German Shepherd vs Doberman

The German Shepherd Vs the Doberman! German Shepherds and Dobermans are two of
the most intelligent and loyal breeds of dogs. They are fiercely protective of their families
and make wonderful guard dogs. Despite their intimidating appearance, they
are gentle and loving with their owners. Unfortunately, these breeds have been given
a bad rap and are often portrayed as aggressive Dogs. This couldn't be further from the truth. Both German Shepherds and Dobermans are highly
trainable and make excellent service dogs. They are also great with children and are
known for their playful and affectionate nature. Don't be fooled by their powerful and fearless
demeanor. German Shepherds and Dobermans are both incredibly
loving and devoted companions who will fiercely Protect their families. Whether you're looking for a loyal guard dog
or a loving family pet, you can't go wrong With these two amazing breeds. Although they are quite similar in many ways,
there are also quite a few differences between These two breeds that you will learn about
in this video. So let's take a look at the most important
things to know about these breeds! Number 1: Their origins
The German Shepherd, as we know it today, Has not been around for very long. This breed was developed by Max von Stephanitz,
a former cavalry officer, by cross-breeding Different working sheep dogs from rural Germany. His ultimate goal was to create a versatile
herding dog that could trot for long periods And obey commands with dedication. Eventually, a breed standard was created,
and the first breed show occurred in 1899, Firmly establishing them across Germany. In 1906, the first dogs were exported to the
USA. Interestingly, many people in the UK still
refer to these dogs as Alsatians, primarily Because the Alsace region of France was once
part of Germany, where these dogs were common. In recent years the breed's popularity has
skyrocketed. It is now one of the most favored pedigree
breeds in the world and due to their strong Protective instincts, is the go-to working
breed for the police, military and security Forces worldwide. On the other hand While the official story
is somewhat murky, the most commonly accepted Origin of the Doberman pinscher begins in
the 1880s with Louis Dobermann, a tax collector

And breeder from Apolda, Germany. His goal was to develop a new breed that would
serve as an excellent watchdog. To achieve this, Dobermann began mixing various
dog breeds to create a potent blend of strength, Stamina, and intelligence. Unfortunately, there is no record of the specific
breeds used in this process. However, it is generally accepted that two
German breeds, the now-extinct old Deutsch Shepherd and the German pinscher, played a
significant role in the Doberman's development. After Louis Dobermann's death in 1894, Germany
honored him by naming the breed he created The Dobermann-pinscher. Since then, they have had a long and storied
history, particularly during the first half Of the 20th century, as military and police
dogs. Number 2: Their personality:
German Shepherd dogs are known for their intelligence And natural obedience, making them excellent
companions for families with children and Other pets, as long as they are raised with
them. Their guarding instincts also mean that they
are fiercely protective of their family, often Exhibiting wariness towards strangers. However, it is essential to note that some
poorly bred German Shepherd dogs can be high-strung And nervous, particularly when they are not
adequately socialized or trained. This can lead to over-guarding and aggressive
behavior. As such, responsible breeding, early socialization,
and training are crucial in ensuring that These dogs remain noble and loving companions. Despite their reputation as guard dogs, German
Shepherds are also known for their affectionate Nature and the strong bonds they form with
their families. They are active and athletic dogs, often excelling
in activities such as obedience, agility, And tracking. In addition, they are widely used in various
professional fields, including law enforcement, Search and rescue, and as service dogs for
those with disabilities. Their versatility and intelligence make them
one of the most popular breeds worldwide. Overall, German Shepherds are a beloved and
protective breed that, with proper training And socialization, make excellent family pets
and working dogs. Meanwhile Doberman Pinschers are famed for
their deep loyalty and courage, making them Excellent watchdogs. However, their history also means that they
require patient owners who are willing to Dedicate themselves to training them properly.

Due to their strong bond with their families,
Dobermans are often referred to as "Velcro Dogs" and will want to stick close to their
owners. This loyalty can lead to separation anxiety
if left alone for too long, making them a People-oriented breed that thrives on human
interaction. While they are generally good with children,
socialization and training are essential to Ensure that they develop a healthy bond with
all members of the family. It is also important to note that some Dobermans
may bond more closely with one person than Others. However, with proper socialization and training,
Doberman Pinschers are affectionate and sweet Dogs that make loyal and devoted companions. They are also highly intelligent and excel
in obedience training, agility, and other Activities that stimulate their minds. All in all, Doberman Pinschers are a loving
and courageous breed that requires proper Training and socialization to thrive. With the right owner and environment, they
can make loyal and affectionate companions. Number 3: Their appearance: German Shepherds are a beautiful breed with
a striking wolf-like appearance. They can grow up to a height of about 25 inches
and weigh up to 95 pounds. Their well-proportioned bodies have a broad
head that tapers handsomely to a sharp muzzle. Their rather large ears stand erect, giving
them a keen and attentive expression. The back is level and muscular, and the tail
is bushy and curves downward, adding to their Elegant posture. Their thick and rough coat comes in various
colors such as black, tan, black and tan, Or gray. While their coat is usually of medium length,
long-coated individuals are not uncommon. German Shepherds are truly a sight to behold. In contrast, the Doberman pinscher has a distinctive
appearance that makes it easy to recognize. These dogs are lean, athletic, and powerful,
with a silhouette that stands out in a crowd. They can grow to be over 2 feet tall and are
deceptively heavy, weighing up to 100 pounds Due to their muscular build. Dobermans are usually black, red, blue, or
fawn, giving them a uniform-like appearance Befitting their security and law enforcement
backgrounds. Although traditionally, Dobermans had their
tails docked and ears cropped, these practices Are now outlawed in most countries because
they are painful procedures with no proven

Medical benefits. Lastly, one of the most striking features
of a Doberman is their dark and intense eyes, Which can almost seem hypnotic. By any standard; Dobermans are certainly a
noble and handsome breed. —
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learn more about dogs every day! – Number 4: Their trainability:
German Shepherds are truly remarkable animals With an impressive range of skills and abilities. Not only are they versatile and obedient,
but they also possess a deep loyalty and unwavering Commitment to their owners. From herding livestock to serving as guide
dogs for the blind, these remarkable canines Have been trained to perform a wide range
of tasks. And with their intelligence, courage, and
natural athleticism, it's no wonder they're Often sought after for roles in movies and
television. Whether you're looking for a working dog or
simply a loyal companion, the German Shepherd Is a brilliant option. And If you're looking for a loyal and courageous
canine companion, look no further than the Doberman Pinscher. Regal and powerful, this breed is among the
world's finest guard dogs. As we mentioned earlier, they were originally
bred to protect tax collectors and the Dobie Retains its keen protective instincts, as
well as an intuitive sense for identifying Friend or foe. Despite their serious demeanor, these dogs
are also sensitive and highly intelligent, Always eager to please their owners. Their natural obedience and willingness to
follow commands make them highly trainable, Making a well-trained Doberman a force to
be reckoned with in deterring intruders. With a Doberman by your side, you can feel
confident in your safety and security. Number 5: The time Investment needed:-
German Shepherds are a breed that requires A significant amount of attention and activity. They have a high energy level and love to
be engaged in activities like running, walking, And playing. If you're considering getting a German Shepherd,
it's important to understand that they require

Ample exercise every day to maintain their
physical and mental health. Regular obedience training is an excellent
way to provide both physical and mental stimulation For your furry friend, while also strengthening
your bond with them. It's also worth noting that German Shepherds
shed heavily twice a year and consistently Shed a moderate amount of hair throughout
the year. To maintain their coat and control shedding,
they require regular brushing at least a few Times a week. Having a good vacuum cleaner is also a must
to keep your home free of pet hair. While the time commitment to caring for a
German Shepherd may seem daunting, the love And companionship they provide make it all
worthwhile. Dobermans are energetic and intelligent dogs
that require lots of time and attention from Their owners. However, the rewards of owning one are worth
it as you'll have a loyal and loving companion Who always has your back. Keeping a Doberman happy and healthy requires
providing them with lots of exercise. They are playful dogs who love to engage in
games and activities with their owners and Family. Regular exercise will also prevent them from
getting bored and resorting to destructive Behavior like chewing on things they shouldn't. The good news is that Dobermans have low-maintenance
coats. Their short fur only needs to be brushed once
a week to stay in good condition. While they do shed, it's not nearly as much
as German Shepherds, which is why they are A popular choice for many dog owners. Number 6: The costs of ownership
When considering adding a German Shepherd To your family, it's important to keep in
mind that the initial purchase cost is typically Around $2000 for a puppy. However, it's crucial to invest in a reputable
breeder who can screen for common health issues, As treating these can be expensive down the
line. Additionally, as these are large and active
dogs, they require plenty of high-quality Food to keep them healthy and energetic. And let's not forget about their gorgeous
thick coat, which will require regular grooming To keep it in top condition. These factors should be taken into account
when budgeting for the long-term costs of Owning a German Shepherd.

Similarly, Doberman puppies usually range
in price from $1,000 to $2,500, depending On their quality. Keep in mind that puppies that cost less than
$1,000 may come from puppy mills that don't Prioritize health screening or proper care,
so it's best to approach such breeders with Caution. And, as with German Shepherds, owning a Doberman
comes with general upkeep costs. Due to their large size, they require more
food, and medications tend to be more expensive In higher dosages. So, before bringing home a Doberman puppy,
it's important to consider the long-term financial Commitment involved. So what do you think so far? Do you prefer the German Shepherd or the Doberman!? Stay tuned for more and if you are interested
in other dog comparisons; check out some of Our playlists and discover even more information
about dogs! Number 7: Their health:-
As with many purebred dogs, German Shepherds Are vulnerable to certain conditions and illnesses
due to the way they have been bred over the Years. The most noticeable aspect of their breeding
is the sloped shape of their back legs and Hips, which unfortunately makes them more
susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia. This can lead to arthritis or even the need
for surgery. They can also develop degenerative myelopathy,
a spinal cord condition that worsens over Time. In addition, German Shepherds can inherit
pannus, a corneal disease. However, with a healthy active lifestyle and
proper care, this breed can still live for An average of 10-13 years. When it comes to Dobermans there are also
certain health issues you'll need to keep An eye out for: Hip dysplasia, bloat, and
Von Willebrand's disease – which affects blood Clotting – can be a problem, particularly
as the dog ages. However, with the help of a veterinarian,
these issues can be managed, allowing for A happy and healthy life for both owner and
dog making the average lifespan of a Doberman About 10-12 years. Happily, with proper care and regular check-ups
with a vet, both these breeds can have their Potential health issues easily addressed and
go on to live long, full and healthy lives. Number 8: The best home for them:
German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent

And fiercely loyal to their owners, but they
require plenty of mental and physical stimulation To thrive. It's important to keep in mind that this breed
was originally developed for work, and some People may find their high energy level and
need for attention challenging. To ensure they're happy and healthy, German
Shepherds do best in homes with a large fenced Yard for playtime and plenty of human interaction
throughout the day. But if you're looking for a loving, intelligent
dog with strength and agility, a German Shepherd Is an excellent choice that won't disappoint. Then there's Dobermans which may be large
dogs, but they can comfortably adapt to living In any size home or apartment. They are extremely affectionate and loyal,
and will not hesitate to climb onto your lap For cuddles while you watch your favorite
show. With plenty of mental and physical stimulation,
Dobermans can thrive in any environment and Their innate watchdog instincts make them
the perfect protectors for your home and family. So, if you're looking for a loving and devoted
companion who will also keep you safe, a Doberman Might be the perfect choice for you! Regardless of which breed you prefer, both
German Shepherds and Dobermans are fantastically Loyal and obedient dogs that will make brilliant
pets for any household!

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