Flipping the script on dog expectations. Share something unexpected about your pup you now adore!

Okay I've got a thought for you guys you Know how sometimes when we get a job we Have this image in our mind of what that Dog is going to be like and what we're Going to do with them and how we're Going to live our life with them and Then you know if you've been through This sometimes it doesn't work like that Sometimes the dog's personality or their Skill set or their talents but they Don't match up with what you thought They would be and for those of you that Have been through this you'll likely Agree with me in that even though maybe A dog didn't live up to your Expectations as to what you thought they Were going to be they make up for it in Some other dramatic way where it's like Well I didn't see that coming but I love That about my dog what is something Unexpected about your dog's personality Or talents or ability level that you've Really come to appreciate that you Didn't factor in when you first got your Dog

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