American Doberman vs European Doberman

Dobermans are a breed developed in Europe almost 150 years ago. In modern cynology, Dobermans gradually began to be divided into two types – European and American, since some noticeable differences arose between them.

Let’s find out what they are – and so much so that some experts express an opinion about the recognition of Dobermans in Europe and the United States as two different breeds.

American Doberman vs European Doberman: Character and temperament

It was the canine disposition that became one of the essential features of the difference between Dobermans. US breeders say that “Europeans” have too aggressive tendencies, while European dog breeders, on the contrary, consider “Americans” too soft in temperament for a service breed.

It is for this reason that cattery owners in Europe never use US specimens for breeding. This program includes dogs that have passed the test for emotional stability in a normal situation and defensive reaction when attacked.

If a Doberman does not pass the test, he is not recruited to breed. Europeans call this test ZTP, and it is tougher than the similar American WAE. Doberman breeders do not want to take risks and invest in an American dog – it is not a fact that it will pass the test.

At the same time, Dobermans from the American continent even have an unofficial nickname velcro (translated as “burdock, Velcro”). The epithet arose as a reflection of their trusting and affectionate attitude towards others.

Sometimes they like to frolic like foolish puppies. European counterparts, on the contrary, have a more restrained disposition, and they do not show special friendliness to strangers.

American Doberman vs European Doberman: Appearance

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In this regard, there are no special differences, but they are still there. According to the constitution, the “American” is more sophisticated. The neck is longer and elegantly curved, and the bones are weaker than those of the European breed. The color of these dogs is light, with large light tan marks. Of all the types of Dobermans, the American ones are considered the most graceful.

American Doberman

A dog of the European type is distinguished by a more robust constitution, deep chest. Some dog breeders even make such funny comparisons: the American Doberman is like a ballet dancer, and the European one is like a muscular gymnast.

European Doberman

The eyes of the European Doberman are darker and the infraorbital regions are better filled than those of the American. The head line is sharper and the lower jaw is strong. But the neck is shorter than that of its counterpart from the United States, straight and without a pronounced bend, the body is more compact and not so elongated. The coat color is much darker, almost black, with bright red tan.

Docking ears and tail

This aspect is another significant difference between representatives of Dobermans from different continents. In general, cropped Doberman ears are considered important breed markers.

Historically, the ears were cropped in service breeds so that they would not be injured during activity or fighting. Over time, the need for this has disappeared, and the procedure is carried out purely for cosmetic purposes to maintain the exterior of the breed.

However, recently in Germany, England, Scandinavian countries and some others, a ban has been introduced on Dobermans’ ears circumcision. By nature, they are quite long – such that dogs can be called lop-eared.

The fact that they stopped trimming their ears significantly changes the appearance of the Doberman. And although in cynology of European individuals it was decided to recognize them as corresponding to the exterior, even without docked ears and tail, interest in them gradually decreases because of this, which introduces breeders into confusion.

Well, in general, Dobermans are a magnificent breed that attracts attention both by their exterior and temper.

They are hardy and loyal, excellent bodyguards and will protect the owner, sparing no effort, in any situation. Doberman Pinscher can be bred safely as a friend, but remember that this breed requires painstaking and competent training

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