BarkBox VS Super Chewer Box Review: Which one is right for YOUR dog?

They smell like fresh home-cooked cookies. I am going to review BarkBox VS Super Chewer Box.

I’ve got bark boxes and super chewy boxes to review for you, and hopefully I’m gonna help. You decide which one is right for your individual dog based on how they play and by the way you can get 50% off your first box with an either subscription. You can get all details here for BarkBox and Super Chewer.

BarkBox VS Super Chewer Box Review

When you’re choosing toys for your dog, you want to take into account their life stage, their energy level, what they love to do and what’s most safe for them.

Let’s say your dog loves to play with toys, for example, it loves to play fetch, tug and when left alone with toys it loves to chew and take out the stuffing and kill it. Then BarkBox is right for your dog. You can get one here:

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For example, today’s box includes:

  • Bugs Bunny™ toy is filled with fluff, crinkle, and it can squeak. It is really important, because dogs like those high-pitched sounds, so it keeps them really engaged with the toy. You can ask them to do things like sit.
  • Porky Pig™ toy – you can throw it and your dog will go after it with pleasure.
  • Tweety Bird™ which can sing a new tune – it goes “squeak squeak squeak squeak!” whether it’s time to fetch or take on the Goon Squad.
  • LeBron James toy.
  • Tune Squad Treats with Pumpkin and Cinnamon will help you to train your dog such commands as sit, touch. Scrumptious cookies are made with wholesome ingredients.
  • Tune Squad Treats: Turkey with Mixed Berries – these scrumptious soft-baked biscuits are made with cage-free duck and wholesome veggies.

So, these treats are always a hit too. They always give you two bags in each box. Every Bark Box has a really unique theme.

What I Like About BarkBox

What I like about BarkBox is that they do make interesting innovative toys for dogs. As a trainer or a pet parent, you will really appreciate how innovative they are.

Their toys have smooth texture upfront, but on the back, they’ve got real fuzzy texture and your dog will be immediately drawn to that fuzzy texture.

With different squeakers, you can play tug or you can play fetch, depending on what your dog likes to do.

You can always be confident that bark is going to give you really high-quality treats with good quality ingredients. They’re always made in the United States or Canada.

Treats also have different textures. So, every BarkBox includes 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, curated from each month’s unique themed collection.

How Does BarkBox Works?

You’ll need to have a subscription for $23 per box a month. But the value of the box is more than $40!

When you subscribe, your first box will be shipped immediately for free inside the lower 48 United States.

How Much Does BarkBox Cost?

It has the following subscription options:

  • if you subscribe for just 1 Month, the box will cost $35;
  • if you subscribe for 6 months, the box will cost $26;
  • if you subscribe for 12 months, the box will cost $23.

Super Chewer Box

If your dog needs more of a challenge than the toys in the BarkBox, you’re definitely gonna want to check out the Super Chewer Box.

Get Your Super Chewer


If you’re not familiar with the Super Chewer Box, your mind is about to be blown. If your dog loves to chew, you need to keep a lot of chew toys and bones and really strong toys for your dog.

Super Chewer Boxes are from the Bark team, but they’re completely different than the Bark boxes. As you can tell by the name, these boxes are filled with items designed for really tough dogs that demand more of a challenge with their toys. The themes of super chewer boxes are focused on giving strong dogs the physical and mental outlet they really need.

In each box you will find:

  • 2 tough toys that are always fluff-free;
  • 2 full-size bags of treats which you can customize for your dog’s allergy and diet preferences;
  • 2 always all-natural chews with meat.

If you’ve ever seen durable dog toys in the past, some of them might actually be durable, but they’re almost never exciting. Super Chewer toys are completely different. Every one of the toys they send is actually really interactive, and they’ve got little holes where I can stick treats that make it kind of challenging for your dog to get them.

So, if your dog is the type who really likes to be rough with toys, it’s really energetic, they really need more mental and physical stimulation, and so while it can be a puzzle toy, it also doubles as an amazing fetch toy boom.

Puzzle toys are great and when dogs use their brains for puzzles or training, it can work as well as exercise to satisfy them and again we’re talking about very, very durable materials here.

Just like with BarkBox, there are options for dogs with allergies or special dietary needs. Super Chewer can even send you an all toy or all treat box if that’s what your dog would prefer. I love that they offer that kind of flexibility, because some dogs are gonna be more into treats than toys, and vice versa.

How Does Super Chewer Works?

All you need to do is just subscribe for a small fee of $30 per box. Each box has toys and treats that cost more than $45.

When you subscribe, your first box will be shipped right away. Next boxes will be delivered on a monthly basis. Besides, you get FREE SHIPPING inside the contiguous 48 United States.

If you find that a toy isn’t tough enough for a dog, it will be replaced 100% for free.

How Much Does Super Chewer Cost?

  • if you subscribe for just 1 Month, the box will cost $45;
  • if you subscribe for 6 months, the box will cost $35;
  • if you subscribe for 12 months, the box will cost $30.

Get Your Super Chewer



If you want to give either of these boxes a shot, you’re gonna get 50 % off of your first box when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription, plus get free shipping for life anywhere in the lower 48 United States.

Depending on which box you want, you can go to BarkBox or Super Chewer to get your discount.

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