Help! My dog SNAPPED over a bone (or toy, or food, or…) #dogtraining #dogtrainer #resourceguarding

Resource guarding isn't just a dog thing It's something that virtually all Animals do even humans it's all about Trying to protect something perceived as Valuable this behavior is really Instinctive in dogs so why would one dog Be more likely to guard resources than Another dog behaviors like this are a Pretty complex mix between their genes And the environment that they grow up in This is why you might notice some Differences in how some dogs react and Why some dogs are more set off than Others and even though resource guarding Behavior is common in a lot of different Animals every dog is unique so it's all About understanding your dog's Individual Behavior and I'm going to Help you with that to really understand What's going on here we have to look at Something called ethology the study of Animal behavior our dogs have a really Clever way to tell us when things are Not okay in their mind it's all about Their body language

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