All about Rottweilers

All about Rottweilers!
  Rottweilers are intelligent, hardworking 
dogs as well as very devoted family pets.   They are also gentle giants that are loyal 
and fiercely protective when needed.   While this breed has an intimidating stature, 
they have a low prey drive and want nothing   More than to keep watch, go for walks with you 
and guard your family from harm. What's more,   These powerful dogs are highly trainable 
and are brilliant with kids too!
  Now let's look at everything you need to 
know about this amazing breed!
  Number 1: Their origins
Even those who prefer small   Dogs can often identify a Rottweiler easily. They 
have a long history and are considered one of the   Oldest breeds in the world as they are descended 
from drover dogs used by the Roman legions.
  Wherever the Roman Empire reigned in Europe, 
they utilized drover dogs to move cattle. In   The 2nd century, the Romans abandoned many 
of their outposts in Europe, leaving what   Would become the Rottweiler behind.
From the Middle Ages to around 1900,   The Rottweiler acted as a working dog protecting 
and herding cattle while still being a part of   The family, especially in continental Europe.
Their name is derived from the German phrase   Rottweiler Metz-ger-hund, which means 
"Rottweil butchers' dogs," because   Of their reputation for pulling carts 
filled with meat in Rottweil, Germany.
  The formal history of the Rottweiler began 
in 1901 when the International Club for   Leonbergers and Rottweiler Dogs created 
the first standard for the breed, making   Germany the formal country of the Rottweiler even 
though they did not originally come from there.
  Since then, and thanks to their hardworking 
nature, Rottweilers have become popular police   Dogs. They were also used as messengers, 
guards, and rescue dogs during World War   I and II. Decades later, Rottweilers were 
also one of the breeds that provided search   And rescue services at the World Trade 
Center following the 9/11 attacks.   Number 2: Their personality: Rottweilers are known as "Gentle   Giants" because of their bulky stature and 
softly aloof personality. Like any dog with   A long history of being a working companion, 
Rotties prefer to have something to do. Many   People introduce Rottweilers into their homes 
to act as guard dogs, protect children, or keep   Up with active families. Even though these dogs 
descended from cattle-driving dogs, most people   Prefer other working dogs for that purpose today. 
This is partly because modern domesticated animals   Don't need to be moved vast distances or protected 
from predators, so faster, less robust dogs like   Collies are up to the task. This leaves most 
Rottweilers free to just be great family pets.   The most impressive aspect of the Rottweiler 
is its adaptive intelligence. They can easily   Watch you or other dogs to pick up 
on commands or situations. Likewise,  

They can problem-solve and learn from their 
own past to solve difficult problems at hand.
  What's more, because Rottweilers have been bred 
to work alongside humans, so they enjoy company.   These are not dogs that will be happy to be 
left alone all day. They want to get out and   Explore the world with you! Clashing with 
their working dog history is their snuggle   Bug nature. Rottweilers make excellent family 
dogs. When properly socialized to the movements   And loud noises of the kids, they make gentle 
and loving children's playmates and guardians.   They even get along well with cats and other dogs 
if introduced in puppyhood. Overall this breed's   Temperament is that of a loyal companion with a 
strong work ethic and gentle nature.   Number 3: Their appearance:
Adorable and bouncy Rottweiler puppies   Will grow up to be striking adults. Rottweilers 
are blocky dogs with massive heads. Their ears   Lie relatively tight to the head, hanging down 
somewhat. Their muzzles are rather square and   Strong, but rottweilers can also be a bit drooly 
because of loose lips. Rottweilers are black with   Tan points, and the ideal coat is quite short 
and dense. They are also slightly longer than   Tall and range in height from 22 inches for 
a small female to 27 inches for a large male.   Generally, weights go from 80 to 120+ pounds. Moreover, Rottie puppies are born with quite long,   Curled tails, but you'll usually see adults 
with nothing but nubs on their backsides.   However, the practice of tail docking is very 
controversial. Some argue that docking a dog's   Tail protects it from being injured at work; 
But this is rare with other working dogs and   According to the American Veterinary Medical 
Association, it also lacks any substantial   Scientific evidence. This means the procedure is 
often done purely for cosmetic reasons which can   Be dangerous since the tail is part of their 
spine and it's painful for the pups too!   All in all they're handsome and heavy-boned dogs 
that will be recognizable even to those that know   Very little about different breeds. Do you like this video? If so, It would make our   Day if you would subscribe to our channel and hit 
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  Number 4: Their trainability:
As Rottweilers were originally   Bred to guard and herd cattle, it's no wonder 
that obedience is in their nature even after   All these years. We mentioned earlier that these 
dogs have excellent adaptive intelligence and it   Shows in their ability to follow commands and hand 
gestures. These social dogs prefer companionship,   Be it humans or other pups. They make excellent 
watchdogs while being generally calm and eager to   Learn new commands. Because of the Rottweiler's 
eagerness to learn, training tends to be pretty   Straightforward—particularly when you utilize 
the power of positive reinforcement. These days   Rottweilers excel in many canine sports, 
and the breed works very well with a human   Partner in many functional roles. Number 5: The time Investment needed:-

Rottweilers are fairly easy to keep for such large 
dogs and, in fact, have a tendency to obesity if   Not exercised enough. Coat care is minimal; 
a quick, weekly grooming will suffice most   Of the time. Some rottweilers do drool a fair 
amount. Also, the remarkable intelligence of   Rottweilers means that they can get bored easily 
If left to their own devices and so may become   Nuisance barkers or diggers, and with their size, 
they are capable of much destruction. They also   Require extensive and continuous socialization 
to make good family companions. Aside from that,   They just need a couple of good walks a day and 
someone to watch they don't eat at meal times!
  As long as they get to spend time with you, 
this dog will be very content.
  Number 6: The costs of ownership
The most common way to get a Rottweiler is   Via a breeder. This is also the only way that 
you'll get one if you want a healthy puppy,   But you should be aware that this is far 
more expensive than any other method.
  A Rottweiler from a breeder will routinely 
cost between $1,500 and $2,500, and one with   A high pedigree can go for even more. Rescue 
Rottie prices can vary a lot, anywhere from   $200 to $800 is to be expected depending 
on their known history and temperament.   The average monthly cost of a Rottweiler if 
the dog is healthy and fed high-quality food,   Will probably have you spending 
around $150 a month..   So what do you think of Rottweilers so far? Stay 
tuned for more and let us know in the comments or   Share your thoughts with other enthusiasts!
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  Number 7: Their health:
While generally tough and healthy,   Rottweilers are a breed that is often affected 
by hip dysplasia, a genetic deformity where the   Head of the femur doesn't fit properly into 
the hip socket. Severe cases are extremely   Painful and often require surgery to correct.
They are also prone to developing heart problems   And can be quite sensitive to heat. What's more, 
they are more likely than other breeds to bloat,   A condition in which the stomach distends 
with gas and can twist on itself, cutting off   Blood flow which can be deadly. There are certain 
health conditions and cancers to be aware of too,   Including lymphoma, bone cancer, liver cancer, 
and spleen cancer. You should also watch out   For eye problems such as entropion, where 
the eyelids roll inwards, and ectropion,   Where the eyelids roll outwards. Additionally, 
this breed can suffer from heart disease as   They gain weight quickly, so exercise and proper 
nutrition is essential. Lastly, Rottweilers have   A life expectancy of about 8 to 11 years which is 
about average for a dog of this size.   Number 8: The best home for them:
Rottweilers adore people and are very   Sociable. They also have a surprisingly low prey 
drive, which means they aren't known to chase or   Hunt as much as other big dogs. Because of this 
fact, Rottweilers often get along with cats and  

Other animals as though they were their own 
species. Still, the Rottweiler can turn into   A bit of a beast if needed. Especially when 
its family is in danger, the Rottweiler is   Known to act quickly and efficiently to keep 
everyone safe. This applies to the adults,   Children, and other pets of the household. Also, while a fenced-in yard can help Rottweilers   Get the daily exercise they need, a yard isn't 
a deal-breaker. A long walk every day goes a   Long way to making sure your Rottweiler is happy, 
healthy, and getting proper exercise. Of course,   As working dogs with a long history of farm 
duties, they also excel at pulling carts, herding,   Tracking and learning new tasks and skills, so 
the more you can give them to do the better.
  They are well suited to rural and family life 
but will also adapt well to urban living so   Long as their physical, mental and social 
needs are met. When it comes to loyalty,   Strength, and smarts, you couldn't ask 
for a better dog for any household!

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