Homemade Ear Mite Treatment for Dogs: 4 Effective Remedies

[Music] If you follow top-down tips you've seen A lot of my videos so you know that I am Really into finding natural home Remedies for different ailments that my Dogs might have I really try to avoid Commercial products with harsh chemicals Um artificial ingredients and things That can be harmful to my dog down the Road so these are four remedies that I Found for ear mites and dogs and they Have proven to be effective with my pets So I wanted to share them with you today The first is apple cider vinegar apple Cider vinegar is a great solution to Problems with your dog's ear from ear Mites to infections because it kills all Bacteria so you should use this recipe This first best review with vinegar if Your dog has been scratching his ear if It's irritated if there's any Lacerations inside because this recipe Will sting so keep watching for some of The other more soothing recipes but Apple cider vinegar is my first one mix The vinegar with water it should be one Part water to one part apple cider Vinegar so if you're using one cup of Apple cider vinegar one cup of water put The mixture in a syringe or you can Still get in a cotton ball Um and just either squirt it in your Dog's ear or use the cotton to wipe it Inside your dog's ear try to rub the

Base of the ear and really work the Solution through the ear canal and then Take a dry cotton ball or paper towel And just wipe out the inside of the ear The second treatment that I use is Baking soda baking soda can be an Effective treatment for ear mice and Dogs but you do have to be careful that Your dog isn't able to lick it it can Cause an upset stomach so you're gonna Mix one cup of warm water with one Teaspoon of baking soda and do the same Thing soak it in a cotton ball or put it In a syringe use it to clean out your Dog's ear and that can help to treat the Ear mites third is olive oil Um olive oil actually it removes a lot Of debris and helps to clean the ear but It also helps asphyxiate the ear mites So it basically suffocates them so what You'll do is the same thing that you are Doing the other Solutions you're just Going to dip a cotton ball cotton around Something like that in a straight olive Oil and wipe it through your dog's ear Really get the ear cleaned nicely maybe Use a few drops of olive oil put it in The ear canal and like I said just rub The base of the ear really work it Through and then wipe it all out with a Clean cotton ball finally I use green Tea green tea is a natural antiseptic That will get rid of ear mites it also Helps to remove all of

Um that black debris from ear mites You'll notice if your dog has earrings There's a lot of debris and dirt in There from them Um so you did green tea is a nice way to Turn it flush and clean all of that out So what you'll do is use a tea bag one Green tea bag steep it for about three Minutes in hot water just like you're Making a cup of tea let that water cool Down to room temperature and then use a Syringe or a soaked cotton ball to put a Few drops in your dog's ear massage it In through and let it sit if you can let It sit for a couple of minutes I usually Just massage my dog's ear and they'll Stay still while I'm rubbing the ear Once I take my hand away is when they'll Shake their hand so I try to rub it for A minute or two really let the green tea Work through there and then you'll take A clean cotton ball and wipe everything Out of there and clean the ear really Well so same kind of procedure and Process for all three but these are my Four natural remedies for dog ear mites If you guys have something that you know To be effective that has worked with Your ear pop feel free to share it in The comments below or on one of our Social media networks you can always Email me as well thanks for watching This video guys [Music]

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