December 2022 Bullymake Dog Subscription Box Unboxing

Hey everyone Thanks for tuning in my Name is Samantha with Top Dog tips and Today I'm going to be unboxing the December 2022 bully meat subscription Box for dogs and as you can sell this is A box designed for power tours and we Are talking about those really Aggressive chewers that love to just Shred and Destroy things this box is Made for those dogs in every box you're Going to get a little card Um they're always themed this one looks To be a Christmas theme In every box you're going to receive two To three dog toys and three bags of Grain free treats the toys and treats Are always made in the USA except for Any rope products the Rope products are Made in China the toys are non-toxic and They're made with all FDA approved Materials So let's see what we have in this box I Have some Twigs this season these are a Duck and turkey flavored treat I have sniff gifts These are a Pork flavored treat and then I have Scruffy's stockings and these ones are a Bacon flavored treat Now typically as you can tell you get Bully make brand treats that happens Most of the time but sometimes you do Get other treats no matter what they're Always going to be grain free now I also

Usually get two toys in every box one is Usually a hard nylon toy and one is Usually a hard rubber toy more like a Kong style so first the nylon toy this Is a little reindeer You can hear how hard that is and it Doesn't Bend like I said these are Really for dogs with powerful jaws that Just love to chew and gnaw and then Finally the last thing in the Box this Is that hard rubber Toyo is talking About Um this one's just kind of a ball shaped And it's got a hole in the bottom you Could stuff it with peanut butter treats For your dog so that's pretty typical of What you get in every bully make box um As I mentioned sometimes you might get a Different brand of treat but they're all Pretty much the same there is a toy only Option Um you'll get four to five toys in a box With no treats if your dog destroys or Is not satisfied with a toy bully Meek Will replace it for you just have to Reach out to their customer service let Them know that your dog was able to Destroy it and they will work on that For you The boxes can be catered um they're Catered to your dog's size and allergies Right now they currently cater to beef Chicken and grain allergies and much Like with every other subscription box

The bully make box gets cheaper for the Longer you subscribe so uh one box just For one month is going to be 45 but if You subscribe for three months it's 36 a Month six months is 34 a month and 12 Months is 31 a month if you guys have Any other questions click the link below The video that will take you to my Detailed written review of The Box Um and there's some more information in There and it's also got the bully make Link if you're interested in checking Out their website to get some more Information get some of those frequently Asked questions taken care of or if You'd like to subscribe

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