Does your dog pull on walks? #dogtraining #dogtrainer #leashpulling #looseleash #dogtraining101 #dog

Many people equate teaching a dog how to Walk calmly by your side with something As easy as sit or lay down or stay but For most dogs acquiring these polite Leash manners is a much more complex Task there are some prerequisites to This after all this is a pretty Intricate skill before you even get Serious about your leash training Obviously your dog should be at least in The process of learning to come when Called and they should know how to give You their attention when you ask and you Should probably be working on at least The basic things like sit and stay and Come and I've got videos on all that That you can watch later you might be Wondering why these are prerequisites And it's because it's proof of some Existing communication and you're going To draw on aspects of all of those Behaviors throughout your leash training

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