Beyond Treats -The Ultimate Guide to Rewarding Your Dog

Welcome back to the channel in this Video we're going to talk about Improving the relationship using rewards And how to reward your dog in order to Train it in order to change its behavior And how to improve your bond and Relationship using rewards so first Thing that we are going to explore Is reward so how do you reward a dog who Is not food motivated or how do you Reward a dog in general so traditionally Or normally or naturally for you it Would be to reward the dog if you do This for me I will reward you when I'm Training a dog I'm asking the dog to sit And the dog sits and I give the treats Right that's how you usually think about Rewarding it all I want you to change The way you think about how to reward Your dog so instead of saying if you do This for me I will give you a reward which most dog Trainers they say you know you have to Think of it as your dog is working and You pay it for the work that is doing Which is kind of I would say nonsense it doesn't make Sense it's actually doesn't apply to Dogs dogs They don't work They don't see working or life the way We do So they don't work to get paid so I want You to think of it in a different form

Don't think of it as if you do this for Me I will give you reward I want you to Think of it as I'll scratch your back if You scratch my back so let's explore This form of reward and this form of Approach to training or making a Relationship with your dog so what does That look like and what does that feel Like and what does that do You have to get to know your dog you Have to spend time to learn what your Dog likes and start providing those for Your dog and in return your dog will Give you back what you like and will do Or help you to achieve things that you Like so that's the concept of I scratch Your back while you scratch my back so If I provide let's say play with my dog What happens there is when I play with My dog I gain a lot of points from my Dog's point of view that my dog says you Gained 20 points that's 20 point that I Have accumulated so far because I played With my dog so simply if you know that For example your dog like you to play With it or your dog likes to fetch the Idea here is I'm gonna play with you to Gain some point point and stick with me It's going to make sense so here's my Dog she likes to play ball so the way I'm gonna play with her instead of Saying go get the ball fetch it and then Usually they don't bring it or anything Like that I have set the rule that if

You want me to scratch your back which Is you want to play this game of fetch You have to literally drop the ball and Bring it to me Right and then I'll throw it for you so I'm scratching her back she's scratching My back so most dog owners what they do When they play this game for example the Dog doesn't let go of the ball they have To struggle to get the ball back and Then the dog doesn't bring near to you Or leaves it over there or runs away With it and I have trained or taught my Dog that that is not acceptable bring it More forward So she brings it more forward and then I Don't have to struggle with it and we Can continue on playing So that's one example of I scratch your Back and you scratch my back right now The other example I can give is I take My dog for a walk and I allow my dog to Walk and do whatever it wants it's her Walk so while she's walking I'm gaining Points right I'm gaining another 50 Points right so I played with her I Gained 20 points I walked her I gained Another 50 points and then you know There are all these things that I do During the day I feed her I brush her I Take care of her I let her lie down by Me on my lap all these things I'm Gaining points especially if I'm feeding My dog you know free food I should get

Another 100 points so I'm gaining a lot Of points now I want to train her I want To ask her to do something right so Let's say training and he come And he said Honey lie down So I can train her like that and he stay Because I'm using my points I have Scratched her back and now she's Scratching my back she I have done what She needed and she has what she needed And now she's doing what I want Right she's scratching my back so this Is training but I also want her to do Something for me just because I'm doing Something I'm working I want to ask her To lie down and not to bother me right While I'm for example making this video And she does it and the reward here is Invisible right I have already Accumulated points gained some credit And now she's doing things for me Without me getting involved with Offering her actual things physical Things she's doing it because of the Relationship that we have right so I've Gained points because of things that I Have provided for her and now she's Doing things for me I can use this for Training I can use this for daily Activities that I'm doing and if I want To change her behavior she's going to be More willing to work with me make me Happy and satisfied because of a

Relationship I can ask her not to behave certain way I can ask her to stop doing certain Things and stop doing those behaviors Because she wants to please me [Music] So one of the things that you have to Start focusing on and this is something That I share with my students in my Perfect dog plan program is Understanding that you're not just Training your dog you have to improve a Lot of other stuff in order for Everything to work out perfectly for you So to have a good dog is not just to Train them you have to understand that You have to provide their daily five Essential needs and this is something That we go in depth in the program as Well so if you want to learn more I'm Going to leave a video that you can Watch at the end of this video but Understand that you have to provide your Dog's daily five essential needs to gain Credits To gain points so your dog will give Back to you so if you provide these your Dog is going to be happy to give back to You in whatever form you want whatever You need so to understand that you have To provide your dog's daily five Essential needs which are exercise Training socialization care and also Affection

You have to provide them in this order As well you know first thing has to be Exercise then it has to be training Socialization and then care and then Elastic a dog needs is affection so if You provide all these five things for Your dogs Throughout the day every day you gain a Lot of points where at the end Your points are going to be the rewards That you're going to be using to either Train your dog or change his behavior or Teach something new to your dog So let's say for instance I want to Teach my dog a new idea or New Concept I don't have to give treats to my dog in Order for it to learn I can work with my Dog without the use of treats and teach It something new let's say I want to Teach my dog Annie to heal with me to Walk beside me so Annie here Here so she does it Not because Um dangling food or treats in front of Her she does it because she wants to Please me yeah And here good girl Sit Stay you see I don't have to give Rewards as well you know I don't have to Bombard my dog with rewards one of the Problems with tree training for example Is that you have to give treats every Time your dog does something and

Eventually you have to get to the point That you're giving treats every fifth or 10th time and then eventually you have To fade out the treats so I say from the Beginning why don't we just start not Going through that hassle of giving Treats and then slowly giving less and Then eventually fading it out why don't We start from the beginning with not Giving treats to our dog so we're not Depending on treats to go back and forth Again you know we're not paying our dogs We're asking our dog to do something for Us without the actual and physical Reward the reward that you're sharing With your dog would be invisible and it Would be something that It carries on throughout their lives so You don't have to start with training With treats or food or thinking of Reward But Giving them what they need and they will Do everything for you For their whole life let's say Annie is In a lie down position right and I want Her to stay there so Annie stay and her Task at this moment is to stay you know To scratch my back I'm rewarding her Emotionally mentally using my Relationship that I have with my dog Remember the way I gain points is by Providing my dogs daily five essential Needs and what are those five daily

Essential needs I'm Gonna Leave a video Right here that you can go ahead and Watch it learn more about it and if you Want to join my program the link is in The description below and if you have Any questions leave those questions in The comments below and until next time Have fun with your dog

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