adult greyhound is a semi-dry food. You can choose dry for her, but she will not fill up with them to the fullest. Moving animals require a large amount of liquid, cool water. It is better to change it daily.

The Afghan Hound puppy must eat in a balanced way. He can be given human food, or semi-dry food for pregnant bitches. Better to choose the first option. What should be included in his daily diet:

  • Finely chopped chicken fillet.
  • Cottage cheese.
  • Buckwheat with butter.
  • Pasteurized milk.
  • Vegetable stew.

From raw fruits and vegetables, you can give your dog: bananas, strawberries, raspberries, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, onions, goji berries. Never feed her from your table or allow her to pick food off the floor while walking.

healthAfghan Hound Dog Breed Reproduction and Life Expectancy

These wayward dogs live from 12 to 14 years. They require systematic care. A breeder of hunting dogs knows that they become sexually mature early. A female Afghan hound can be bred with a male dog no earlier than 2 years after birth, although her first estrus occurs at 8-9 months.

After the start of her period, her period is counted for 4 days. During this period, acquaintance with the male should take place. Each of the candidates for mating must be of a high breed. If the male and female do not get along, their meeting is postponed for a day. By the way, it happens only on his territory, not on her territory.

A pregnant Afghan bitch needs special treatment. For 68-70 days of bearing offspring, she should gain a little weight. She should walk less, no more than half an hour a day. If your dog is tired and does not want to get up, do not force him to do so.


The price category of Afghan Hound dog breed is medium. Lovers of hunting dogs can purchase them not only in nurseries, but also from hands, that is, from breeders working for themselves. The price of an Afghan hound with a veterinary passport and all documentation is $1500.

If the breeder refuses to provide a passport for the dog – it is worth considering, perhaps she has health problems. Some eminent adult males, winning prizes at exhibitions, are more expensive, about $4000.

Afghan Hound Dog Breed Training

Teaching an Afghan Hound dog breed to respect and obey is not easy. A wayward dog prone to arrogance is clearly not suitable for amateur dog breeders. He must be treated kindly and at the same time strictly. It is recommended to be consistent and patient.

Immediately, we note that you need to walk with such an animal for a long time. He likes a slow walk, but as soon as something interesting appears on the horizon, he will immediately run forward. To prevent this from happening, train your puppy to listen to you.

So, training with a young dog is as follows:

  1. Put the collar on him on the first day of home socialization.
  2. Then wait for the puppy to calm down and stop trying to take it off.
  3. Invite him to go outside to exercise. Put on a leash.
  4. Be patient. Move the dog next to you and walk forward, changing directions.
  5. He should be near.
  6. Then stop, make sure that the animal also stops moving. Otherwise, pull it back.

This is how the dog learns to walk alongside. This is an important skill for a chasing dog. In addition to this workout, you can also train an Afghan to bring a stick, slippers, or any other object. He must know his name to come to your call!

Never allow your pet to growl while eating. Most dogs try to defend their food, and therefore growl. But, in a home environment, this is not permissible. Scold your dog if he gets angry while eating. It is better that from childhood he gets used to the fact that during a given period of the day a person can be at his bowl and this is normal.

Possible Diseases And How To Treat Them

The Afghan Hound has good stamina, but, unfortunately, weak immunity. The dog often has colds. Therefore, to minimize the risk of infection, it should be kept in a warm room during freezing temperatures.

The animal should also not overeat. If it does not eat well, it may have an inflammation of the gastric mucosa, as a result, gastritis will appear.

Also, representatives of this breed are prone to eye diseases, such as cataracts. If you notice that your pet’s eye has become cloudy, take him to the doctor immediately. Dog grooming should be mandatory.

An excellent prevention of Afghan Hound disease is regular hygiene. Brush her teeth, ears, hair, and eyes. Also, do not forget about a preventive veterinary examination. A great way to help your dog is to use CBD oil. More information is in this article: Best CBD Oil For Dogs.

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