Home Remedies for Respiratory Infection in Cats

[Music] Hey everyone Thanks for tuning in I'm Samantha with Top Dog tips and today I'm Making this guide on home remedies for Respiratory infections in cats upper Respiratory infections are quite common In cats the symptoms can usually be Managed at home if you have a young Kitten a senior cat or your cat has any Underlying health conditions you will Want to reach out to your veterinarian And just let them know what's going on And see what they recommend if you Notice signs of a breathing problem Because in those ages and with other Health conditions it could be some kind Of underlying condition and you just Want to make sure you get that checked Out if your cat is otherwise healthy These home remedies should help upper Respiratory infections can be caused by Viruses or bacteria and they affect the Nose throat and sinuses not the lungs so You're not going to hear the congestion The coughing that you would think of With a respiratory infection in humans But you're going to notice some symptoms Like coughing sneezing a runny nose you May hear congestion in the sinuses and The nasal passages it's not going to be Coughing in congestion from the lungs But more so up in the nasal region you Might see nasal and eye drainage your Cat could have a fever a decreased

Appetite lethargy so there's some signs To look for if there's just one thing You might not be dealing with an upper Respiratory infection but if you notice Uh two or three of those signs together Then you can be sure that your cat is Suffering with a respiratory infection The vast majority of respiratory Infections are viral about 80 percent of Them are viral and this means that there Really isn't a whole lot that your Veterinarian is going to be able to do Antibiotics aren't going to treat Anything they can probably help you Manage the symptoms but that's about it So if you're looking to avoid the vet And try some home remedies first these Things can help just monitor your cat Because if things start to get worse or You noticing that the symptoms aren't Clearing up after a few days then it's Time to call your vet because it could Be a sign that something else is wrong As I said it's not typically something To worry about and the home remedies are Things that you probably have right Around your house or stuff that you Would think of to do for an animal That's not feeling well just as you Would for a human that's not feeling Well so the first home remedy and the Thing that you're going to want to do is Make sure that your cat's getting plenty Of rest that's when the body is resting

And healing so you want to make sure Cats typically sleep a lot anyway and With an upper respiratory infection they May be more lethargic and you know a Little bit lazier than normal so just Make sure they have a comfortable bed That's located somewhere quiet in your Home and also in a warm area if you have A heat Source maybe close to that the Warmer the better A lot of times just as You would with a human that's not Feeling well you know just just being in That warm quiet space would be really Beneficial you're also going to need to Encourage your pet to eat if they're not Not eating and or they're not eating Enough their body is going to be weaker Their immune system is not going to work As well so typically you know you don't Feel like eating when you're not feeling Well and probably your cat won't either So you have to encourage them to eat Um especially with an upper respiratory Infection their sense of smell and taste Might be off we're not as strong as Normal so try to feed them things that Are really going to entice them to eat Like wet cat food this is a homemade Recipe that I shared that might entice Your cat to eat a little bit it's high In protein it should be really good There's some fresh vegetables in there That will help get the vitamins he needs To try to get some energy and maybe get

Back on track you could also as I said Use canned cat food or try some tuna mix That maybe with his dry kibble or just Feed that to him you know by itself you Definitely don't want to feed like a Homemade diet or just canned tuna or Anything like that long term the Homemade diets could be fed long term But you're going to want to talk to your Veterinarian before doing and so just to Make sure it's providing balance Nutrition for your pet but things like Tuna fish shouldn't be fed as your cats Only have food so for a day or two just To get them to eat while they're not Feeling well is fine but definitely not Long term you also want to keep your Cat's face clean so you're going to want To wipe any discharge from the eyes or Nose you can do it with a wet cloth or Grooming ripe keep a close eye on your Cat so that the discharge doesn't build Up but also keep a close eye on the Discharge because if it starts to turn Colors if you're seeing a yellowish Greenish discharge that's when things Are getting a little bit more serious And if it's not getting better quickly You're going to want to check in with Your veterinarian and just let them know What's going on and see if they'd like To see your cat in the office because That could be a sign that something more Is going on than just an upper

Respiratory infection If you notice the congestion that I was Talking about the sinuses are all Congestion lots of sneezing lots of Coughing you can bring your cat into the Bathroom while you run hot water in the Shower the steam from the hot water Breathing it in just like in people is Going to help clear out those sinuses Clear out the congestion and help your Cat breathe a little bit better so all You're going to do is go into the Bathroom shut the door turn the hot Water on and then sit in there with your Cat for 15 to 20 minutes if you can 20 Minutes to a half an hour would be Really great but most cats you know They'd only just sit still or be Confined in a room for that long so if Your cat's getting a little antsy um you Know 15 to 20 minutes should do it but If you get to the 20 minute half an hour Mark you know you've done enough and That's definitely like I said you should Already notice a clearing up of the Sinuses your cat breathing a little bit Easier maybe the coughing subsiding so Definitely you know getting in the steam That's a big one and really easy to do If left untreated upper respiratory Infections and cats can lead to Serious Conditions like pneumonia chronic Breathing problems so it's a really Important a like I said monitor your cat

Watch the symptoms allow them to harass Try and keep their face clean give them A little bit of time in the steam um you Know do all of those things but if you See things getting worse if it's been Three days and the symptoms aren't Getting any better reach out to your Veterinarian that's when it's time to Make an appointment and take them in if You guys enjoyed this video if you like These home remedies and these tips for Helping your cat with an upper Respiratory infection feel better be Sure to click the like button on the Video and subscribe to our Channel There's also a little bell down there And that will subscribe you to our Notifications so you get updates every Time I post a new content and you can Check that out I post everything from Home remedies to homemade recipes and Treats product reviews lots of tips and Tricks for grooming and caring for your Pets thanks a lot for watching guys be Sure to reach out via email if you have Any questions Foreign [Music]

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