House training and potty training a 9 week old puppy 

I want to take this question real quick We're at the vet right now but basically This is a common issue where your dog Will do like number one or number two Either inside or outside consistently And it takes a second especially for Puppies to kind of work this out doesn't It I mean your puppy's only nine weeks Old so you have months and months of Consistency I would say adjust your Expectations just a little bit because It takes a few months to get a dog Really reliably house trained but one Thing you can do is take your dog out More often than you think you need to Every 20 minutes to one hour is a good Recommendation with the exception of Overnight and the biggest mistake people Make with dogs is too much Freedom too Early especially young puppies so make Sure you're controlling their Environment and they have a nice safe Place to be oftentimes this is something Like a crate where they feel really Comfortable because dogs don't like to Do their business where they live and Sleep but yeah nine week old dog you've Got some uh you've got some challenges Ahead but you're in the right spot

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