Best Zee.Dog Hands-Free Leashes Reveiw

Welcome to the best hands-free leashes review.

What Does Hands-Free Leash For Dogs Mean?

A hands free leash means that you can walk your dog without a need to hold the leash in your hands. There is, in most cases, a belt you can put around your waist with a leash which stretches from it to the dog.

best hands-free leash review

Zee.Dog Hands-Free Leash History

When the Zee.Dog designers started creating hands-free leashes they were trying to find a new way to connect with a dog. It’s really something versatile yet really simple. It is all about freedom because you’re always using your hands to use your phone, to carry groceries, to open the door and hands-free leashes allow you to do all that while you are walking the dog.

There are some leashes that are sort of hands-free in the market but they’re very complex and they use a lot of parts. So Zee.Dog designers thought like “hey why don’t we do just something simpler, easier to use, casual and lightweight”. To do that they searched in different areas and basically their major inspiration was mountain climbing.

They studied many chord mechanisms that could allow a rope length adjustment and that could also allow a rope locking at the same time when the dog pulls.

So after many iterations after many tests, they arrived to the final product which is made of three very basic parts: the hook, which is a mighty hook. It’s all about pressure, just pressure down and it opens. The adjustable slider for the body that you can use to adjust across the body or around the waist or even to create a handle. And finally, they have the E-Zee Lock, the heart and soul of the Hands-Free Leash.

Basically, with these three elements in conjunction you can have the most versatility you can find.


Zee.Dog Hands-Free Leash Description

There are several kinds of Zee.Dog hands-free leashes. They are Space Grey, Neon Coral, Army Green, Deep Blue, Gotham. Using them it is very easy to walk a dog and remain connected with it. An anodized rainbow hook is used here which makes the look is really unique. You can put this hands-free leash around your waist or through your shoulder. To do it, there is a special E.zee lock adjustment buckle.

It is easier to control your dog when you use a hands-free leash unlike with a hand held leash. So, your walk with a dog will much more enjoyable. This leash has a very lightweight walking rope which makes it possible to be in touch even while you are walking your pet.

Available Size Range

  • Length
  • 3.9 – 7.87 ft

Zee.Dog Hands-Free Leash Features

  • There is a special walking rope which is very light and makes it possible for to be in touch even if you are on a walk with your dog.
  • You can attach it to your waist, shoulder or use it as a regular hand held leash. You can adjust everything using a special brand E.zee lock buckle.
  • The leash has a special metal hook you can easily open and close.
  • You can settle the leash from 3 ft 3/4 in to 7 ft 10 in.

Zee.Dog Hands-Free Leash Price

The price of this hands-free leash is quite affordable. It’s just $39.99. You can get it from the official site here.


Is It Safe To Use Hands-Free Leashes?

Yes, generally there is no risk using hands-free leashes. But if you have a really powerful dog that pulls on the leash, it can pull over you and you can hurt yourself. A special place on the leash, which is called a bungee area, is made for taking in shocks. It is really advisable to use such hands-free leashes with dogs which are already familiar with a leash.

Who Can Take Advantage of Hands-Free Leash?

A hands-free leash will be very convenient for people with disabilities or injuries as they just can’t use regular leashes.

They are also great if you like running or hiking, or if you are occupied with some other activity, for example, pushing a stroller, or you just want to have free hands.

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