How To Adopt A Dog: A Complete Guide For 2021


Are you thinking about how to adopt or rescue a dog at the moment and you’re looking for the complete guide to understanding what to do? So in this article, I’m going to share with you the complete guide and complete information that you need to know what to do before and after rescuing or adopting a dog just like I did.

I have experienced over 15 years of adopting and having dogs and Annie is one of my latest adoption that I’m really excited to have in my life and we’re going to talk about all that and more in this article. So before you go ahead and adopt or rescue a dog, it’s better to have a plan, so you want to ask yourself some questions uh, so you have a clear understanding of what you’re supposed to do and what you should do.

Some of these questions are actually you being very honest with yourself and your family and every family member. Why is it that you want to have a dog ask that question? What is the purpose of having a dog at the moment? Why do you want to rescue? Why do you want to adopt a dog? Why do you want to rescue a dog?

Now all these questions, you have to be really clear about it to understand exactly what you want and why you want a dog. Is it just because you want to have a dog? Is it because everybody is adopting a dog, and you want to get into this train and adopt a dog there’s, something that you are emotionally attached to it?

Because, maybe you couldn’t have a dog when you were young and now you’re adult, and you need to fulfill that emotional need of having a dog. Is it because the kids are pressuring you to have a dog so sit down? And have this talk with yourself and your family members to see why is it that you really want a dog that is very important once you figure those out. Once you answer those questions, you will have a clear understanding of what to do next.

By answering those questions, you will have a good understanding of the next few steps that you’re going to be taking.

Do we have time for a dog?

What is the next step? So, let’s go to the next one. So the next question that you want to ask is: is this going to be a temporary or time that we’re going to be available to have a dog, or is it going to be permanent?

So what I mean by that is, are you thinking that, just because you’re off for holidays or maybe because the kids are not going to school yet so now we can have a dog, but you have to think about it. Is this going to be temporary or is it going to be permanently, I suggest thinking of it if it’s permanently, then it’s a better choice to make and if it’s temporary, you want to figure out what is going to be the short plan and the long Plan, for example, if it’s your kids, that are going to be home, but you are going to be going to work.

It’s going to work out. Its going to be fun, that’s fine! But if the kids are going to go back to school and you are going to go back to work or your office, then it’s not a good idea, because the dog is going to be staying home alone. So you want to ask those questions as well and answer them honestly be honest and be clear, because once you figure those out, then you’re going to have a better chance of figuring out the next steps honey.

What kind of dog to adopt?

What is the next step? Lets figure that out, so the next question that you want to ask is: what kind of dog are we getting? What breed of dog should we get? Should we get a big dog? Should we get a small dog? Do we have any breed in mind? Do we care what breed of dog it is, could be any dog right, so figure it out what you want? What kind of dog you want by understanding what kind of dog you want? What breed of dog you want? You will have a different plan as well.

So if you have, for example, a specific breed that you want, then you have to go to the shelter or rescue organization and ask them to let you know if they have any of those breeds. And you may have to wait for the breed to show up. But if you don’t care what kind of dog you’re going to get or you just care about the size or the color, or that which I don’t recommend to focus on, that it doesn’t matter what kind of dog you’re getting it all matters is that you are getting a dog and saving a dog from living in the shelter or in the environment of a rescue organization, for example, myself I expected to have a beagle puppy.

I waited for almost a year to get a big old puppy. The closest that I got was a big old mix puppy, so I got that which was Annie. Yes, I got Annie and it was the best choice that I made and I just love her. It doesn’t matter really, if she’s a beagle or beagle mix or any breed of dog. All it matters is that I have the best dog in the world, so figure these out too figure. What kind of dog you want. If you have a specific brain in mind, you have to let the rescue organization or the shelter to know and maybe put you on a waiting list and then they will let you know as soon as the puppy or the dog comes up.

And if you don’t really care what kind of dog or breed to get that’s even better, just go ahead and go to the next step, which is to understand and learn about dogs.

What to know about a dog?

You need to understand dogs. You need to learn at least the basics of dogs, so before you get, your dog educate yourself, learn about dogs, learn about what different behaviors mean, prepare yourself a little bit with information before you dive into the pool, because one of the biggest mistakes that dog owners make is they go in without any knowledge, and that creates a lot of unwanted behaviors in your dog. It’s like, if you don’t know how to drive, you don’t start shopping for a car. You start first to learn how to drive past the test and all that give you some you some information and then go start shopping for a car.

So one of the first things that you can do is just read the articles. The other thing that you want to do is prepare your house as a puppy, proof or dog proof. Your house, which is very important. You don’t want to give the whole house the freedom of the whole house to your dog the first day or the first week. You want to keep it in a specific area, or you want to keep it in a small area where you can be, literally, monitor and supervise your new puppy or your new adult.

So remember your puppy or your dog was. It was with its original, siblings and parents, probably, and then move to the shelter or the rescue organization facility, and it’s gone through a lot of changes. And now you are another level of change. Another level of stress your puppy or your dog is going to be stressed naturally and automatically, but you want to make sure that the level of stress that you’re inputting in your new dog’s life is low.

How to prepare a house for a new dog?

It’s not as extreme, so everything that you do or you’re not doing can cause a lot of stress to be added to your in your dog’s life or could be gentle and mild level of stress. So everything that you’re going to do has to have a reason. Has to have a purpose so think about it and prepare yourself to know exactly what to do so.

Have an area dedicated for your dog to be staying? Have the bed ready? Have the food and water ball ready a leash and a collar and a harness a crate like an expand? These are the minor things. So, if you want to know what are those basic things that you need to have for a new dog that you’re getting

So once you have prepared your house and you are mentally and physically and emotionally ready, then we’re going to go to the next step, which is you bringing your dog home.

How to bring a dog to a new house?

So now you have brought your dog home, and what are you going to do now? So, one of the first things that you want to do when you bring your dog home is to start providing your dog’s daily five essential needs. This is the formula that I use in every aspect of dog training, dog psychology, human training, dog owner psychology, dog owner training, all the aspects of training, a dog. I use this formula because it works and it’s something that you need to learn and understand and start providing for your dog.

These five things are exercise training, socialization care and affection. If you provide these five things for your dog, your new dog, your new dog, is going to have an easier time to mix in and start learning what to do and how to live with you in its new life and, as you can see, affection is the last thing that you need to provide for this new dog affection is the last thing to remember that many dog owners, when they rescue or adopt a dog, that’s the first thing that they focus on focus on affection.

That’s the wrong energy and that’s the wrong way of communicating or establishing a relationship with the dog. You want to establish a healthy relationship with your dog, obviously, and you wan na make sure that your dog starts to get information from you. So it can start a new life, a fresh new life, with you properly and in a healthy way, and the only way that you can do that is by providing these five essential needs in this order. For your new dog, starting from the first day, the rest is just having a fun environment for your dog to start learning and understanding you what you want and how you want it to live with you. So the only way that I suggest you to do is to use play and praise as a reward system again forget about treats forget about food.

That’s not the right form or format or the tool to start connecting with your new dog start using play and praise to train your dog. This is training, this is what training is using, play and praise its reward is play and he could get it she’s playing in her mind, she’s playing, but in my mind I’m training her. She has no idea that she’s being trained to use clay and praise to reward your dog instead of food. It is much more effective, it’s much more effective, it’s much healthier and you get good results.

Thanks for reading my article how to adopt a dog.

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