EFFECTIVE Way of Training Your Dog Using Praise

Hello Dr Robert my name is Sarah I'm a Doctor and I also Coach dog owner these Are going to be extreme challenges for Annie to fear them out now you can do The same or similar way of challenging Your own dog when it comes to training I Highly suggest you to come up with ways To challenge your dogs this is an Example that I've taken from sport of Agility for dogs and I'm challenging Annie this way so basically what it is It's called the plank or the walk the Way I usually introduce equipment to any Is by having her on leash So let's see how she's going to do any Here And he said It's okay any walk Nice good job good girl no treats no Food Just Praise In this case any walk Yeah he came off okay so I have to get Him pay more attention and he walk slow Slow Yes all right I'm gonna have to slow her Down honey over here Sunny slow slow Good girl yes yes okay so she's getting The point of what that is I'm gonna try It without the leash let's see if she's Going to do any over here Oh come here no come here slow [Music] Gentle nice very good okay she did it so I'm gonna reward her the reward for her

Is play and praise so I use praise to Teach her and then also continue with Playing as well so she gets both play And praise as a reward so Now I'm gonna Make it a little bit more challenging so I'm gonna add another layer this layer Is going to be A little bit more Um Uncomfortable for her because kind of Wiggling too so that's part of it as Well I want her to be a little bit Uncomfortable but figure out how to Balance herself so now I'm going to Start with the lesion Annie come Good girl any walk Okay so it's a bit higher very good nice That was very good so I'm gonna repeat Couple of times And over here And you walk Wow she's doing it no problem Okay all right now I'm gonna do it Without the leash Honey over here Slow Come here Honey here Sit Stay Slow walk Wow Nice all right see how Interesting it is the progress that they

Make in training so now I'm gonna use Her toy and over here Slow Very good good job All right so I'm gonna trade one more Time and it's slow Very good Okay [Music]

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