Giveaway: Pet Releaf Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats ($160 Value)

A lot of pet parents are getting into The trend with CBD uh CBD has become Very popular in the pet industry it is Made into treats there's tinctures and Oils to be used for all kinds of issues From Stress and Anxiety to hip and joint Pain to just daily overall Wellness so If you've been thinking about trying CBD Or hemp with your dogs but it's either Too expensive or you're not sure you Want to make the investment this is your Chance to win a stress relief and a hip And Joint relief formula from our Friends at Pat relief these are both Hemp oils they're both 600 milligram Bottles so they're for medium and large Breeds if you want more information on These specific hemp oils for dogs click The link below the video it'll take you To my extensive product review as well As the pat relief website so you can Check that out make sure that these Products are right for your pop but the Stress relief supports calm Behavior and The hip and Joint relief supports Mobility and prevents healthy joints Both are made with human grade 100 Organic hemp oil these are made with Full spectrum hemp extract with Naturally occurring cannabidiol which is CBD again for more information click the Link there's a lot to learn about CBD so If you're new to hemp and CBD products For dogs check out our resources on our

Website if you have already done your Research and you think that these are Going to be great for your pop this is a Really excellent way to try them or if You already use the products with your Pop just to get some extra each oil Retails for eighty dollars so this is Over 160 value these again are the 600 Milligram per bottle and there's 20 Milligrams per dropper full there are Dosing instructions so if your dog Weighs 26 to 50 pounds it's going to be Half a milliliter a day 51 to 75 is one Milliliter a day 76 to 100 pounds is a Milliliter and a half per day 101 to 150 Pounds two milliliters a day and if your Dog weighs over 150 pounds it's going to Be two and three quarters milliliters a Day so depending on the size of your dog These bottles can last anywhere from a Few weeks to a few months so if you are Interested in this giveaway it's super Simple to enter first thing you need to Do is jump on Facebook like our page if You search Top Dog tips it should pop Right up make sure that you like our Page you will not be eligible if you do Not like our page at the very top of the Page there is a pinned post for this Giveaway like it comment on it or share It and that's it it's 100 free super Easy to enter we will be notifying the Winner via Facebook so stay tuned to Your notifications for that to see if

You win if you guys have any questions Or you want some more information again Just click the link below the video all Of the information from both my uh Extension extensive product review as Well as the pet relief website are they Here for you to check out to make sure That this is going to be something that You want to try out with your dog so hop On Facebook and start entering

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