Australian kelpie vs Border collie – which one is best?

Australian kelpie vs Border collie! The Australian Kelpie and Border Collie are
both highly intelligent and energetic breeds Of dog, known for their herding and working
abilities. They are both workaholics by heart; they love
doing this job but were bred for different Climates and for different styles of herding. Yet they can also make excellent companions
and family dogs, thanks to their playful and Affectionate nature and great intelligence. Although they are quite similar in many ways,
there are also quite a few differences between These two breeds that you will learn about
in this video. So let's take a look at the most important
things to know about these breeds! Number 1: Their origins
The Kelpie is a breed with a fascinating history. Originally bred in Australia by farmers who
imported working dogs from Scotland. These dogs were cheap because their pricked
ears were prone to frostbite in the harsh Climate of the Highlands, but they were perfect
for the Australian heat. The locals noticed that these imported working
dogs resembled the dingo, Australia's native Dog. They had the same pricked ears, sturdy builds,
and black and tan or yellow coats. This led to rumors that the Kelpie was developed
from a cross between a Scottish Collie and A Dingo, and there is some evidence to back
this cross-breeding idea. This theory fits into the local folklore of
tough Australians, who felt like outcasts, But it also explains why the Kelpies thrived
in the harsh Australian conditions. To this day, the Kelpie is known for its hardiness
and adaptability, making it the perfect companion For farmers and those who live in remote areas. On the other hand, the Border Collie has a
rich history that spans across continents And centuries. The breed's history can be traced back to
the ancient Roman Empire. In the 43 AD conquest, Roman herding dogs
were brought to Britain and employed for centuries To come. However, the breed took a new turn when the
Vikings invaded, bringing with them smaller, Quicker herding dogs. It didn't take long for breeders to combine
the two herding breeds, resulting in a small And fast dog that was perfectly suited for
Briton's rugged hills and highlands. It wasn't until 1906 that the Border Collie
was officially recognized as a distinct breed, And standards were developed.

Unlike other breeds that focus on physical
traits, the Border Collie's standards were Based on their working abilities. Number 2: Their personality:
Kelpies are known for their boundless energy And love for adventure. They are the ultimate "Let's Go" dogs. Whether they were bred for work or as companions,
Kelpies have stamina to spare. For Kelpies, the best kind of exercise is
an active one, such as hiking, swimming, and Romps at the dog park. This will help them to burn off their excess
energy, Kelpies are also great for dog sports Such as flyball, agility, and dock diving,
showing their true athleticism. Even though Kelpies have energetic personalities,
they also appreciate downtime and are happy To snuggle up on the couch with their owners
after a long day of activity. So, don't be surprised if you find them ready
to chill out after a fun-filled day. Meanwhile, the Border Collie is a highly intelligent
and energetic breed known for its strong herding Instincts. This beloved breed is happiest on a farm or
ranch, where it can have plenty of room to Run around and be put to work. However, the Border Collie can also make a
great family pet for active owners willing To put in the effort to provide daily exercise
and mental stimulation. They are often considered one of the smartest
dog breeds, requiring a lot of mental stimulation To keep them happy and healthy. They are known for their playful nature and
strong bond with their owners but can be reserved Around strangers. Number 3: Their appearance: The Australian Kelpie is a breed that's sure
to turn heads. At first glance, you might mistake this medium-sized
dog for a mixed breed "mutt" with its pricked Ears, curling tail, and distinctive combination
of characteristics. But this is far from the truth; Kelpies are
a breed of their own. Kelpies are strong and muscular dogs, with
an average height of 17-20 inches, and can Weigh up to 60 pounds. Their compact and sturdy bodies are covered
in short, shiny fur ranging from black and Tan to chocolate red, fawn and smoke blue,
its most common color. Some Kelpies also have yellow coats, which
as mentioned earlier, led to the belief that The breed descended from the dingo.

The Australian Kelpie is more than just a
ruggedly pretty face; they are an athletic And hardworking breed that will capture your
heart. In contrast, the moment you lay your eyes
on a Border Collie, their strong and agile Body, perched atop a lean frame, will instantly
impress you. They typically weigh around 45 pounds and
can have two coat types: smooth and rough. Both types are double-coats to protect them
against harsh weather and come in various Colors and patterns, but black-and-white or
a tricolor pattern of black, white, and tan Are the most common. These stunning dogs can also be merle or brindle
in pattern, although these patterns are less Common. Their alert and focused gaze is one of the
most famous features of the breed. Their ears are always perched high atop their
heads and often partially folded over at the Tip. Their tails are long and bushy, and they never
stop wagging, a sign of their friendly and Energetic nature. This all makes them the perfect balance of
looks and functionality. —
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Number 4: Their trainability: Australian Kelpies are the ultimate students,
eager to please and ready to learn! Training them is a breeze thanks to their
eager personalities and love for a job to Do. Their training should focus on rewards-based,
positive reinforcement techniques to bring Out their best. Get creative with your training methods by
using fast-paced games and activities that Challenge their minds and bodies. Instead of long, repetitive training sessions,
opt for shorter, high-energy training routines That keep them engaged and motivated. So, put on your trainer's hat, get ready to
have fun and watch your Kelpie excel in their Training! With Border Collies you get a dog well known
for its agility and precision, which makes Them excel in canine sports. This energetic breed is quick to learn and
is considered one of the most trainable dogs

In the world. But don't be fooled; despite their eagerness
to learn, Border Collies can also have a strong-willed And independent streak. It takes a dedicated and patient owner to
bring out the best in this breed. Proper exercise and mental stimulation are
the keys to unlocking a Border Collie's full Potential. You will often see Border Collies on agility
courses, but their true calling is herding. Herding classes will provide them with the
fulfillment, exercise, and psychological stimulation Needed to thrive. So, if you're up for a challenge and want
to bring out the best in your Border Collie, Enroll them in a herding class and watch as
they excel in their true calling. Number 5: The time Investment needed:-
Kelpies are herding dogs bred to work on vast Open spaces but don't necessarily require
a farm and a flock. They do however need an active lifestyle and
plenty of opportunities to use their brain. Yet they don't have many grooming needs making
them easier to look after from that perspective. Kelpies are generally friendly and sociable,
making them great with children and other Pets, but their herding instincts may kick
in, so consistent positive reinforcement training Is a must. Also, puzzle toys, and games like fetch and
hide and seek are important for their overall Well-being. Before bringing a Kelpie home, ensure you
can provide him with an active lifestyle and Plenty of mental stimulation. Similarly, Border Collies are highly active
and intelligent dogs that require daily exercise And mental stimulation to thrive. These dogs require weekly brushing to control
shedding and promote healthy skin. They also go through heavy shedding twice
a year, when you'll need to increase brushing To a daily task. These dogs also need plenty of affection and
companionship. They should not be left alone for long periods. So keep in mind, owning a Border Collie requires
a significant commitment to their active lifestyle And specific grooming needs. Number 6:The costs of ownership The cost of owning an Australian Kelpie can
vary depending on whether you are getting A purebred from a breeder or adopting a rescue.

Expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,500
for a purebred Australian Kelpie. The cost of food, treats, toys, bedding, and
other supplies will also add to the cost of Owning a Kelpie at around $500-1000 annually. Moreover they benefit from training and socialization
training costing $200-600 per class. In the same way, the cost of owning a Border
Collie can vary a lot. You will likely pay anywhere from $800 to
$2,500 for a purebred Border Collie from a Reputable breeder but adoption fees for Border
Collies will generally cost a lot less. The cost of food for a Border Collie can vary
based on the brand and the dog's level of Activity but like the Kelpie you can expect
to spend around $500-1000 annually. One thing to remember is that Border Collies
have a double coat that requires regular grooming And professional grooming is usually $50-80. As we know, Border Collies are highly intelligent
and active and the cost of training classes Can be around $200-600 per class. All in all the cost of caring for both of
these dogs is about the same. So what do you think so far? Do you prefer the Australian kelpies or Border
collies? Stay tuned for more and if you are interested
in other dog comparisons, check out some of Our playlists and discover even more information
about dogs! Number 7: Their health:-
Australian Kelpies are known for being hardy Working dogs with a lifespan of 12-15 years,
but they are prone to several health conditions. One common issue is hip and elbow dysplasia,
a skeletal condition that causes the joints To rub and grind together. Another condition to be aware of is cerebellar
abiotrophy. This can lead to a lack of balance and coordination. Despite these health concerns, Kelpies are
generally robust dogs that will work and run Alongside their owners without issue throughout
their lives. The Border Collie is also a rather healthy
breed with a lifespan of 12-15 years, but They are susceptible to certain health conditions. They should be tested for hip dysplasia and
complete a thorough eye examination. As an owner, it is always best to be proactive
and informed about the potential health risks That may occur with your furry companion. Number 8: The best home for them: The best kind of home for an Australian Kelpie
is one where they have plenty of room to run And play and a job to do, such as herding
or participating in canine sports.

Kelpies are also very social and affectionate
dogs and make great family pets. But remember that Kelpies may try to herd
cats and kids if they don't receive enough Training. They will not be happy in a home where they
are left alone for long periods, and they Need an owner willing to put in the time and
effort to keep them active and mentally stimulated. Overall, Kelpies are best suited for active
families or individuals who have a lot of Time and energy to devote to training and
exercising their dog and can provide them With a job or activity to do. When it comes to Border Collies, the perfect
home provides them with plenty of opportunities To run, play, and use their herding skills. They also thrive in homes where they can expend
their energy, or even better, a farm or ranch Where they can work to their heart's content. But don't be fooled by their workaholic nature;
Border Collies are also affectionate and loving Dogs that make great family pets. They're great with children and other pets,
but like the Kelpie, their herding instinct May kick in if they haven't been trained otherwise. They also need constant mental stimulation
to prevent them from getting destructive. Yet they are the ultimate companion for active
and experienced dog owners who are ready to Provide them with the time, energy, and training
they need to thrive. With the right kind of home and owner, both
of these dog breeds will keep you on your Toes with their boundless energy but reward
you with their loyalty, love, and companionship.

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