French Bulldog – Top 10 Facts

French Bulldogs are really one of a kind;
with their large bat ears and even disposition, They are one of the world's most regarded
small-dog breeds on the planet today. Frenchies are generally lively, playful, and
adaptable and make brilliant companions with Their range of colorings and bright affectionate
nature; it's easy to see why you'd be interested In learning more about this amazingly charming
breed. In today's video, we'll show you 10 interesting
facts about these dogs that will surely leave You amazed. Fact number 1: MOST POPULAR DOG BREED
The French Bulldog remains one of the world's Most popular breeds. In recent surveys, they were rated as the
most popular registered dog in the United Kingdom; they are also the second-most popular
dog breed in the United States and are still The third-most-popular dog in Australia. It's easy to see why this breed has taken
the world by storm. With their compact frame and energetic behavior,
they never become weary of playing with children, And the other way around. Yet, at the same time, French Bulldogs are
also famous for being affectionate and love Spending as much time as possible on the lap
of their owners. Fact number 2: ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE BREEDS
TO OWN In relation to the last fact, in the late
19th century, the French Bulldog actually Became so popular with wealthy Americans that
their price soared to up to $3,000 per dog And hasn't really gone down much since. Members of wealthy influential families, including
the Rockefellers and the J.P. Morgans, have Regularly been seen out-and-about showing
off their Frenchies. Even today, the price is high; this is partly
because they only tend to have 3 puppies at A time, so there's never a massive amount
of them. Fact number 3: THEY DON’T BARK
French Bulldogs rarely bark, yet they are Still excellent watchdogs because of their
high level of alertness. They are also pretty smart and easy to train,
especially if this training is in the form Of a game. They likewise do really well in the training
if it is done positively, and if you give Them a lot of food and rewards, it will be
an even smoother process they will certainly Enjoy. Fact number 4: THEY CAN’T SWIM
If you are looking for a breed of dog that'll Enjoy splashing around in the water, then
the French Bulldog probably isn't for you.

Many dogs are known for being great swimmers. However, French Bulldogs are not one of them;
they can hardly swim at all. This is because French Bulldogs have very
short muzzles; they have to tilt their head Far back so that the water won't get into
their noses, as well as to keep their mouths Out of the water. Moreover, having a large head and short legs
prevent them from being able to float. So if you like lakes, beaches, and boats,
consider a different breed. ===
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Although they were ranked a lowly 109th in Stanley Coren's groundbreaking academic work
'The Intelligence of Dogs,.' There have been Frenchies who have bucked
this perception as dumb mutts. The owners of a French Bulldog named Princess
Jacqueline in the 1930s claimed their pet Could 'speak' 20 different words! Regardless of whether it's true, in general,
french bulldogs have no problem listening To commands and will often figure out ways
to make your life interesting; if that's not Intelligent, we don't know what is. Fact number 6: THEY ARE BRITISH NOT FRENCH
Something you may not have realized is that Despite the name, French Bulldogs were actually
first bred in the UK in the 1800s to be companion Dogs and are the result of careful cross-breeding
between small English Bulldogs and French Ratters. What's more, the Frenchies' ancestors were
used to keep workers in Nottingham lace-making Factories warm. These small dogs curled up in the workers'
laps – acting like hot water bottles. Fact number 7: THEY ARE CITY DOGS
French bulldogs are considered an easy breed To care for and ideal for city living; this
is thanks to the fact that even though they Do need a daily walk to keep them healthy,
they do not require much exercise. They are content with short walks throughout
the day, and overexercising, especially during Warm weather, may actually cause breathing
problems. So if you live in a small apartment with no
close by hiking trails, don't worry; your

Frenchie will be happy with a stroll to the
park. Fact number 8: THEY DON’T SHED
Another reason French Bulldogs are perfect For urban living is that they do not shed
very much at all, because they have fine, Short, and smooth coats that come in a variety
of colors and patterns from blue to brindle, Making them one of the most unique looking
dogs out there as well as one of the easiest To groom. ===
What's your favorite fact about french bulldogs? Comment below this video and let us know! === Fact number 9 THEY SLEEP LIKE THERE’S NO
TOMORROW You may enjoy lazy Sunday mornings, but Frenchies
live for them. Adult French bulldogs usually sleep for around
10 to 13 hours per day! The rest of their time is often spent running
around, playing, or simply sitting in the Living room. Additionally, as French Bulldogs age, they
require more hours of sleep because they tire More quickly. But if you want a low-maintenance breed that
just likes to chill out, they're a great companion. Fact number 10 : THEY WON'T FIGHT WITH YOUR
OTHER PETS French Bulldogs are a very caring breed. They are energetic and playful and love to
be with people and other animals. In fact, in 2009, a French Bulldog called
Bugsy became a foster parent to a baby orangutan Named Malone, who had been abandoned by his
mother at Twycross Zoo in England. The pair were inseparable and loved playing
and spending time together until Malone was Big enough to join the other orangutans. So if you have kids or other pets, have no
fear, don't worry; they are sure to become Friends with a Frenchie in no time!

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