Dog Safe Houseplants for Pet Owners

[Music] I get asked a lot about house plants That are safe for dogs people just enjoy Having plants in their house and this Time of year people start thinking about Gifts for some of the friends and family Members on their shopping list house Plans are a nice gift to give to anyone So I think a lot of people start Thinking about that when they really Don't know what to get someone a house Plan is a great option if you're Thinking about purchasing a house plant For someone who owns a dog you want to Make sure that you do a little bit of Research before making that purchase Because there are a lot of house plants And yard plants that are toxic to pets So I've made a list of my top six dog Safe house plants for pet owners the First one on my list is a spider plant This is very hearty and easy to maintain If your thumb isn't so green I don't Have a green thumb so I know this from Experience we have a few spider plants At our house they're very hearty super Easy to maintain so if someone is a Beginner and not doesn't have a lot of Experience with house plants or you're Just not sure this is a really great Plant to get that can survive in most Conditions number two is bamboo this is A good plan to consider if the Pat has a Tendency to munch on leaves so if it's

Your pet or if it's a dog that you know And you know they like to eat the leaves Off houseplants bamboo is a really great Option it's really a unique looking so It adds that little bit of uniqueness And pop to any home's Decor but it also Is safe and doesn't have those tempting Leaves that some pets find so enticing Number three is an African Violet now This one's a great option if you're Looking for a flowering plant so there Are green leaves but then it has these Beautiful brightly colored flowers as Well so if you know somebody who likes Those bright colors or really enjoys the Blooming flowers and African Violet's a Good option Number four is a donkey tail succulent So succulents are known for being very Easy to maintain and this one has an Especially unique look so it's something That's you know interesting and kind of A conversation piece for someone to hang In their home but then also you know Really easy to maintain they don't Require a lot of watering so if somebody Is either a beginner or they're just not So great at taking care of house plants The donkey tail succulents are really Unique option that you could try and Totally safe for dogs number five is Called a cast iron plant this one has The ability to withstand almost any Growing condition super hearty plant it

Needs only moderate amount of light and A little bit of watering so if somebody Travels a lot this one's a great option If they live in a home or an apartment That doesn't get a lot of light this One's a good option and it's still a Really neat looking plant so you know They'll be happy with the look but also Don't need to you know spend a lot of Time maintaining that one and finally my Last one's called a prayer plan now this One's really cool it comes in a variety Of colors and patterns and the thing That I like about these plants is they Actually close in their leaves at night So if you know a dog owner who has Children or you're just looking for a Really unique plant to give them this is A really great option it's fun to watch This plant and it's definitely something That will brighten up any home [Music]

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