Frustrated with Your Hyper Dog? 🤬 Here’s the Perfect Training Technique 🙌 #dogtraining #dogtrainer

Training a hyperdog can be frustrating But I've got the perfect technique for You it's a frustrating thing when Working with a hyper dog is that they're So quick it is on us to speed up to keep Up with them we've got to be able to Nail the behavior with the clicker the Instant they do it right so in Panda's Case look at me right there I mean as I Was saying it I had eye contact right Here look at me very engaging you got to Keep the Rhythm up you got to keep the Pace you're gonna have to make sure the Moment he does something right you're There he's a fast-paced train a dog like This so you you can't be too slow Remember a clicker just means good dog I Like that you win something good you Could always say the word yes or good Too discover more training techniques in The full video which I'll have in the Comments below and don't forget to like And follow

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