Easy Cat Food Recipe with Salmon

This easy cat food recipe with salmon is Enticing to most cats it's also a really Great source of nutrients fish is packed With some lean protein it has the amino Acids that our cats need and a lot of Other really great nutrients that you Have to have in a balanced recipe for Your cat if you have questions on what Nutrients your cat needs or before you Switch to a homemade food I would highly Recommend speaking with your Veterinarian or a trained feline Nutritionist because they'll be able to Tell you based on your cat's unique Variables like weight size breed health Issues activity level all of that is Going to play a part in What nutrients Your cat needs so just touch base with Your veterinarian make sure that the Recipe that you're creating is going to Meet those needs and you could certainly Use a different fish if you wanted to I'm using salmon you could use any kind Of canned fish you could even substitute For like a ground chicken or ground beef Or ground turkey if you prefer to do That or a fish is hard to find in your Area and I know with all of it the covet Increases all of the supply and demand Issues and the cost of everything right Now fish might not be feasible for Everybody on every budget so certainly Um it can be substituted if you prefer To use a different protein source this

Easy cat food recipe only takes a couple Minutes to prepare the first thing You'll want to do is cook one egg yolk And then you're going to want to cook Your salmon you can use canned salmon That's already cooked if you have fresh Or frozen you're just going to want to Cook that you're going to need one cup Of salmon You're also going to want to steam some Broccoli you only need a tablespoon so You just have to steam like one or two Small pieces of broccoli and you're just Going to want to dice that really small And the last ingredient is two Tablespoons of unsweetened applesauce And you're going to combine all those in A bowl and then just mix it together Really well if you have cooked the Ingredients recently you're just going To want to let everything cool really Well before you feed it to your cat this Will make about three servings if you're Interested in the nutritional values in This recipe or the serving size Guidelines click the link below it'll Take you to my written guide you can Print the recipe out to share it with Your veterinarian or have on hand for When you're cooking or you can also see On the bottom of my recipe it will show All the nutritional facts as well as the Serving guidelines and information on How to store the leftover food if you

Guys have any other questions feel free To email us thanks for watching this Recipe guide

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