Giveaway: PetMatrx Supplements for Dogs $130+ Value

This month we are fortunate enough to Have a giveaway from our friends at pet Matrix Pat Matrix is a pat wellness Company they make a line of supplements For dogs these are all natural nutrient Dense supplements they're gluten-free GMO free oil free it's these are in Powder form that you'll just sprinkle Over your pet's food they're made with Bovine which is cow collagen to make Them extra tasty my dogs will actually Eat the powder without having it on food At all so you could just give it to your Pet as a treat if he is um you know as Easy going as mine are so we have Actually two sets to give away one is For small and medium breeds and another Is for large breeds I will tell you how To enter in just a second but let me Just tell you a little bit about these Supplements so there's three different Supplements the winner of the giveaway Is going to win one jar of each the First is think and this is a nervous System and cognitive support formula we Have their protect formula which is Immune and gut support and then we have The move formula and that's for Anti-inflammation as well as Mobility Support so whoever wins this giveaway We're going to do two winners one for a Smaller medium breed and one for a large Breed and each winner is going to get a Complete set for their size dog each set

Also comes with these convenient little Scoops so that you can give your dog the Correct amount so this one's for the Think formula for a small and medium Breed and then they have each formula Has its own size scoop So it'll come with that it'll come with One of each of the three formulas for Your size dog so how do you enter all You have to do is jump on our Facebook Page and there's two things you're going To need to do one you have to like our Page so search it up if you don't Already like it Top Dog tips it'll pop Right out make sure you like our page You will not be eligible if you don't Like our page At the very top of our page there is a Pinned post for this giveaway you need To comment on that post and make sure That you tell me if you have a small Medium dog or a large dog because we're Going to do one winner per category so There will be two winners for this Giveaway each set is over a hundred and Thirty dollars so all together this Giveaway is valued at over 260 dollars This was so generous of our friends from Pet Matrix and we're very excited to be Able to share these supplements with you Guys Um get on our Facebook page make sure You like the page and then comment on The pin post at the very top of the page

In order to be entered that's it it's Completely free and we will announce the Winner via Facebook on August 1st so Stay tuned make sure um you know that You're getting notifications from us so That if you're the lucky winner you'll Be notified and you can send us a Private message and we will ship your Product out for you so good luck get Entering on our Facebook page thanks for Watching

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