Boerboel Dog Breed Information



Known for their strong muscular structure and obedient yet confident nature, Boerboel mastiff dogs are popular chores amongst dog owners and pet lovers around the world. If you’re interested in keeping a Boerboel but are confused because you don’t know enough about this dog breed, worry no more. As you’re at the right place, as we will share all the information about a Boerboel that you need to know to own one and care for it properly.

Boerboel Origin

The word boarble is derived from a Dutch word. That means farmer. The dogs that were kept on farms to protect them from predators were known as boars. Most of these dogs were either mastiffs or bulldogs somewhere around 1857. These two breeds were crossed and the result was the Boerboel. The Boerboel exhibits a mix of characteristics of both a mastiff as well as a bulldog. The most noticeable feature of the Boerboel dog is its strength and power.

Farmers trusted boarbles to drive away predators from wild predators. These dogs are not afraid of getting in a fight, but at the same time, are so gentle that they are often referred to as the family dogs. They come from the South African region.

Boerboel Dog Breed Personality

Boerboels are known to be fearless and courageous. This is a trait that is a double-edged sword. Their fearlessness makes them great watchdogs and they are excellent protectors. But if the dog is not trained properly from an early age, they can become aggressive. Boerboels are social dogs which demand attention and companionship. They can develop aggression if left isolated for long periods of time. Their physical structure demands regular exercise and owners have to ensure that they designate ample time of their day to exercise and spend time with their borrowable dogs.

Boerboel is a strong large-sized dog. The male Boerboel dog can grow up to 28 inches in length, while the female dogs have a size between 23 to 25.5 inches. They have a lifespan of around 10 to 12 years. The most common colors of the warble dog include black fawn, brindle, cream, mahogany brown and red. They have a muscular body with a strong bone structure.

They have short and sleek hair that cover their entire body. They have a bulky head and fuller cheeks. They have a dark black muzzle with large nostrils and dark brown eyes. They have medium-sized droopy ears, with a V shape.

Boerboel Dog BreedTrainability

Although Boerboels can become aggressive, their behavior can be controlled and inhibited via proper training. The Boerboel dog is powerful and strong, but also quite intelligent. Therefore, training. The dog is quite easy. You can train a borrowed dog as desired. If you’re getting a bauble to serve as a watchdog, you can train it to pick hints and keep the intruders away. But if you want to have the dog as a family pet, you should train it to be loving and discourage the exhibition of aggression.

Training Boerboels may be easy, but owners have to be vigilant about them. The training of the dog should begin at an early age as it’s the right age for the dog to pick up cues as the dog grows older, it’s very hard for it to unlearn or learn new things. The dogs should be trained to be obedient, and owners should also encourage good behavior, while discouraging aggression and habits like chewing, growling biting and attacking.

Time Investment

Boerboels are dogs that require a lot of time and attention. They demand the time of their owners. If the Boerboel dogs are left alone and not given attention properly, it can light up aggression in the dog. The owners should play with their dogs and also take them out for walks and exercise. It is essential for the dog’s mental as well as physical health. The grooming of the Boerboel dog is also an important factor that cannot be ignored at any cost. Their coat is sheer, but it does require regular, brushing it gets rid of the dead hair and keeps their coat healthy and shiny. Regular brushing also reduces the risk of the dog getting ticks and fleas.

Best Home

Boerboel are territorial. Therefore, if you have other dogs, you should not consider getting a Boerboel. This dog does have the tendency to show aggression towards other dogs. Moreover, these dogs do require ample physical activity. Therefore, the houses with yards and gardens are the best choice for boreal dogs.


Boerboels are quite hardy and strong. Therefore, they rarely get sick or face any health issues. They are less prone to falling prey to hereditary and genetic diseases. If you keep an eye on the dog’s feeding schedule and ensure that the Boerboel is exercised regularly, your dog will remain healthy and fit some common health issues that Boerboels can fall prey to include hip dysplasia, entropion, epilepsy and vaginal hyperplasia owners also have to be vigilant About the weight of the dog, the dog should not gain too much weight as it’s not good for the Boerboel’s health.

Boerboel Dog Price

Boerboel puppies are usually sold at around 1600 dollars. The species of the dogs is quite rare. Therefore, interested people have to put in some effort to find reliable breeders to buy a Boerboel dog. Since a Boerboel dog is a large sized dog, it does require attention and proper feeding. It is estimated that maintaining and feeding a Boerboel dog will cost around $300 per year other than this. You should also be prepared to spend around $500 in lieu of medical expenses and vet visits.

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