How do I know my dog is ready to be off leash? #dogtrainer #dogtraining #puppytraining #offleash

How do you know when your dog is ready To be off leash well this is how I know She's not looking at the Frisbee leave It She's not looking at any treats even Though we use those in the beginning she Understands the concept and she Understands it in various environments No matter what I do she's staying by my Side until I say okay all done Let's go then we'll go on our walk And I'll let her drag the leash behind Her this is how you rehearse off-lease Training safely we can take off the Leash too and you know we get the same Result at this point I like to have a Reliable stay while in public like this As well and so even if I'm like talking With someone and I say okay inertia come Follow me to see more videos on how to Train this and many other things

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