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You've probably heard of them but you May not know much about Akita dogs this May be because Akitas are not the most Popular breeds since despite their Friendly look they can be aloof with Strangers and fiercely independent they Also have a reputation for being pretty Intimidating yet there's a lot more to These dogs than just that the Akita is a Brilliant breed they are dignified Courageous and intelligent there are Many interesting things about them and Their history that you may have never Heard of in today's video we'll show you 10 interesting facts about these dogs That will surely leave you amazed fact Number one they're Japanese warriors Originating in the mountains of North Japan this breed hails from the Beautiful snowy lands of odate Akita The first breeders of this dog trained Them to take down large mountain animals Such as Bears boar and elk in fact they Were so successful at it that they even Served as companions for elite Samurai These Noble dogs are fierce when they Need to be with great stamina and Unwavering will this muscular double Coated breed is often venerated in Japan As family protectors as well as symbols Of good health and a long life fact Number two there are two separate Akita Breeds although they both go by the same Name they are actually to recognize the

Key to breed varieties there's the Original Japanese strain known as Akita Inu or Japanese Akita and the newer American stream known somewhat Predictably as the American Akita Many breeders are actually still Debating over whether these two are Different enough to be considered Separate breeds but the AKC classified Them as such back in 2020 so for now There's a distinct line between Japanese And American Akitas the major physical Difference between the two is in the Head appearance an American Akita has a Broader bare-like head but a Japanese Akita has a narrower Fox like head also While both have triangular ears the Japanese Akita ears will sit slightly More forward but in American Nikita's Ears will sit more erect these may seem Like minor differences and for the Untrained eye they can be difficult to Distinguish yet it's an important part To this brief identity and is something Well worth remembering if you meet Nikita at the dog park fact number three Helen Keller brought them to the U.S yes That's right Helen Keller the American Author disability rights Advocate Political activist and lecturer brought This wonderful breed to the United States of America According to psychology today Keller was On an extended speaking tour in Japan in

The late 1930s at some point she visited The Akita district and learned about a Dog named Hachiko We will get to the full details about This amazing dog later in this video but What you need to know right now is that Keller loved this story and became a big Fan of the breed and its faithfulness in The end she was given an Akita puppy Named Kamikaze go unfortunately Kami Died in distemper early on but the Japanese government arranged to send Keller another akita named Kens and go There are even pictures of Helen Keller With kenson go resting at her feet this Was the first time Akitas had been Brought to the U.S and they soon caught On as a breed across the United States Thanks to Helen Keller Fact number four they thrive in the snow As we mentioned these fluffy dogs were Bred in the northern mountains of Japan And have thick double coats there are Obviously no strangers to harsh Winters And much like Huskies the heavy snow and Rain that comes with that kind of Climate hardly affect them they even Have webbed toes which help them walk on Top of the snow because of this extreme Adaptation to snowy environments Akitas Tend to struggle in the summer heat so If you own one in a hot area make sure To crank that AC for them if you are Interested in dog facts and want to

Learn more about other breeds in Training check out the description or Some of our playlists it would make our Day if you would subscribe to our Channel to discover more interesting Facts about dogs in the future Fact number five they almost disappeared It's a sad fact but true during World War II due to the problems of rationing Supplies pets were highly discouraged Many countries like Britain that had Been fighting since 1939 had food Importing issues and were forced to send Out a notice telling people to take Their household animals into the country And abandon them in advance of an Emergency Citizens were also told that if they Could not place them in the care of Neighbors or were forced to evacuate Then it was the kindness to have them Destroyed unfortunately this meant that Many dogs lost their lives across Europe And even worse in Japan Akitas were Actually slaughtered for their fur since It served as a lining for jackets of Soldiers and for meat for starving Families thankfully some people like Mori sawataishi managed to keep their Akitas hidden and secretly continued to Breed this wonderful dog saving them From Extinction fact number six they Groom like hats a more upbeat back toy Now Akitas are incredibly low

Maintenance dogs when it comes to Grooming this is because according to The AKC Akitas will actually groom Themselves by regularly licking every Part of their body much like cats this Means you won't have to spend all your Time bathing them and trying to take Care of their luscious coat however it Is worth keeping in mind that they are Very heavy shedders so giving them a Good brush every now and then probably Wouldn't hurt fact number seven they are Still used in dogfighting Akitas are an Old breed and as we established earlier They are strong and tough animals since The 1600s Akitas have unfortunately been Tied strongly with dogfighting for a Long time dogfighting was a popular Bloodsport in Japan and although it's Illegal in many major cities nowadays it Is still possible to find Akitas Fighting in very rural areas It is partly this reputation that gives Them an intimidating presence yet really It shows us more about humans than about Akitas pack number eight pachiko is a Famous Akita as mentioned before the Story of Hachiko learned by Helen Keller On a trip is a legendary one in Japan And across the world this Akita would Walk with his owner to the train station Every single day for most of his life And would wait Faithfully on the Platform for him to get home from work

Unfortunately one day his owner died While at the office and never returned To the platform despite this loyal Hachiko walked himself to the train Station every day and continued to wait For his human friend for over a decade It is easy to see why this breed has Such a reputation for being Strong-willed and loyal that is why when Hachinko passed away in 1935 a bronze Statue was erected in his honor you can Still see it today in Tokyo and over the Years parts of the statue have turned Gold from all the people petting this Very good boy what's your favorite fact About Akitas comment below this video And let us know fact number nine There's the museum dedicated to them Unsurprisingly Japan's love for Akitas Knows no bounds and there's an entire Building a memorabilia dedicated to this Much lauded breed it was founded by the Akita dog preservation Society in the Breed's homeland of odate Akita Japan The museum includes an homage to that Loyal dog Hachiko along with many other Nods to the beautiful pups for less than A dollar you can gain entry to this Absolute Treasure Trove of information Regarding this ancient breed it has Thousands of photos documents and Basically all that you need to learn About the Akita and its Origins fact Number 10 Akitas love their family

As you may have realized by now Akitas Are Fierce and can be very strong-willed But they're incredibly intelligent and Will also form unbreakably strong bonds With those they consider their families What's more Akita is very seldom bark Which is another reason why so many People love them as it shows off their Quiet and calm nature if given proper Training and socialization opportunities At a young age The Majestic and lovable Akita can make an outstanding family pet Oh

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