Home Remedies for Cat Tear Stains

[Music] Foreign This is my cat Otis and today he's going To help me show you a couple of home Remedies for tear stains on cats now you Might not be able to see it but I will Bring you in in just a minute and show You Otis a little closer up you can see That he has some pretty significant tear Staining um it's a lot easier to see on Cats with white fur like his on their Face but you can definitely notice that Even if you have a black cat or a cat With darker colors on their face if they Have tear staining you can notice it It's just certainly more noticeable on The White Caps and definitely an eyesore If you want your cat to look good you Want to get rid of the tear stains so You're going to need a couple of things Apple cider vinegar or distilled white Vinegar and some hydrogen peroxide You're also going to need some cotton Rounds or cotton balls you can use a Washcloth but it's kind of bulky and you Really need to get in close to the eye Without you know getting in the eye so You want something small that you can Really work with in the little corners Of the eye there the first home remedy You can use as I said would be distilled White vinegar or apple cider vinegar and What you would do is add it to your Cat's water supply and I know that

Sounds like why would I add it to the Water supply when I'm trying to get rid Of tear stains it actually increases the Acidity of your cat's body's pH so not Only will it take care of tear stains The alkalinity of your cat's body will Help to prevent bacteria or yeast Infections from occurring as well so Apple cider vinegar is a really great Home remedy to use for a number of Things but it can definitely help to Remove tear stains now the other thing That I mentioned is peroxide and Peroxide is typically something we all Kind of have around our home you want to Make sure this is when you're actually Going to clean and wipe those hair Stains away so you want to make sure That you're being really gentle with Your cat especially careful around his Eyes so I have a cotton round here that I have already soaked in a solution or Dipped in a solution of hydrogen Peroxide and water so you want one part Hydrogen peroxide and 10 parts water That's going to be your mixture so Mostly water a little bit of hydrogen Peroxide and what we want to do is just Be really gentle with your cat I'm going To try it and see if I can get Otis to Come over here on his own Um calf can be as you know rather Grouchy they don't always like to be Held it's kind of on their own time and

Otis is certainly one of those cats so I'm doing this at a time when he's being Affectionate you want to do it a time Where your cats relax especially if you Have a younger cat if they are kind of In play mode you don't want to be trying To do this so Otis has some pretty Significant tear staining I'm just going To take the cotton round that I have wet In the solution I'm going to wipe near His eye especially in that corner Without actually getting in his eye Now you can see from one eye to the Other If I can get Otis to turn his head here Um this eye is now much cleaner I can Show you on my cotton round everything That I got out of odie's eye there so We're gonna do the same thing to the Other side and then you're done you've Removed the tear stains um like I said You can add the apple cider vinegar to Your cat's water to kind of prevent them And keep them away if you'd like to use Commercial products you certainly can a Little bit of dry shampoo mixed with Water or grooming wipes can be used just Be very very careful make sure you're Gentle with your cat make sure you're Gentle around their eyes if you have a Cat who's not quite as easy to hold I Guess or easy to keep still as Otis is Ask someone else to help you have them Wrap your cat in a towel and then they

Can't scratch or try to get away and you Can clean their eyes up quickly and then Release the cat obviously you know Odie's used to this we do this quite Often they are now we're able to get Both sides pretty clean Otis looking Great if you guys want some more Detailed information or again the recipe For the peroxide mixture or any other Tips that I shared just click the link Below the video that will take you to my Written guide if you wouldn't mind if You enjoyed the video help me out by Clicking the button below like the video And subscribe to our Channel then you'll Stay up to date on all the latest tips And tricks that I post especially my Recipes my product reviews and some How-to videos on taking care of your Packs thanks for watching guys Foreign [Music]

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