All about Border Collies

All about Border Collies!
Border Collies are a wonderful   Breed. They are remarkably bright and often 
considered the workaholics of the canine kingdom.
  These dogs can be a handful for 
owners as they are smart and athletic,   But their wiry medium-sized build makes 
them suited to all kinds of households.   What's more, the trainability of Border Collies 
is pretty much unmatched. Whether it's herding   Livestock as working dogs or speeding their 
way through competitive agility courses,   These dogs will excel in every regard. Now let's look at everything you need to know   About this breed!
Number 1: Their Origin:
  Although they are recognized today as British 
dogs, the border collie's history actually   Begins with the ancient Roman Empire. In 43 AD, the current emperor Claudius   Managed to lead the first successful conquest 
of the unruly British isles and as the Romans   Began to settle in, so did their dogs. These tough, obedient Roman herding dogs   Were widely utilized for centuries to come. Yet 
after the slow dissolution of the Roman Empire,   Fierce Viking raiders from Scandinavia took their 
turn invading Britain in 793 with the intention   Of settling in softer lands. They crossed 
the great North sea and, like the Romans,   Also brought along their herding dogs with them, 
a smaller spitz-type breed. The Vikings' dogs were   Quicker and more agile so it didn't take long for 
breeders to combine these two herding breeds.   This resulted in a smaller and faster herding dog 
that was well-equipped to work with livestock in   The hills of northern England and the rocky 
highlands of Scotland and Wales. Moreover,   The word Collie is actually the Scottish word 
for sheepdog while the border part of their   Name came from its popularity as a sheepherding 
dog on the border between Scotland and England.
  Yet it was in 1906 that border collies were 
officially recognized as a distinct breed,   And by 1995 they joined the AKC Herding Group.
Interestingly, unlike typical breed standards,   The traits looked for in these dogs are focused 
almost entirely on working ability rather than   Physical characteristics. Modern borders are still 
considered the premier herding dogs of the world.   They have also dominated competitive sheepdog 
trials in the UK for over a hundred years.   They even rule the championship levels of all 
fast-paced agility sports and are seen in the   Top lists of the world's smartest dog breeds.
Lastly, with their sweeping outruns,   Stealthy crouching and creeping, and explosive 
bursts of focused energy, Border Collies are   Any shepherds' dream of the perfect dog, and given 
their history, it's easy to see why.   Number 2: Their Personality: Border collies are known to be one of the world's   Most intelligent dogs, and they are full of energy 
along with a strong desire to herd anything around   Them. They are typically very affectionate and 
submissive to their owners and friends but can   Be pretty nervous or dismissive of strangers. Because they are so smart and energetic,  

Owning a border collie is sort of like living 
with a Mensa student on methamphetamines. They   Need to be mentally and physically stimulated, 
and without proper exercise, the dog will likely   Become frustrated and start acting out.
As with any breed, it's imperative to   Socialize and train them properly from a 
young age so they are comfortable around new   People and in a range of situations. Generally, though, border collies are   Just playful and sweet dogs that will be 
enthusiastic about joining you in anything   You are up to!
Number 3: Their Appearance:
  As we mentioned earlier, Border collies 
were bred to work, and their appearance   Fits the bill well. This medium-sized breed 
has a strong, agile body on a lean frame,   Typically weighing around 45 pounds.
They tend to have one of two coat types:   A smooth short and coarse coat or a 
rough, medium-length and feathered coat.
  Both of these types are double-layered to protect 
them against harsh weather. They also come in   Various colors and patterns, with black-and-white 
or a tricolor pattern of black, white,   And tan being most commonly seen. Yet Border 
collies can also be merle or brindle in pattern,   Making them look very similar to the Australian 
shepherd, though these are less common.   The reason for this variety is that the 
Border collie breed standard accounts for   Physical function over aesthetic form. However, they always seem to look alert,   With their ears perched high atop their 
heads and usually partially folded over   At the tip. Their tails are also long and bushy.
One of the collie's most notable features is its   Eyes. They are oval in shape and come in brown 
or light blue shades. They have an intense gaze   That is more than just good looks—their keen 
vision helps them when working in the field,   And Border collies are known to stare intently 
into an animal's eyes, seemingly using   Jedi-style mind tricks to control the flock.
All in all, they're a well-balanced and undeniably   Pretty breed everyone wants to pet! —
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Number 4: Their Trainability
  Today, border collies are most well known 
for their ability to take subtle directions   In both work and canine sports. This breed 
is eager and quick to learn, making them   One of the most trainable dogs in the world. However, it is worth noting that despite their   Interest in learning new tricks and commands, 
border collies are strong-willed and independent   Dogs. That means it takes patience and dedication 
from the owner to get the best out of them.   With these intelligent and active 
dogs, you will need to begin a teaching   Relationship as soon as you get them. This breed picks up things quickly,  

So the sooner you decide what they learn, the 
better. If you don't instruct them, they'll   Instead develop their own games and undesirable 
habits, making things harder in the long run.
  For Border Collies, plenty of exercise and 
lots of mental stimulation are crucial to   Curbing unwanted behaviors. A well-adjusted 
border collie can even make an excellent   Friend for kids and other pets. The most important thing to remember   When training border collies is that 
they are herding dogs by nature and so   Need to be taught in a way that plays to their 
strengths. If you do this, you'll have one of   The smartest and most obedient dogs in the world 
ready to perform your every command.   Number 5: The Time Investment needed:-
Right away, we want to let you know that   Border collies can be quite the handful for 
inexperienced owners or those with busy work and   Social lives. This breed needs mental stimulation 
and at least an hour of strenuous daily exercise,   And they won't be happy cooped up inside. They might even protest by removing the   Stuffing from your pillows if they get 
bored. This means you will need to do   Things like take herding or agility classes 
with the dog. It's really what they were   Made for, and they need that fulfillment, 
exercise, and psychological stimulation.
  What's more, border collies require 
affection and companionship, so they   Shouldn't be left alone for long periods. You will find that they are more than eager   To run alongside you while you bike or go 
on long hikes and will be content to curl   Up on the couch after a long day. When it comes to general maintenance,   Things aren't too bad. Their double coat is pretty   Good at self-cleaning, so fewer full baths are 
needed, and a weekly brush should be sufficient.
  This is also a good time to check their ears 
for foreign objects and their skin for ticks,   Especially if you and your dog spend a lot of time 
outdoors or have recently been in tall grasses.
  At the end of the day, these dogs have been bred 
as working companions, so they will always be   A big part of your life; if you can't commit to 
helping fulfill their needs, then a Border Collie   Is not the dog for you. Number 6: The costs of ownership
  Border Collie puppies can be pretty expensive 
depending on different factors. You can expect   To pay about $600 or more for Border Collie 
intended as a pet with complete documents.
  For a premium puppy with papers, 
breeding rights, and superior lineage,   Prepare a budget of $1,300 to $4,500. Additionally, working Border Collies that   Are mature and already have some training can 
cost as much as $7,500. This is reasonable,   Considering the time and effort needed 
to ensure the dog is up for the task.   However, adopting or rescuing dogs is 
much cheaper, with prices of around $300,   Including the care and training of the dog before 
you adopt it. If you bought a Border Collie puppy  

Or dog without any training, enrolling them 
in obedience classes is a must. These range   From $120 to $165 per session, with one-on-one 
training costing as much as $80 per hour.   When it comes to miscellaneous costs, you 
can buy your Border Collie a few puzzles and   Toys for brain stimulation, keeping them busy 
while indoors and away from getting bored.   You also should base the amount of food you 
give a Border collie on factors such as age,   Size, metabolism, and level of activity 
rather than just what's on the packet. The   Best way to know how much to feed your dog 
is by measuring their meals by calories.   High-grade kibble for herding and sporting 
dogs can often cost more than $70,   So nutrition is certainly a big factor in price.
You can also bring them to the groomer every few   Months for about $50 or save some cash 
and do essential grooming yourself.   Aside from that, the average monthly 
cost works out to about $160.   If they're working dogs, you will more than get 
your money back in time saved moving livestock,   But as pets, they can be a bit of a financial 
burden, though no more than any other   Well-trained pedigree dog. So what do you think of Border Collies so   Far? Stay tuned for more and let 
us know in the comments or share   Your thoughts with other enthusiasts!
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  Number 7: Their Health:-
The border collie is usually deemed   To be a naturally healthy breed with a 12–16 
year lifespan. But like all pedigree breeds, the   Border collie is also prone to certain diseases. The official breed club: The Border Collie Society   Of America, firmly advises that all breeders test 
for hip dysplasia and complete a comprehensive eye   Exam. They also recommend further testing 
for progressive retinal atrophy, deafness,   Epilepsy, and certain other collie eye anomalies 
such as CEA and trapped neutrophil syndrome.   Thankfully most border collies will never 
encounter these serious health issues,   But it's always important to be aware 
of these health concerns and know what   Signs to look out for.
Number 8: The Best Home for them:
  As we have learned throughout this video, 
Border Collies are incredibly intelligent   And energetic dogs, so they'll be happiest 
on a farm or ranch, where there is plenty   Of room for them to run all day and can even 
be put to task. That said, border collies can   Adapt fairly well to city living so long as they 
have an active owner that's willing to put in the   Time to exercise them and keep them mentally 
stimulated with games and obedience training.
  Obviously, this prized herding breed is most 
content when they're working, but they also make   For fantastic and affectionate family pets too. So if you live on a farm, need a running buddy,   Or want to get into agility training dogs, 
the Border Collie is a brilliant choice.

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