Dog is too busy sniffing to listen 

This is a relatable question for me in Particular so basically you have a dog That wants to sniff more than anything Else dogs love sniffing things I mean They really have a supernatural ability To use that nose nonetheless you want Your dog to listen to you when you want Them to listen to you regardless of how Much they want to do something so a Couple of things here first of all I Would prioritize recall training making Sure that you go out of your way to Reward in very certain terms when your Dog comes to you particularly under These situations but you need to you Probably need to take a step back and Make things a little bit easier if this Is too overwhelming for your dog right Now so making sure that you're Consistently rewarding your dog when You're in the house for example is a Good place to start you may need to use Extra high value rewards just so that Your dog really starts to make that Association that listening to you is What works for them but it is really Important to make sure that your dog is Able to perform natural behaviors pretty Often so allowing your dog dedicated Time to sniff and enjoy their life is Good hope this helps

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