DIY Dog Ice Lick for Hot Summer Days

How To Make DIY Dog Ice Lick

Summer is here, which means we’re looking for ways to keep our pets cool and making a DIY dog ice lick is one of the easiest cheapest ways to keep your pup cool. Just make sure that you’re doing it in advance. If you know that you tomorrow’s going to be a really hot day, you can make the ice like today. It does need time to freeze obviously, so just try to kind of think ahead. So I have a tupperware container here.

All I use is a tupperware container with a lid. The lid just makes it easier for transport. You don’t need the lid. What I’m gonna do is put a couple of toys in here um.
You could use any kind of toys that are appropriately sized for your dog and then I have some dog treats so I’m going to sprinkle those in too and I’m going to fill this with water.
You can see that the tennis ball is gonna float, but once I put the lid on this, it’s gonna push the balls down so that they’re frozen. I’m just gonna spread the treats out a little bit, put the cover on. Then we’re going to freeze this. I just leave it in overnight and I’ll come back and show you what it looks like when it’s in my eyelid has frozen.
So now I’m just gonna tip it over get it out of the container, and you can see that my dogs, it’s a nice hot day, so they’re excited to lick it and cool off. You can see the treats frozen in there there’s a little bit more up close. So you can see the treats Sadie’s having a great time licking it as she licks it she’s getting some water she’s hydrating. She is cooling off and it’s entertaining her.

It’s mentally stimulating, plus she’s, getting a little treat every once in a while. So it’s really a quick, easy fun way to give your dog a treat to cool off in the summer time! It’s very inexpensive and super easy to make just remember to do it ahead of time. You know, for example, if I wanted it today, I started this yesterday and froze it overnight, as I mentioned, if you guys have any questions, feel free to email me thanks for watching this video guide, you

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