Giveaway: Walkee Paws Dog Boots $65+ Value

Thanks for tuning in guys I have a Really great giveaway this month these Are walkie Paws these are dog boots that Are attached to leggings so what you do Is you put this part over your dog's Back and as you can see There's one boot for each paw you just Slide your dog's leg in here down into The boot and then you can adjust the Strap here To make the length work for your dog These are waterproof rubber boots they Have little grippers on the bottom so Your dog can wear them out on the ice Um they are heat resistant to over 300 Degrees Fahrenheit so they're great for Walking on hot asphalt again they're Really good for ice snow winter weather Rain I love the fact that one your dog Can't get their boots off so that's Really nice and two the legging part Also protects it's protecting not just The pava all the way up the leg from you Know getting covered in mud from harsh Chemicals used to melt ice that kind of Stuff so it protects they protect your Dog they're comfortable for your dog I've done an extensive product review You can check that out and get some more Details on walkie Paws if you want to Look more into them now these are a Large size so they're going to fit dogs With larger paws like my Labrador Retriever

On the inside I don't know if you can See this there's a little cotton a very Thin cotton layer and that adds a little Bit of warmth but also prevents the Nails from ripping the rubber so they're Durable they can really be used in any Terrain in any environment to protect Your dog's Paws Um these this set this large set is Valued at 64.99 so it's a really great Value Um giveaway and if you're thinking about You know trying some boots with your dog You're not sure what to do or your dog Just won't keep their boots on you can Give the walkie Paws a try it's a Hundred percent free to enter the Giveaway all you have to do is jump on Our Facebook page it's top down tips if You haven't already you have to like our Page to be eligible for the giveaway I Always feel bad because uh it happens Quite frequently that I will draw a name And you don't like our page and then Unfortunately you're not eligible so Make sure you like our Facebook page and Then at the very top of the page pinned At the top is a post about this giveaway And all you need to do is comment on it Share it you're entered it's that simple It's a hundred percent free I will do The drawing via Facebook on March 1st so Stay tuned for that we will let you know On March 1st via Facebook so keep your

Eyes peeled for that Um be sure to like our page comment or Share the post and that's it you're Entered so good luck guys thanks for Watching

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