Don’t Miss These Core Vaccines As A Pet Owner!

[Music] Welcome to theory of pets I'm a Passionate pet owner with a drive to Help others like me uncover the truth About the pet industry and what goes on Behind the scenes now let's dive into Where vaccines start to I guess split Off into two different groups Um One is called core vaccines and then the Other one is called non-core vaccines Why don't you tell us what Corva core Vaccines are and why they're considered Core vaccines Yeah so core vaccines are either Required by law which is exclusive to Rabies so because rabies is such an Important public health risk that one is No question if you have a dog or a cat Legally it needs to be vaccinated for Rabies now there's some little Nuance Rot laws and rules that vary by state And then for dogs we have uh distemper And parvo those are both very very Manageable we've had vaccines for Distemper and parvo for many many years They've proven to be very safe and They're both very devastating conditions So both of them Your animal it will either pass away From the illness or they will recover in A lot of cases they will as as I Mentioned before have long-term Repercussions from having that since

They're younger exactly and the other Issue is both of those are viruses and They live in the environment for a very Long time and they're incredibly Contagious so if you have a shelter with A distemper break then that shelter is Shut down no animals can come in or out Of it and then the legwork that has to Be done to disinfect that environment or You know if you have Um uh moving into an apartment and an Owner had par a dog that had parvo Before you that is an in contaminated Environment so So we consider those core because they Are so preventable they're so Devastating and they're so hard to Control in a population Um the other core vaccines for cats is Feline distemper so same thing you know It's a different flavor and a specific Flavor of distemper that causes a little Bit different signs but still just as Contagious just as difficult to get out Of the environment and still has those Same long-term repercussions Um so those are what we consider kind of Our quote unquote core vaccines for our Domestic pets so now you said they're Required by law basically Could you Actually go to jail if you don't get Those vaccines for your dogs or would it Be just like a Pretty heavy-handed slap on the wrist

Maybe like a fine well it really comes Down to and again it varies by state it Varies by County but it's more so if Your animal if there's anything that Comes up your animal bites another Person and that animal is positive and You didn't vaccinate them for rabies You're gonna be in big trouble yeah yeah Yeah got it okay and so just to Summarize before we talk about the Non-core so which ones are core for dogs And then which one they're core for cats Again So we have rabies which are core for Both and then we have distemper and Parvo for dogs and then we have feline Distemper In cats okay [Music] Foreign

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