Home Remedies for Cat UTI

[Music] Foreign Tips and today I wanted to make a video About some home remedies for cat urinary Tract infections urinary tract Infections are something commonly seen In cats they're not typically something To get very worried about however if Left untreated they can do some Long-term damage to your cat's urinary Tract so it is something that you want To take care of as soon as you realize That there is a problem and in just a Second I'll talk more about the symptoms And how you can tell that your cat has a Urinary tract infection the urinary Tract infection can attack any part of Your cat's urinary tract so it can Affect the bladder the kidneys the Urethra which is where the urine comes Out of the body and there are two Different types of UTIs bacterial UTIs Are caused when bacteria enters the Urinary tract those are the most common Kind if you think about it if you have a Cat that uses the litter box they squat Down and that area of their body is very Close to a lot of bacteria when they're Outside on the ground on the floor your Home that area of their body is close to Places where bacteria live so that's the Most common kind the home remedies that I'm discussing today will work best on Bacterial infections while they are the

Most common by far it is impossible to Tell what causes your cat's urinary Tract infection without seeking Veterinary care so if you're worried About your calf if you think that the Symptoms are severe if you think that There's something more going on like if Your cat has frequent UTIs you really Need to seek the advice of your Veterinarian immediately speaking of That if your cat has frequent UTI issues There is most likely some sort of Underlying cause and without treating That underlying cause you're never going To get rid of the urinary tract Infections and it could do some Long-term Health damage down the road so If your cat has frequent urinary tract Infections you do want to make an Appointment to be seen by your Veterinarian as soon as possible Some of the conditions that can cause Urinary tract infections are bladder Crystals or stones kidney disease Diabetes thyroid disease so there's some Really Heavy Hitters that can cause UTIs And you may not notice anything but Frequent urinary tract infections so Even though you think there might not be Anything wrong there definitely could be My advice absolutely seek attention from Your vet as soon as possible no matter What type of urinary tract infection Your cat has or what's causing it the

Symptoms are pretty typical so the Things you should be looking for are Frequent urination especially if your Cat is urinating frequently and only Small amounts are coming out pain during Urination straining during urination any Kind of blood or cloudiness Discoloration in the urine and of course Licking of the genital areas frequently More frequently than normal if you Notice that they're licking and that Seems to be causing pain it's a really Good sign that you're having urinary Tract infection if you're seeing any of These symptoms and they seem to be mild You can definitely try these home Remedies if you're seeing more severe Symptoms as I mentioned it could be that Your cats had a UTI for a while and you Just never noticed it could be that There's something else going on so I Would definitely recommend discussing That with your vet at least calling for A consultation and see what they say my First home remedy for urinary tract Infection and you hear this actually Used in humans as well is cranberry Cranberries are commonly recommended as Home remedies for UTIs for cats dogs Humans you name it and that's because They contain a substance that prevents Bacteria from sticking to the walls of The urinary tract so if it can't stick It's flushed away naturally when the

Body eliminates the urine I would Recommend giving your cat cranberry Juice because it does contain a lot of Sugar but you can buy cranberry Supplements that are easily added to Your dog's diet usually they come in Capsule form and you can just break the Capsules and sprinkle that supplement Over your pet's food Um it does have an odor that's different For your cat so if your cat is picky and Doesn't seem to want to eat it with the Supplement on it try mixing the Cranberry supplement in with some wet Food or some homemade cat food to entice Your pot I do have a quick cheap recipe For homemade cat food that I've shared So you can check that out if you're Interested in that my second home remedy Is marshmallow root similar to cranberry Supplement marshmallow root is another Supplement that can be given for UTIs it Offers natural anti-inflammatory Properties that work especially well on Mucous membranes like the ones in your Cat's urinary tract however if your cats On any other medications for anything Make sure to check with your Veterinarian because marshmallow could Actually inhibit the absorption of Certain medications you can find Marshmallow root at any natural food Store natural Living Center Also some pharmacies carried as well in

The supplement item third apple cider Vinegar this is one of my go-to home Remedies for a number of things with my Dogs and cats but one thing that it's Good for is to help treat urinary tract Infections it will naturally lower the PH of your cat's urine you can mix about A half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar With your cat's food each day again the Same thing with the cranberry it does Have a strong odor so if your cat seems To not want to have their food with the Apple cider vinegar on it mix it in with Some wet food or some homemade food to Make it a little bit more enticing my Fourth home remedy is bone broth one of The absolute best things you can do for A urinary tract infection no matter Which type of animal it is in is proper Hydration the more water you're taking In the more you're eliminating and it's Flushing out that your urinary tract so Hydration is key especially if your cat Isn't drinking enough water bone broth Is really great because it will entice Them to drink more and it's got a really High water content so again I've made a Video guide on how to make your own Homemade bone broth but you can also Purchase some most grocery stores have It and again you can find it in natural Stores as well and that again will just Help to flush out the urinary tract and Clean out any buildup of bacteria

Another Um great thing about bone broth is that It has natural anti-inflammatory Properties so it'll help to soothe that Urinary tract flush out all the bacteria And get things back to normal Those are my four home remedies for a Cat urinary tract infection be sure to Like this video And subscribe to our Channel you can also click the little Bell down bottom and that will get you The notifications of new content that we Post all the time there's information on Home remedies homemade food and treats Lots of tips and tricks for training Packs and caring for them grooming them So be sure to check that out and again Thanks a lot for tuning in guys feel Free to email us if you have any other Questions Okay Foreign [Music]

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