AGGRESSIVE DOGS Don’t Exist.. and Most People Are STUPID When it Comes to Training Dogs

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Sykes my husky has such a strong prey Drive she's sometimes aggressive towards Other small dogs I've been working with Her and it's better but it's not perfect Never expect Perfection I mean all dogs Have teeth if they have a history where They've gotten into altercations with Dogs you need to file that so I'll take You at your ward that your dog has high Prey drive I don't know if we're working With the same definitions here or not They did use the word aggressive which Is another word that can get used and Misused dogs are not aggressive there's No such thing as an aggressive dog dogs Behave aggressively in some contexts That is not a small difference okay I'm Not going to go on too much of a rant With this right now but understanding How to work with a dog to cope in that Particular contact store how to manage So that context doesn't arise is very Important any help and suggestions would Be great this is especially a problem at Dog parks which she really needs for Exercise Don't go to a dog park if your dog has Issues with other dogs of any size it's Great that you understand that your dog Needs exercise and that you're going out Of your way to help them playing with Dogs number one only goes so far dogs Were bred to work with people so it's my Hypothesis that when they are regularly

Engaging with a person that that's one Of the more organic natural ways to Really satisfy a dog mentally performing A task with a person like Dog parks can be really good for dogs That like being in dog parks okay but That is probably half of dogs Anecdotally I don't have any science on This but I know that it's not a small Percentage of dogs that would prefer not To be in a dog park they're not the Happiest there or that might be okay in A dog park but might not rebound very Well from a bad experience and it's hard To to be sure that your dog won't have a Bad experience at a dog park you can't Control for other dogs like this one I Mean who probably shouldn't be there and So that can be a bad experience for Other dogs too sure and it's not most People's fault most people don't know And it's so normal for people to think I Have a dog they need to play with other Dogs I mean ignorance is no excuse I Appreciate your diplomacy but the reason Dog parks don't work are because people Bring dogs into a dog park that should Not be in that dog park what I look for In a dog park is two to three dog bugs In there all with a healthy Place style I'm not anti-dog Park completely if your Dog doesn't get along with a certain Kind of dog like small dogs maybe that's Okay and maybe they just don't need to

Play with small dogs it's really Important to make sure that while Providing that regular exercise that You're counter conditioning them and Managing them which we go into in other Content but anytime your dog has a bite History or a history of of not getting Along with other dogs you need to really Really prioritize the the conditions That your dog finds themselves in Reverend squirrel has the next question Their dog is really good at home but Then when they're in public and they see Other dogs their dog is super reactive And they feel like they've tried Everything I mean that makes perfect Sense that's how it goes with most Reactive dogs if your dog is reacting to Other dogs it takes time I mean that's One of the main purposes of my YouTube Channel because arguably the most Challenging thing that people struggle With with adult dogs is lunging and Barking on leash when their dog sees Another dog I've had the honor of Working with many dogs who have that Characteristic you've got to be Understanding with dogs like this and You need to manage your expectations too Many of us have the expectation that This should be resolved quickly and when You're talking about complex issues like Your dog being a dog and saying hey There's a dog over there I'm either

Scared of that dog so I'm going to bark And lunge or I'm very excited by that Dog so I'm gonna bark and lunge I mean This is just a dog being a dog this is What we have to remember when we get a Dog and bring them into our life we Can't just turn off their instincts now We can curb them we can manage them and We can set them up for Success which Again is the whole process that I've got Zillions of videos on next question is From Rachel Sr she's a new viewer hi Welcome Rachel oh new viewers my puppy Sometimes wants to engage in behaviors I Can't ignore as they could have Dangerous consequences I feel I have to Use the word no in those situations do You have any tips I don't think there's Anything wrong with saying the word no But the problem comes when you find Yourself saying no over and over because That's usually a sign that you probably Need to take a step back and do some Work so your dog actually knows how to Behave if a dog is coming at me with a Bunch of like crazy behaviors all at Once if they're just eating every single Thing or if they're like jumping and Barking and biting I forget that I could Try to ask them to do something Incompatible that's the things that Always reminds me of that I think is so Valuable so case in point if a dog is Barking at joggers running if you have a

Good recall and you can work on building Hey come here they can't run and chase a Jogger if they're coming here and Looking at you instead right by all Means if your dog has a rock in their Mouth you better go in there and take it Out because that's a dangerous situation If your dog is pulling you into a busy Road you better pull them back on a Leash because you have to manage them But the greater issue here is that Should now be a cue you need to take a Step back work on teaching your dog how Not to pull into an intersection or pick Up rocks and better manage their Environment so that doesn't happen uh Combined with training them how to Interact in in those various situations It's like we cover we cover real life Leave it on this channel often certainly Cover loose leash walking and how to not Pull so nothing wrong with saying no but If you're saying a fair amount then You're putting your dog in a situation That they don't yet know how to behave In this question from the migraine Warrior I also saw it from a lot of you Is it normal to feel totally overwhelmed And essentially kind of regret your Decision When you have a new dog is that an okay Feeling to feel or is that like how Concerned should I be that I feel that Way I'm curious to know too I mean do

You guys have any of you felt that way Talk about that in the comments because I'm curious to see what the ratio of People is if I'm being honest I have Definitely had some tough moments Throughout my life I guess let's take Inertia for example do I ever regret Getting inertia of course not I love Inertia more than anything my wife I I Love her as much as my wife he doesn't Regret getting me either because every Dog is different I think you almost never get the dog you Think you're gonna get right you only Have the experience that you have Throughout your life right and so I've Worked with a good number of dogs but I Also am the first one to say hey they're All different and so trying to figure Out inertia and how much she was like Other dogs I've had versus how different She was was a process it was a Double-edged sword because she was one Of like as far as personal dogs that I've had she is probably you know one of The more challenging dogs I had earlier On in life you can't just expect them to Turn off all of their instincts that's Why I'm so big on having an outlet for Dogs so that they can get a lot of that Satisfied nonetheless inertia and I Figuring out each other took a minute And I'm so glad we shot an entire series On working through that because I had

Plenty of challenges and I thought that That was what I was really grateful for Because I know it makes for valuable Content for other people too this is Coming from a professional dog trainer So I can see if you're not a Professional trainer and and you've Really gotten a high maintenance dog or Puppy and you feel like I have the Biggest problem right now you don't have A problem you have a puppy sometimes It's difficult to tell the difference Though so I get it the times that I have Felt really overwhelmed with Veronica Are with my last dog Indie I think Almost every time a huge part of it is Just being exhausted physically because You're kept up all night or because your Dog is like huge and dragging you down The street and you're trying to train Them but they're just so strong or maybe Emotionally exhausted we all have a Limited amount of patience and it's okay To run out of it but you just have to Know that you did and be able to take a Break until your patience comes back Whenever I if I am for whatever reason I've had a long day I'm not interested In training my dog not to bark because I Need to get some sleep or focus on Editing a video or whatever it is I just Tell myself we have a protocol for this It's called management let me give my Dog a chew a piggy or something that

They're going to enjoy and chew on while I do my thing thing or some other Solution I mean you have to brainstorm But really in the category management is Kind of where I go when I feel Overwhelmed as a trainer you'll get Better and better at feeling that Overwhelm bubbling up and intercepting Before and just giving yourself both a Break that's really all you can do and It's totally fine everyone feels that Way this is a valuable video because I Mean these are kind of the things in Real life that we encounter when we're Training dogs dog training is so much More than getting your dog to sit Staying home next question is from Tam What is the best way to train my dog how To behave in a house full of Toddlers And in turn the best lessons for my kids On how to act safely and appropriately Around our dog how old are the kids four And two oh yeah no dogs and toddlers are A tough combination usually this Question gets presented as how do I get My dog to behave around my toddlers People have way too many high Expectations for putting a lot of Responsibility on a dog it's always on Us to manage Toddlers and dogs right What I'm trying to say is that teaching Your dog Good manners how to stay how to have a Place to go to to be secure and teaching

Young children not to overwhelm the dog I think is kind of the goal here really You've got to control the environment For everyone involved if you're there Managing and you feel comfortable with The dog and toddlers that's one thing if You're not going to really be focusing On the dog and toddlers at the same time It's okay to have a dog or the toddlers In another room just be responsible you Had a TV show where you worked with kids And I remember you told me there was an Age like a cut-off age where you noticed The majority of kids had the maturity to Start to work with their dogs 12 13 14 Is when I really like to see kids Working with dogs but there are some Prodigies out there who can work with Their dogs at a younger age than that Next one Chandler Smith was there any Behavior where you didn't know if you Could train it out of inertia like Barking at the window fixating on dogs While walking chasing Wildlife you've Watched our videos I see yeah inertia is A reactive dog but I know that when You're working with a dog who has a Natural interest or fear or whatever of The world that they live in that it Takes time for them to understand how to Feel comfortable in that situation I Felt really confident about making Progress on this I just knew that it Would take some time she was a little

Bit harder than average to train for Some things yeah for some things right Like barking at everything that moves Yes like barking at everything that Moves there were some Skeptics on that Video who were like good luck buddy You're never training that dog to stop And that's when I realized that Expectations are very out of whack with A lot of people how old was she in that Video like a year Max something like That yeah she was extra Barky and Reactive though and like chasing the Joggers up and down in our Atlanta Residents it's very satisfying now to be Able to have showed you how she improved Over time yeah Nice work all right little happy Homestead tips for keeping dogs from Getting into trouble in the yard our Home is off grid and so my dog has Access to my yard anytime and keeping Him out of the garden from tearing at Fences Etc is a reoccurring issue he's Well exercised he's just naughty okay I Love that he's exercised it doesn't Sound like this dog is really naughty Though it sounds like this dog is just Really interested in understanding and Interacting with their environment Because they're a smart dog You can't feel naughty though sometimes Can't it my hypothesis is that Curiosity And intelligence are closely related and

So a dog interacting with their Environment is a curious dog therefore Probably a pretty bright dog how is a Dog to know that this Behavior they're Exhibiting is less desirable to us Without some real serious intervention And guidance Environmental Management Seems to be the problem here too much Freedom in this particular situation dog Training is about methodically showing Your dog how you want them to behave in A variety of contexts I guess you would Say they need to do some more supervised Outside time with their dog first to Show them how to behave right do you Live with a dog trainer this one's from Chrisan 9. how long have you had a home In Alaska and do you visit often we Bought a house in 2020 in Alaska because That's our hometown and we visit as Often as we can about three months a Year another question that I saw from a Couple of you and so I'm paraphrasing a Bit here do you have any advice if you Have a friend or family member who is Training their dog in a different way And it's essentially driving you crazy Generally what we're talking about here Is people who are quick to use firm Corrections or physical punishment Frequently in their dog training yeah What's called aversive Methods and In Fairness to most people I think to most Of us that's the intuitive way to train

A dog they're getting on a counter push Them down if they're jumping on you give Them a needle to chest to keep them from Doing it right A lot of people that's Just instinctive or it's how they grew Up and they don't question it it's Really kind of embedded in our culture This is how you train a dog yeah it's What's always worked we all ourselves Included seriously I mean not from the Bottom of my heart we all need to Understand That we don't know what we don't know Until we know it means you have to go Through the effort to actually know Something to even understand that you Don't know it that is not a small Point That's a big thing that we all struggle With when you think about how dog Training is not on the top three top Four top five priorities of most people Who have a dog it's not prioritized as a Skill that a lot of people are trying to Become very proficient at so as someone Who does prioritize training dogs myself I do find it interesting to see how a Large segment of the population and I'm Not talking about most of you guys who Are here but a large portion of the Population seems quite satisfied with an Oversimplified purely anecdotal or Outright wrong understanding of how to Train it all so if you're someone who Who betters themselves and really

Understands some of the more nuanced Aspects of training dogs and you're Close with someone who doesn't do that You're going to see man you could do so Much better if you just did this but a Lot of people if you try to give them Especially unsolicited dog training Advice they're not likely to pick up What you're putting down and it can be Very frustrating and so the question is How do I deal with it I really like to See what science has to say on the Matter because the fact is no matter how Much experience any of us have it's no Substitute for the body of science that Exists on dog behavior right now and While it certainly needs to be improved And it certainly needs to grow and get Better and more detailed it's better Than anything we have right now when You're trying to use modern science and Ethics to train a dog there's a little Bit of a learning curve and that is our Biggest hurdle as a dog training YouTube Channel have we talked about Dunning-kruger on this channel not in Enough detail so the dunning-kruger Effect the horizontal axis is experience And your vertical axis is confidence on Whatever it is that's being discussed This dotted line indicates what there is To know on the topic right like that is The information and one's ability to get That information and internalize it

Takes time down here and ask yourself Where you might be struggling with this In your own life too I think it's Valuable I think most of us are on Mount Stupid for most things so there's this Thing you can see here Mount stupid is Where your confidence is above where it Should be given your experience and you Don't know it because you don't know What you don't know until you know it so Many of us are on Mount stupid in so Many various aspects of our life you're Up there you think you know about it but You're completely unaware that you are Way off base how you realize that you're Like holy cow once you like if you take A good faith effort and analyze Something and you realize you know what There's so much that you don't know I I Need to come to terms with I don't know Very much about this that's when we take The dip into what's known as the valley Of Despair you have this sudden Awakening and realize whoa there's an Overwhelming amount of stuff to learn About dog training that I don't know or Anything else or anything yeah I want This to be a broad point because I don't Want to come off like oh here I am I am An expert it's more that like I I like I Think it's interesting when I look at Myself and find places where I've been On Mount stupid before so you start on Mount stupid sometimes you take the

Plunge into the valley of Despair and Then over time as you gain experience You become more knowledgeable and Confident and confidence on on what You're talking about and then it's real Legitimate confidence because you Actually have learned something which is Why you don't go above the dotted line Because you actually know what there is To know well so you're not on Mountain Student and you more importantly you Know what there is that isn't known too I think which is going to be a lot of Things in just about any topic you can Imagine the point is that most of the Population as it relates to training Dogs is on Mount stupid I mean that Affectionately and I get that like There's other things to learn about There's other things to know about but I Think as long as we're aware that we're On Mount stupid we can at least get into The valley of Despair and and start to Make progress understanding that there's A lot that we don't know yes all that Being said get a free Bark Box or a Super chewer box when you sign up for a Subscription I'll have details below dog training or training yes follow us on Social we'll have all those links below If you like a video like this let me Know because we can do these more often Or we can do them less often if you hate

Them so we're open to all that Um and we'll see you in the next video Bye Foreign

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