Dog goes crazy first thing 

So this commenter is basically saying That first thing in the morning when They go to let their dog out that their Dog just goes crazy no matter what they Do they just can't seem to get control Of their dog or get them to focus or Paying attention and their dog is just Interested in everything I'm going to be Really quick here but number one slow Things down a little bit these energetic Dogs need you to go in slow motion I Know it seems counter-intuitive but Start by teaching your dog how to stay At the doorway during a dedicated Practice session in other words don't Wait until it's time to go outside to do This training be sure you're using a Harness it's much safer for a dog that's A little crazy on leash over the next Several weeks even months you want to Adopt a plan to desensitize your dog to These things that get him really excited I would also recommend that you do Exercise early in the day of course You're not going to fix this issue Immediately but if you're playing fetch Early in the day you'll probably find or Before your training sessions I should Say you'll probably find that your Training sessions go a lot easier great Question hope this helps and if you guys Have any questions let me know

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